According to assorted images and also messages floating around on Facebook, typing in
<4:0> in the comments ar on any photo on the site need to automatically adjust to the message ‘Mark Zuckerberg’. If not, then your facebook account has actually been hacked. Apparently.

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Well, that’s a small misleading. It’s gained nothing to do with “hacking” or any kind of other kind of virtual maliciousness, and also the explanation is much an ext innocent. Check out the full message below.


Go top top a photograph on on facebook and kind in the comments
<4:0>. If it changes to mark Zuckerberg it means your fb hasnt been hacked. Note Zuckerberg is the creator the fb…

The password
<4:0> is in reality a little piece of shorthand code, the tells on facebook to develop the name of the on facebook profile connected with the i would number within the square parentheses – in this case the number 4. Every on facebook profile (and page) has actually a distinctive ID, therefore similarly, inputting in
<45643:0> would develop text displaying the surname of the facebook profile associated with the number 45643.

So note Zuckerberg, the founder the Facebook, has an account linked with the number 4 (apparently account 1, 2 and also 3 have been deleted.) Most contemporary accounts produced today will have ID number in the millions, due to the fact that Facebook is obviously really popular now.

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For many, the little trick – that has actually been around for years – will certainly work. As shortly as you article the
<4:0> code, the will readjust when girlfriend post.

For others however, the trick doesn’t work. Nothing worry, this doesn’t mean your account has been hacked. That to do with the platform on i beg your pardon you access Facebook. It seems on specific platforms – mostly desktop – Facebook automatically inserts a room between the
and also < symbol as soon as you post the comment, rendering the shorthand password useless, and thus no surname appears.

So for instance we walk a small test on the same picture on Facebook. On Facebook desktop computer we entered the characters, and also a space was inserted and also no name was produced. ~ above mobile we did the test, and it worked!

So even if it is or not the cheat works has actually nothing to perform with the security of her account, quite on just how you accessibility Facebook. We guess technically this whole thing isn’t yes, really a hoax, since after all the just thing that asserts is the if the hatchet “Mark Zuckerberg” appears, it means you haven’t been hacked, i beg your pardon is true. However the evident implication over there (for those who couldn’t acquire it to work) has obtained many people worried.

A comparable ruse spread a few years earlier exploiting this trick claiming her cell phone has actually a name that can be discovered by inputting in the critical 3 number of her phone number in location of the number 4 in the code. Of food this was no true. Check out our compose up on the hoax here.

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