In previous Bethesda games, NPCs own the points in your houses, shops, w/e. If you took it, friend were identified as a thief and also there were crudely-implemented however real consequences.

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In F04, you deserve to rob virtually everyone of nearly everything lying approximately in your owned locations. Yet the loading display has a pointer that NPCs will certainly respond to being stolen from? does that matter when 90% the the points NPCs own are not significant as your property? Wow.That"s some seriously easy-mode resource acquisition. Bethesda, perform you think united state so i can not qualify of gathering sources that we require these kind of handouts? 



Well, i don"t want handouts, i want means to succeed regardless of challenges, since that rises the fun element of the game. Therefore this mod request is to solve that problem up.


Here"s the idea: Mark every little thing in areas belonging to someone, it is in it a personal or faction location, together owned by them. If you want their stuff, you have several options:


1. Hold a conversation through the owner of the location and also ask come buy stuff, then pick up the ingredient you want and go earlier to them because that a trade menu interaction. Lock *should* have some things significant untradeable, and also you should have to either return those things or upon perfect the trade interaction, endure the aftermath of theft. If you leaving the location without perfect the trade interaction, whatever you have actually taken is taken into consideration stolen.


2. If the ingredient belongs to an opponent faction, clearing the location lifts the property flag from every items in the place / in her inventory indigenous the location. However, any other members the the faction must recognize faction-specific gear you have actually equipped together stolen uneven you have befriended the faction. 


3. Just steal the and deal with the theft mechanic / kill anyone who tries to take it it back. 


This would include a the majority of immersion come the video game imo.

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true to all of this but all the points in an npc"s home ARE marked red girlfriend realize the right? definition they have to be the end of sight or asleep because that you to steal indigenous them, and also your shooting on vision (usually, unless stealing other of virtually no value from an allied faction in which situation unless girlfriend walk off with it they"ll simply take it back) which is as result of how crimes space usually faced in together a civilization which makes substantial sense due to the fact that its destroyed and also theirs little humanity left in people. Ns do completely agree with the "getting npc"s to sell you stuff thing" and i wish it was in the game however its merely (and sadly!!!) not possible as us don"t exactly have the voice actors for such a thing but if it to be it would certainly be quite to have the ability to pass a speech cheek and be able come buy things from their residence for an albeit slightly varying or greater price..


to the enemy loot thing, hell yeah! choose seriously that should"ve remained in the game from the start, like how"s it stealing if no one owns it favor your companions obtain angry in ~ you for stealing from world you just killed? and it absolutely should it is in a function that if girlfriend wear faction specific gear (for instance brotherhood armor when being about the brotherhood) as being recognized as among the MEMBERS of the faction quite then one enemy. Favor if your an foe there walking to try and kill you anyways for this reason why not shot and happen undetected amongst there ranks with stolen gear? although friend shouldn"t be able to talk come actual faction members (except for. Again making use of the brotherhood as an instance : the shopkeeper in the stall-pretty sure he has some dialogue it is not details to the player) as they would recognize you together one the is no there own and also attempt to death you (to stop the player from getting missions native a faction thats not there own) the maybe can not even require that lot scripting because paladin danse forces your allegiances come switch around (after a details point in the story that is. Hints hint wink wink)


so yeah just my opinion and also take on all this ^ sorry for the lengthy post and sorry if i disagreed/offended friend with few of my points