You might have already decided top top which house to pick in Fire Emblem: three Houses, but there’s one equally necessary decision very early in the game. Specifics which difficulty should you play ~ above — common or Hard, standard or Casual? The prize is how amazing complicated!


The very first decision you need to make is in between Normal and also Hard difficulty. Something come consider: You can not increase the an obstacle after you choose it. You deserve to only decrease it, at which allude it’ll it is in locked to the lower difficulty setting. Because of this, that a safe bet to pick Hard and then dial it ago if you uncover the game too difficult.

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Speaking together a jar Fire Emblem player, in my an initial playthrough on Normal, I found the video game a little too easy. So if you’ve played one of these games before, difficult is most likely the means to go.

That said, if you’re simply in it because that the story and the characters, yes no shame in play on Normal. You just won’t discover much challenge in the tactical gameplay portions.


intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo / Nintendo another important decision to make is in between Classic or Casual mode. In Classic, if among your devices dies, they space gone because that good. Casual, ~ above the other hand, revives anyone at the finish of a successful battle.

As a Fire Emblem snob, ns firmly think that classic is the way to go. Three Houses has mechanisms to do it much less punishing than in previous games (specifically a really generous rewind-time device to erase screwups). But the thrill the Fire Emblem has constantly been finding methods to keep your whole crew alive while friend dismantle the enemy, and also taking that the end of the equation removes a many the anxiety of the combat.

As with Normal and Hard, though, if she really simply in it because that the story, you deserve to safely play on Casual and also ensure that every one of your students make it come the an extremely end.

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No matter what girlfriend pick, once you complete a campaign in Fire Emblem: three Houses, you’re given the alternative to continue that conserve in new Game +. In this mode, you can choose a new house, but you can also select different an obstacle settings. Over there are even some functions that make the 2nd playthrough easier than your first. For this reason if you plan on playing v the game as every house, beginning on Normal and then dialing increase the challenge on subsequent playthroughs is absolutely an option.