Fallout Shelter recently moved a an alert that brand-new rooms would certainly be coming in one update. Ns neglected to obtain a screenshot that the notification, however thankfully Redditor /u/Krade33 snapped one and also made a thread around it over in ~ the /r/foshelter subreddit. The an alert itself said the following:

New Rooms, Items, pet & More! save your Caps, upgrade coming soon!

Well, considering I have actually 999,999 cap in my main vault and also 650,000+ cap in my an additional vault, ns think I"m okay on that front.

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New items & pet aren"t a big surprise for an upgrade to Fallout Shelter, but the "New Rooms" component has me curious. Fallout Shelter for all its flaws has the bases spanned pretty fine in regards to rooms. I started thinking about what would certainly make because that cool and also useful new rooms in a coming update, therefore here"s my take on the idea! this are five rooms that i would like to see in a future Fallout Shelter update.


A Defense Room

Attacks space a reality that any type of Overseer will need to deal with. Teams of Raiders or Deathclaws will certainly batter your Vault Door down and murderize their method through her vault from the optimal down.

Some Overseers selected to equip the world on the peak floor with the finest equipment possible. I made decision to go a various route and turn the very first two floors of mine vaults right into a murder gauntlet. I prefer using warehouse Rooms due to the fact that combat doesn"t interrupt production and also I"m walk to need the storage room anyway.

However, that strikes me a little bit odd the there aren"t any committed defensive rooms the you can develop in Fallout Shelter. Sure, there"s the Vault Door, but upgrading that is not necessarily the wisest point to do. There"s a certain value in obtaining an incident resolved as fast as possible, and also a stronger Vault Door just serves to do it critical longer.

The world of Fallout has every kinds of automated murder machines. We have laser tripwires, mines, turrets, and robots—yet none of those yes, really come right into play in Fallout Shelter save because that Mr. Handy. It"d certain be practiced to view some kind of specialized defense room that would assist repel invaders.


A Room the Attracts Invaders

Most of the moment Raiders and also Deathclaws are an annoyance, but sometimes you want them come come around. Amongst the numerous different kinds of missions are stuff prefer "Survive X number of Incidents" or "Kill X Creatures with Zero Casualties."

I can Rush a room until an occurrence happens if I have to kill Radroaches or Mole Rats because that an Objective, however Raiders and also Deathclaws space a bit more complicated to attract. With the exemption of lock randomly popping up, the only method you deserve to purposefully attract them is by making use of the Radio Room to entice a brand-new dweller or opening the Vault Door again and again by sending out and also retrieving dwellers. Both of these alternatives are rather cumbersome for what you"d intended to do.

It"d be cool to see a room that have the right to be supplied to entice Radroaches, Mole Rats, Raiders, or Deathclaws. Probably the room calls for being laced v bait and a successful adversary raid or out-of-control occurrence results in a huge loss of caps or various other Resources.

I"m not rather sure about the best means to handle it, however when I obtain an target that calls for me to make it through 7 Deathclaw strikes with no casualties I"d lot rather perform something various other than send people back and forth with the Vault door to tempt them to me.


A Room the Upgrades Equipment

"Sell common Items" was among the ideal enhancements Bethesda has actually made to Fallout Shelter. Sure, lock went and also messed things up by listing every single item you have on the equipment list rather of picking the type for some reason, but it"s quiet a welcome advancement nonetheless.

Both of my Vaults are fairly far along and things have become terribly routine. I recognize it"s expected with these sorts that games, yet that doesn"t average that variety of any kind can"t be an option.

It would certainly be an excellent if there to be a method to make use of all this junk I store picking up. I sure as heck don"t need thousands of Rusty .32 Pistols or also the dozens of rare weapons that are simply inferior come the almighty Pressurized Flamer.


An Incident solution Room

Early Vaults experience from a absence of equipment. You can find yourself having actually to relocate people roughly a lot come respond to Radroaches or Raiders.

This isn"t as lot of a trouble in later on Vaults, yet you"ll still have actually an asymmetry in tools for rather a lengthy time. I"ve had actually Mole Rats take it down several of my Level 50 E13-trained Vault Dwellers since they were unfortunately only equipped with magnified Sawed-Off Shotguns.

Pretty much every Vault we"ve seen in the modern Fallout games has Security Officers. It"d it is in cool to be able to assign human being to security rooms, which might then answers to occurrences as castle happen just like the security offices in Sim Tower. This would offer Overseers a clear idea of which people should be best equipped past the first few rooms next to the Vault Door. It"d also give the guys I have actually randomly lounging approximately in Warehouses something to do due to the fact that Bethesda decided to limit Wasteland explorers to 25 Vault Dwellers at a time.


A Room That transforms My Caps into Something Useful

As I claimed in the opening, I"ve obtained plenty the Caps. The thing is as soon as you have actually your Vault built and also upgraded, Caps come to be entirely useless. Friend don"t really need them for anything various other than reviving people.

Reviving a Wasteland traveler is a 1,000 Cap price (unless you"re in Survival setting where they die permanently). As soon as a fully-upgraded Vault Dweller can bring in overabundance of 10,000 Caps per run, 1,000 Caps have the right to be taken into consideration a company expense. Vault Dwellers won"t dice within the Vault really much, either, unless they"re woefully under-trained and also under-equipped.

It"d be an excellent if I could use those Caps for something other than remodeling my whole Vault. The dream is being able to buy Lunchboxes through Caps, unlikely together that might be. Ns don"t care if it"s an absurd cost like 999,999 Caps, it"d allow me do something with them. They"re useless in the finish game.

Some kind of Vault (heh) that lets you buy distinct items at absurd costs would be great. An additional option can be a Cloning basic that allows you develop custom dwellers at an extreme cost. There"s really any variety of things Bethesda might come up to fix this problem.


Welp, that"s it because that my ideas. Fallout Shelter"s updates have actually made a few minor changes, however this following one is feather to be the one the will add honest-to-goodness new content to the game in a way that will directly affect our Vaults.

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I"ve relegated Fallout Shelter to my "games come play right prior to I walk to bed" timeslot. Some brand-new rooms might just it is in the point to obtain me to pick it increase a little more often again.

What perform you think of mine proposed ideas for new rooms in Fallout Shelter? What concepts do you have for new rooms of her own? let us recognize in the comments below!