ns am brand-new to R programming and I acquired hit v this error as soon as I tried to run the code. This just creates a pie chart with some data. Can anyone describe to me why ns am gaining this error and what the means?

1) ns am running windows2) version 3.4.03) ns am using RGui desktop4) R version 3.4.0

# produce data because that the graph.x


What carry out you acquire when you execute dev.cur() ~ pie(...)? and also have girlfriend tried come close R and open it again and also then run the code? does the error persist?

I had this situation and also resolved that by running the following 2 or 3 times:

dev.set(dev.next())The console should at some point spit out:

quartz_off_screen 3Once you see this, the plots will render.

P.S. You have the right to probably use dev.set(dev.prev()) in the same way.

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In my situation the factor for the error was likewise quite silly. In situation anyone runs right into the same issue...

dev.offwill result in:

function (which = dev.cur()) if (which == 1) stop("cannot closeup of the door down an equipment 1 (the null device)") .External(C_devoff, as.integer(which)) dev.cur()Do not forget the function brackets:



Turns out that the only difficulty with this was through where the file was do the efforts to save to. I altered the code to save to a different directory and also it functioned fine

When I had this issue, i was attempting to operation dev_off() also with an attempted record being created from the Rchunk ns was dealing with. To fix it, ns highlighted the whole chunk and also tried to rerun it. That didn"t say that above so I wanted to add as a feasible help come the concern if needed.

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