subtextually here, with a unique tutorial to aid you save a many money on packs as you prosper in the game.

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Have you ever wondered exactly how the biggest players in the game can manage to afford so plenty of packs? among our greatest secrets is the we never buy package at complete price — instead, we usage Amazon Coins to acquisition all our packs at a major discount. Rather of spending $100 ~ above a pack, we only pay $75 with Amazon Coins.

Ever because the start of our one-of-a-kind Amazon Coins exclusive offer, we’ve got a the majority of questions concerning Amazon Coins and how to use them to get cheaper packs because that Final Fantasy XV: A new Empire.

The #1 question we’ve got is: How do I use Amazon Coins?

In this guide, I’ll describe how you deserve to use Amazon Coins to maximize your final Fantasy XV: A new Empire experience by acquiring your packs means cheaper.

Why usage Amazon Coins?

Amazon Coins room a type of digital currency that you deserve to use in lieu that real currency to buy packs in final Fantasy XV: A new Empire.

What’s good about Amazon Coins is that you deserve to use them to purchase discounted packs. If she a new Amazon Coins user, or space a brand-new Amazon member, rather of paying $100 USD because that a pack, you have the right to spend 10,000 Amazon Coins, which deserve to be purchased for only $75 USD!

If you’re a heavy pack buyer, prefer me, and sometimes purchase anywhere in between three come ten packs once there’s a big sale or event, the savings that you can acquire through Amazon quickly include up.

An exact depiction the subtextually once she’s trying to buy packs.

It just makes no sense for anyone to spend full price ~ above a load if girlfriend can acquire them lot cheaper — specifically if she a big spender.

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Click right here to get 25% off a $100 pack with Amazon Coins!

How to use Amazon Coins

Step 1

Purchase Amazon Coins by adhering to this link! You’ll need to log into your Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon account, you’ll need to make one, which will only take you a minute.

Step 2


If you’re an Android user, click here to follow our comfortable guide to aid you v the easy process of utilizing Amazon Coins to acquisition a load from final Fantasy XV: A brand-new Empire!

You can likewise check the end this video, which will walk you through all the steps:


If you an iOS user, friend will have to log ~ above a computer in bespeak to usage Amazon Coins. Click here to follow our guide to assist you v the steps you’ll should take to install an emulator choose Nox, which will allow you to usage Amazon Coins to acquisition a fill of her choice!

You have the right to watch this video that will certainly walk you with the steps to install Nox on her PC: