It’s no an enig that Fire Emblem: 3 Houses has a timeskip midway through the game. But what the affects isn’t immediately clear — and also neither is when exactly it occurs. In our Fire Emblem three Houses Timeskip Guide, we’ll offer you all the relevant information on gameplay without any plot spoilers.

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When walk the Timeskip take place in Fire Emblem three Houses?

The timeskip in Fire Emblem: three Houses occurs on 3/31. You could have noticed that numerous paralogues have a meeting of 2/22 — this must be your first clue that something major is going come happen. Unfortunately, the video game doesn’t get much an ext specific that than. Remember ago in Fire Emblem: Awakening when a many players ended up married to Chrom since of the game’s suddenly timeskip? It’s a tiny like that. Thankfully there aren’t any surprise nuptials this time around.

So what need to you try to do prior to then? Well, finish those character-specific paralogues because that rewards and to learn an ext about her students, firstly. Second, recruit every college student you’re interested in. This is more for narrative than mechanical reasons. Friend don’t really need any one unit to end up the game, however if you desire a opportunity at getting an S rank support with someone, or just want to have them around, you’ll need to recruit them before the timeskip.


What changes After the Timeskip in Fire Emblem three Houses?

Most obviously, everyone periods five years. All your students will certainly get new art, and some will adjust classes. ~ the timeskip, you’ll also have the capability to obtain S-rank (romance) supports. Weirdly though, it seems favor support conversations will certainly pick up wherein you left off. My A-rank conversation with Annette post-timeskip had actually her express a conversation we’d had about overwork previously in the video game with her usual bubbly demeanor. In the paper definition of the Fire Emblem: 3 Houses world ~ the timeskip, it was a small out of place — therefore be all set for some tonal whiplash.

Students girlfriend didn’t recruit prior to the timeskip will mostly not show up in the monastery. Even some you currently had could not show up at first. Yet all is not lost — you deserve to recruit part students in ~ this point by defeating them once they show up in battles. Specifics each house is able to recruitment one college student post-timeskip. If friend recruited them prior to the timeskip, you’ll have actually to get them again. Lock are: Lysithea because that the black Eagles, Lorenz because that the Blue Lions, and Ashe because that the golden Deer.

Some that your choices at the monastery will readjust post-timeskip, too. The Faculty training option provided to advanced Byleth’s stats will be replaced by “Advanced Drills.” at this point, any type of unit deserve to train Byleth, with the skills they have easily accessible being dependent on both their and also Byleth’s stats.

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That’s about it for our Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Timeskip Guide. We’ll add an ext details as we get additional through the game. In the meantime, be sure to inspect out the remainder of our Fire Emblem: three Houses coverage because that guides and also more.