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“Pure, blissfully irresistible power-pop…its brochure just gets an ext formidable.” - NPR

“AC Newman and Neko situation don’t miss a beat…power-pop with quirky synth accents from a cumulative that there is no faltered yet.” - new York

“The new Pornographers are the finest pop band in the civilization today.” - BuzzFeed

“…songs suited for large rooms, all large choruses and also shimmering synthesizers.” - Billboard

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Critically acclaimed group The new Pornographers debut new video for “Falling down The stairway Of her Smile” today. That the video, manager Mitchell deQuilettes says, “I to be really attracted towards the idea of one individual gift sucked into a bigger entity against their own will. And how us all need to become a component of the organization system in order to survive. Carl stated he want dancers and a strange tumbling sequence. This is our weirdo result.”

“Falling down The stairs Of your Smile” is the an initial single taken from the group’s very anticipated brand-new album, In The Morse password Of Brake Lights, early September 27 via the band’s very own Collected occupational Records imprint in partnership with Concord Records. Brooklyn Vegan insurance claims the “very catchy” track will certainly “quickly get you excited come hear the rest,” when Stereogum dubs it “candy-coated power-pop.”

WATCH and SHARE “FALLING under THE stairway OF her SMILE” HERE

Frontman and songwriter A.C. Newman says, “There space so many songs favor ‘the other of love’—you know, there’s ‘The publication of Love,’ ‘The Freeway that Love’...Then I assumed of ‘falling under the stair of your love,’ and also I thought, that type of works. Ns think it has actually that facet of exactly how do you resolve the concepts of love and happiness in this people right now? When current events space stressful, that provides a anxiety on people’s relationships, and also you’re do the efforts to number out just how to be happy in this loving connection in this people that seems ugly at every turn, i m sorry is no as basic as the seems. Of course, ‘love’ eventually morphed right into ‘smile,’ yet I choose the metaphor of love together something the you autumn down.”

The tape is collection to tour North America this autumn in assistance of the new record consisting of a prevent at Beau’s Oktoberfest - see listed below for a finish itinerary. Ticket are accessible for purchase at

“I was around two-thirds of the method through the record as soon as I started to notice that lyrically so lot of it was pointing toward auto songs,” notes Newman. “The opening track is ‘You’ll need a Backseat Driver,’ and that was a metaphor that appeared to be to run through other songs, too. Alongside the love song, ns feel favor the automobile song is one of the many iconic kinds of songs in pop music, from chuck Berry to the present. There to be so lot of that throughout it that I began thinking: ‘Oh, no, there’s too plenty of references come cars top top this record!’ and then i thought, ‘No, that\"s good—people might think it’s a ide album.’”

The brand-new Pornographers have released 7 studio albums to date including their most recent, Whiteout Conditions. The an initial album exit on their own imprint, gathered Works Records, in partnership through Concord Records, the album obtained widespread acclaim and was hailed as “rich with brand-new wave synths and closely blended harmonies” by Pitchfork, when Rolling rock praised that “uplifting 3 to four minute indie-pop numbers, imbued through lush vocals.”



IN THE MORSE password OF BRAKE LIGHTS1. You’ll require A Backseat Driver2. The surprised Knock3. Falling under The stairs Of her Smile4. Colossus that Rhodes5. Higher Beams6. Dreamlike and On The Rush7. Friend Won’t require Those where You’re Going8. Require Some Giants9. Opened Ceremony10. One kind Of Solomon11. Leather On The Seat

THE brand-new PORNOGRAPHERS LIVESep 19 - Woodstock, NY - Levon Helm StudiosSep 20 – Vankleek Hill, top top – Beau’s OktoberfestSep 27 - Madison, WI - Majestic TheatreSep 28 - Urbana, IL - Pygmalion Music FestivalSep 29 - Columbia, MO - roots N Blues N BBQ FestivalOct 1 - Minneapolis, MN - very first AvenueOct 2 - Chicago, IL - Vic TheatreOct 3 - Detroit, MI - Majestic TheatreNov 4 - Boston, MA - RoyaleNov 5 - Washington, DC - 9:30 ClubNov 7 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn SteelNov 8 - Philadelphia, PA - Union TransferNov 10 - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln TheatreNov 11 - Asheville, NC - The Orange PeelNov 12 - Atlanta, GA - variety Playhouse



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