Fallout 4 Chinese Stealth Armor is a complete camo armor created by the autumn 4 development Club to market players stealth through an embedded camouflage system. The armor generates a modulating field that plays with the reflected irradiate to do you show up as invisible together possible. In addition to stealth, it also offers 60 ballistic defense, make you nearly untouchable and also un-seeable!

List of finest Mods for Chinese Stealth Armor

However, the Chinese Stealth Armor in autumn 4 could still use some enhancements. So here are the finest mods because that Fallout 4 Chinese Stealth Armor that will certainly surely boost its performance as well as the textures:

1. Chinese Stealth Armor Enhancements

The Chinese Stealth Armor improvements is a mod that adds three brand-new and boosted versions to boost the Chinese Stealth Armor. Due to the fact that the original had no ballistic weaving, this mod by Krakmonkey001 add to these 3 versions to equip the armor with ballistic weaving:

Simple: Equips the Chinese Stealth Armor through the Ballistic Weave capability.

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Enhanced: Equips the Chinese Stealth Armor and also the helmet through the Ballistic Weave capability.Cheat: Equips the Chinese Stealth Armor and the helmet v the Ballistic Weave capability as well as adds deep pocket and ultra irradiate capabilities to the armor. Both the vault fit or the torso mods can have these abilities.

2. Chinese Stealth Armor

Chinese Stealth Armor is a mod developed by Apalmemnom because that Fallout 4. It adds the Chinese Stealth Armor from fallout to fallout 4 with an enhancement of extra armor to it. This high-tech piece of armor can be found in ft Hagen in a very damaged state. You will have to repair this suit utilizing the chinese alloy to have the ability to use it. It no come easy!

3. Development Club Chinese Stealth Armor Improved

As you can guess, this mod is an enhanced version the the creation Club Chinese Stealth Armor. Developed by HomerDOHSimpson, this armor come in 2 versions, a an easy and an intensified armor:

Basic: The straightforward armor comes with an power resistance that 62 with an addition of muffled capability, a ballistic weave slot and also a legendary change slot.Enhanced: The amplified armor come with every one of the functions in the simple armor through an addition of a much better stealth ar (100), a 20% boost in your rate while sneaking and also no drainage of stamina at ALL as soon as you are moving. Cool, right?

4. Frost Chinese Stealth Armor Patch

The Frost Chinese Stealth Armor Patch to add the Frost gas mask enchantment to the Chinese Stealth Suits’ helmet. Produced by CrimsonLegion94, this mod is a widely famous mod because that the Chinese Stealth Armor and also definitely renders it amongst the top mods because that this armor. 

5. Pseudo Chinese Stealth Armor

The Pseudo Chinese Stealth Armor is a mod developed by Pulledtrigger for both males and also females. That adds a independent wetsuit from autumn 4: much Harbor to fallout 4 with major re-textures. The fit looks prefer the Chinese Stealth Armor with similar stats. The armor interestingly has an enhanced cap value, higher rating and also increased perception for the helmet. It additionally chameleon effects when crouching or relocating slowly.

Wondering whereby to discover this cool armor? Well, girlfriend can find it in a steel box in Acadia’s basement. 

6. Chinese Stealth Doom naval Armor

The Chinese Stealth Doom naval Armor created by Techsniffer add to the stats of the Doom maritime Armor and also Helmet to the Chinese Stealth Armor, combining the specifications the the former with the look at of the later. As you have the right to guess, this mod needs you to have actually the files of the Chinese Stealth Armor by production Club.

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7. Wear development Club Chinese Stealth Armor with Armor

This is a pretty simple mod produced by R97R to enable players come wear the development Club Chinese Stealth Armor with any kind of other armor in the game, just like the Vault Suit. You will certainly obviously need to have the creation Club Chinese Stealth Armor in order because that this to work. 


The above-mentioned mods room the height 7 mods because that the Chinese Stealth Armor in fallout 4. A definite must-have if you usage this armor! So acquire your hands on these mode to make things an ext interesting with the Chinese Stealth Armor.

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