What is Biostimulant? This inquiry is not simple to answer. Follow to the united state FDA, Biostimulant is defined as:

“A substance or microorganism that, when applied to seeds, plants, or the rhizosphere, stimulates natural processes to improve or advantage nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, yongin to abiotic stress, or crop quality and yield.”

Fertilisers and its effectiveness play a major role in even if it is to enhance or maintain turf quality, tree health and increase yield in agriculture. Biostimulant commodities are among the key factors come successfully attain this goal.

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With that, us would choose to introduce you to essential PLUS 1-0-1, the most finish Biostimulant and soil modification in the market.

ESSENTIAL add to 1-0-1 is a 100% organic Organic systems that provides key ingredients which are not obtainable in traditional NPK fertilisers. Necessary PLUS 1-0-1 contains an ext than 43 nutrients and soil additionally that room formulated to feeding plants, supply a food source for beneficial microbes, and also refine the condition of soil.

Over the past few decades, ours customers have actually used necessary PLUS 1-0-1 in a broad variety of applications, top top hundreds different types of planting materials, and also some in very unusual instances – ALL with ASTONISHING RESULTS!

ESSENTIAL plus 1-0-1 has actually proven its performance with success ~ success. Here’s a threefold method of important PLUS 1-0-1 that outcomes in a surprising example of biomimicry:

1) Rejuvenates the soil

The all-organic formula of essential PLUS 1-0-1 consists of a high concentration of nutrient to ensure her soil remains healthy. These important nutrients include active humates, plant extracts, cellulose fibre, kelp extracts, and also natural yucca extracts! Not only does that revitalise her soil structure and texture by preserving organic matter, it additionally improves water absorption and also increases the soil’s ability to maintain other an important nutrients.

2) Boosts and also invigorates plant’s physiology

Your tree require much more than just the macronutrients discovered in fabricated NPK fertilisers to stay in optimum condition. That’s why important PLUS 1-0-1 intends to provide important micronutrients to ensure her turf grows healthily while being able come resist environmental stress.

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3) Food and energy sources for microbes

ESSENTIAL to add 1-0-1 consists of a high carbon content that gradually decomposes, restores, and also refines essential matter earlier into your soil. This gives a food and also energy source for the advantageous microorganisms in her soil. This microbes will lessen the require for chemical sprays, and also they will likewise greatly advantage overworked urban setups such as golf courses.

We have a systems to ensure your turf grows healthily!

If you’re looking for the right fertilisers, or if friend would favor to know an ext about important PLUS 1-0-1 or our other products, don’t hesitate to call us at ask
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