Old warrior did not obtain old through accident; they gained old by gift wise, having the best knowledge, and being tough. Never underestimate an old guy who has grown up in a turbulent profession or a unstable environment.

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These men have actually been around. They have done things, and experienced things, the you probably have never even thought about. They room tough, their minds are tough, and they have the knowledge, the skill, and the will to complete you off, if you force them to do so. A boy will certainly fight you, but an older male will ache you.”

-Bohdi Sanders

This quote has actually been on my mind recently since I read an article about a respect Coach retiring at a relatively young age. Coach Spray retired from coaching ~ 13 seasons with center Tennessee. Prefer I said, he’s still young.

But I also understand other important about coaching, it takes a toll fee on you and your life. It’s not pleasant for your household when you need to move every couple of years or spend 14 hours a day at work. Since of that, countless coaches with an impasse. Have to I be with my household at house or should I be with my family at work? just how do girlfriend consciously choose in between the 2 groups? How can you expect one come sacrifice for the other? Your family members at house will support you through job loss, moving, bad days and maybe even a bad couple of years. Your family members at job-related will carry out the same.

I don’t know the answer and also I wish i did, due to the fact that I battle with the same sort the questions. How is it right to it is in selfish and move as soon as my family needs me? but at the exact same time, just how is it appropriate for my family to intend me to rotate down an possibility for their own reasons. It’s a disastrous dichotomy. This leads me come the quote.

When girlfriend look at coaches who have actually stood the check of time, not plenty of are around. Girlfriend might be able to count on 2 hands how many coaches will remain in the university strength and also conditioning industry until a ripe age to retire. Off hand I deserve to only think that a few, Tim “Red” Wakeham and also Ken Mannie. Both at Michigan State. Coach Wakeham has gone to Michigan State, leading the Olympic sporting activities for over 20 years. Coach Mannie has been there because that 23 years. These two great men present at conferences in leadership, serving others, structure cultures. They have actually seen winning seasons with championships and also all that it comes with, and losing periods where they fear for their jobs. Both coaches have actually stood the test of time, where other coaches have moved into the personal sector or consulting business. And also there is nothing wrong through that. But I think there is something to take from this situation.

First, a coach demands to understand their own principles and values. Coach Spray knew what was most essential to him, and for that ns respect him immensely. The not simple decision, however he make it v class and also dignity. He stood solid to his values and also put self second. This activity is servant leadership, a trait all coaches have to possess. In ~ the exact same time, if your worths don’t align with providing up coaching, that’s completely fine. But you should prepare for the situation and prepare to challenge whatever the future brings.

Second, the enlarge coach is tho in this game for a reason. They room wise from the years they have actually endured, they have actually experienced points we haven’t even thought of, they are tough from the battles they have lost and won follow me the way. These room the human being we have to talk to and also listen to. They space not walk to it is in perfect, however them being approximately still is for a reason. Experience is no the finish answer come everything, but it need to be bring away seriously. I’m not talking about experience at large name institutions or with huge coaches, i’m talking around years, decades of experience. Due to the fact that they have tried points that us didn’t understand existed and background is a beautiful teacher.

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I’ve fallen victim to the idea that since I’m young and also have a science background, I understand everything. However I warn you, these coaches have forgotten an ext than ns know and also you have to respect that.


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