Directed by Billy Corben

More money, an ext problems. Broke digs into the psychology of guys whose compete nature lugged them to success on the ar yet seemed to damage them turn off the field. Director"s explain


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According come a 2009 Sports illustrated article, 60 percent of former NBA football player are broke within five years that retirement. By the moment they have been retired for 2 years, 78% of previous NFL players have actually gone bankrupt or room under gaue won stress. Suck into poor investments, stalked by freeloaders, saddled with clinical problems, and also naturally vulnerable to showing off, many pro athletes obtain shocked through harsh economic realities after year of living the high life. Illustration surprisingly fragile confessions from retirement stars favor Keith McCants, Bernie Kosar and Andre Rison, and also Marvin Miller, the previous executive manager of the MLB football player Association, this fascinating documentary digs right into the psychology of guys whose vain nature can lug them to win on the field and also ruin off it.

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Director Billy Corben (The U, Cocaine Cowboys, Limelight) paints a complicated picture that the plenty of forces that drain athletes" bank accounts, placing some of the blame on the society at huge while quiet holding these giants accountable for their very own hubris. A story the the dark next of success, "Broke," is one allegory for the jae won woes haunting economies and also individuals everywhere the world.

Director"s Take

In June 2009, us interviewed quarterback Bernie Kosar because that the 30 because that 30, The U. Anyone who knows Bernie will certainly tell you, he"s together kind and generous a man you might ever meet. In fact, he was very generous through his time the morning; the talked through us for several hrs and, afterwards, take it pictures and also signed autographs because that the crew.

A couple of weeks later, Dan LeBatard damaged the news: following a series of negative investments and also a costly divorce, Kosar had filed for bankruptcy. It was a shock. Beyond football, Kosar was renowned because that his company savvy and known to have been even much more financially successful after his decade-long NFL job than during it.

Personally, it broke my heart. Various other than showing up tired at times, over there was little or no indication during the hrs Bernie invested with us that he remained in the middle of this ordeal.

In the early part of the millennium, you"d sometimes hear around a high profile athlete enduring financial difficulties, yet Pablo Torre"s article, "How (and Why) Athletes go Broke," in the in march 2009 sports Illustrated, cast a spotlight ~ above what seemed to be an emerging epidemic in the wake of the 2008 economic meltdown.

These days, it seems there"s a brand-new story every week and we felt these stories were precious exploring. No everyone to be so enthusiastic around it, though.

They speak the many uncouth topics for dinner conversation are politics and also religion. Ns gotta add money to that list. Athletes, a famously proud group, to be not specifically anxious to discuss the state of their finances, so gaining interviews because that this project, no surprisingly, confirmed to be a challenge. Ns really excellent the people who agreed to speak with us due to the fact that they sincerely felt like they have something to sell the following generation and hope that others will find out from their experience.

The way "Broke" is structured, it"s not around people, every se, yet the problem, called by the human being who experience(d) it. It"s basically a step-by-step guide, how To shed Millions of Dollars there is no Breaking a Sweat.

Conventional wisdom is that professional athletes blow a many money ~ above useless crap. Spoiler alert: skilled athletes blow a most money on useless crap. However that"s proper the guideline of the iceberg. Ns was surprised to uncover -- and I think others will certainly be, too -- just how easy it is to go broke..



Billy Corben

Florida indigenous Billy Corben"s feature documentary directorial debut, life Deal: A question of Consent, premiered at the Sundance movie Festival in 2001, making him one of the youngest director in Sundance history. Evaluating the alleged rape of one exotic dancer in ~ a fraternity home at the university of Florida, the film utilized extensive clips native videotape clip of the alleged assault. Considered by critics to it is in "one that the most controversial movies of the modern-day day" and "one that the many compelling piece of non-fiction ever before produced," (Film danger Magazine), life Deal has actually been seen all over the world.

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Following that success, Corben and producing companion Alfred Spellman founded rakontur, a Miami Beach-based content creation company, and also took on another Florida true crime story, this one closer to home. The new York Times dubbed 2006"s Cocaine Cowboys "a hyperventilating account that the blood-drenched Miami drug society in the 1970"s and also "80s." The film tells the story of just how the drug trade built Corben"s aboriginal city the Miami, through firsthand account of few of the most successful smugglers of the era and the most dangerous hitman the the Cocaine Wars. The sequel, Cocaine Cowboys II: Hustling with the Godmother, was released in 2008.

2011 observed the relax of two Corben directed movies, "Square Grouper: The Godfathers of Ganja" and also "Limelight." In enhancement to Broke, his 2012-13 slate contains a Cocaine Cowboys dramatic collection adaptation for HBO, through executive producers Jerry Bruckheimer and also Michael Bay, the function documentary Dawg Fight, a violent expose on illegal underground backyard fights in southern Florida and also two Cocaine Cowboys sequels.