Being a quadruple-agent in the finish of the story deserve to be difficult so I simply wanted to include what I found so far and additionally ask friend ppl for part pointers.

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I would prefer to save the game in a state wherein I can quickly finish every the faction endings however without impede me from any kind of other quest. Close to the end however not at a point of no return.

I did the main quest up to and including “Synth Retention” (right ~ “Institutionalized”) and had the minutemen assist me construct the teleporter.

I provided the holotapeinformation come sturges of the minutemen (“Inside job”) and let him give it back to me. Then I had actually The Railroad work-related on it and used that in the pursuit to call their insideman (“Underground Undercover”) just to offer it to the BoS after i contacted Patriot (but did not finish the quest).

For the minutemen that is as simple as that. ~ “Inside Job” and also having provided their help for the teleporter in “The molecular level”, they leaving me alone until I complete the institude searches (“Mass fusion”). Castle will call me only after that and it will be Preston who will offer me the quest, so ns am fine here, since he is not supplied for anything climate these annoing random-repeat-quests.

No real suggest of no return here. If you start the “From the ranks” searches you began the minutemen end already.

For the BoS the quest “Liberty Reprimed” is the allude of no return. As shortly as friend find and also secure the bombs, Danse will certainly no much longer be available because he requirements to be away because that the “Blind betrayal” quest). After finishing that one (last step is talking to ELder Maxson) you will not have the ability to talk come Proctor Ingram or Lancer Captain Kells anymore, since they was standing together and also will begin “Tactical Thinking” (what will certainly make the railroad faction a permanent foe right away). So no going to get the nukes is vital here.

For railroad the search “Underground Undercover” marks the point of no return. In ~ one point in this search you require to gain an old pre-war password native Cambridge Polymere labs and also after that you will certainly no longer have the ability to interact through Desdemona without starting the last stages of synth rebellion within the institute. Even if you have actually not completed “mass fusion” so far you will acquire the railroad course after that one later on on.

Now because that the institude I have actually no idea and also would prefer some pointers.

Next because that me is “The fight at Bunker Hill” wherein I can inform the BoS and/or railroad or just do what i was told.

Any hints on how I deserve to proceed to no exclude any faction?


PNR possibilities FO4 per faction

The Institute



The battle at Bunker Hill: (Brotherhood of steel is no yet locked the end at this minute the railroad is presumably for attacking one of their forts)Mass Fussion: (Game alerts you the if you execute this mission the Brotherhood of steel will become hostile and thus be locked out)

The Brotherhood that Steel



Tactical Thinking: (accepting this search will make the rail Hostile)Spoils that War: (accepting this mission will make the academy Hostile)

The RailRoad


Sorry ladies and also gentlemen, yet I have actually been can not to trace this with the questlines as described on the wiki, likewise any and all information has been taken from the autumn 4 wiki, this simply makes it slight much faster to view where most of the points of no return are

I’m not totally 100% top top this.

I acquired one more thing come add.

If you end up “blind betrayal” for the BoS and also do not speak to the captain, P.A.M. Will still not talk come you anymore, even when the rest of the railroad (even P.A.M.) does not rotate hostile. SO the is really important to stop before going in for the nukes there, unless you wanna go on.

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For The railroad, you deserve to just do tehir search “underground undercover”, but it will change the quest “mass fusion” for the institute, transforming it against them and for the synth, for this reason this will certainly not turn any faction hostile however prevent you from walking on in the institute’s favor.