Is Ergobaby precious it??? here is my moral review of the Ergobaby initial baby transport (sometimes dubbed the “old Ergobaby carrier”) i m sorry I’ve experiment under pretty lot any and also all problems over the past several years. Expect it helps you top top your search to uncover the ideal baby carrier for you and also your baby!

Ergobaby initial baby carrier:7-45 lbs (3.2-20 kg) 3 bring positions – front, back, and also side carry

For what it’s worth, prior to I acquired the Ergobaby Original, ns tried infant Bjorn and Evenflo Snugli baby carriers – both of them forward-facing front-carry type of carriers. I wasn’t a pan of exactly how my baby’s head bounced ago and forth and flopped about every time I relocated or leaned forward which to be like, all the time, since you wear your baby so girlfriend can acquire stuff done, right? Both to be uncomfortable come wear for anywhere over 10 to 15 minutes. Still, the one thing I disliked the most around babywearing at that point was that as soon as my baby essential to nurse (also every the time), I had no choice but come take she out, eliminate the baby carrier, feed her, placed the carrier earlier on, put her back in, and also then rinse and also repeat.

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ERGOBABY original BABY transport REVIEW

— lull FOR your BABY

Your baby demands to feeling comfortable in a infant carrier, or else forget babywearing, right? Ergobaby original makes babies (and toddlers, and even youngsters past toddlerhood… we’ll get to that…) super cozy and comfortable. I’ve always had a more tough time getting my youngsters out fairly than placing them in. This is since Ergobaby carriers are based on ergonomic babywearing.

How is ergonomic babywearing different?

Basically, ergonomic babywearing mimics the way a baby is lugged or organized in arms. Ergonomic babywearing gives babies a sense of comfort and security while likewise supporting the most natural posture for babies i m sorry is sitting with hips spread apart rather than dangling by the crotch (the means many other baby carriers work). The global Hip Dysplasia academy agrees that this is the finest position for healthy hip development.

How would certainly YOU favor to it is in carried???

There room many much more brands that sell ergonomic infant carriers today, however let’s simply say the Ergobaby has been efficiently making ergonomic baby carriers for a really long time now.

— COMFORT because that YOU

The ergonomic architecture of Ergobaby infant carriers puts the load of your boy on your HIPS, instead of her back. This makes babywearing comfortable – even for extended periods that time. The shoulder straps and also the belt belt room padded, and also all straps are adjustable for maximum comfort.

Unless you ar the carrier method too short on your hips for part reason, you have the right to still sit under while wearing your baby which ns personally found immensely helpful countless of times. No require to adjust any straps come sit under while wearing your baby, either.

Over the years I’ve excellent plenty the hiking through the Ergobaby, too. Us love the outdoors and also never pass up a an excellent hike. Hiking through kids, however, has its challenges. Ergobaby initial was a true sanity saver; even on the an ext strenuous hikes that felt no various than carrying a backpack filled through supplies. Favor a talking backpack, really, prior or back.

Ergobaby original is just perfect for any type of kind of outing

Furthermore, I had the ability to still wear mine younger kiddo as soon as she to be 4 and keep her and myself comfortable. (For the record, she weighed 35 lbs.)

My then-4-year-old, about to doze off in the Ergobaby original baby carrier on a hike.

At the period of 5 she ultimately proved come be also bulky because that my ago as I’ve break up on a practically 8-mile strenuous hike in an excellent Basin national Park, yet even though this had actually put she close to the load limit, the carrier hosted up no problem.


Ergobaby original is intended come be offered for kids in the weight selection of 7-45 lbs (3.2-20 kg) with some added guidelines (see below) and features 3 bring positions – front, back, and side carry.

Ergobaby initial front carry (facing IN)

Babies weighing 12 lbs (5.5 kg) & up can be worn in the front lug position without the child insert.

Now, Ergobaby original ONLY offers INWARD (facing in) FRONT carry as protest to exterior (facing out) front carry that some other Ergobaby models feature, such as the 360 All-Position baby Carrier and also Omni 360 All lug Positions. Some people instantly assume the babies must gain bored when they face the babywearer’s chest, yet let me guarantee you the not just babies can and do look around in the inward-facing front bring position (facing your chest), their sense of curiosity is backed by the feeling of safety by being snuggled approximately you.

Ergobaby initial vs. Ergobaby 360 All-Position and Ergobaby Omni 360

If you’re torn in between the Ergobaby Original and also Ergobaby 360 All-Position or Ergobaby Omni 360, i personally don’t think the update is all the worth it.

Not just are both Ergobaby 360 and also Ergobaby Omni 360 an ext expensive than Ergobaby Original, i don’t check out the added benefit the front-outward babywearing. The outward-facing alternative will constantly be less comfortable because of baby’s weight distribution than wearing her baby facing inward (facing her chest) which will be even an ext pronounced together your baby grows. It’s just simple laws that physics. Indigenous my very own anecdotal experience, no once have actually I let go the front-outward carry position when babywearing. Most absolutely I wouldn’t have actually used it even if it were available. But that’s simply me, and your needs might be different.

I carried my youngsters in the front specifically when castle were tiny (for my piece of mind and also their safety), and occasionally once they to be older when it seemed an ext practical (like in a crowd of people, because that example).

Front attract is nice straightforward with Ergobaby. Buckle up in the front, turn the carrier approximately so the buckle remains in the back, infant on your chest, straps on, change the straps, done!

Ergobaby Original ago carry

Your baby need to be at the very least 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg) because that the Ergobaby Original back carry position.

Back carrying has been remarkable for long or much longer walks, specifically as the children have gained older and heavier.

There space several methods to handle Ergobaby back wearing. I discovered tossing my children straight top top my earlier (while leaning forward a bit) much much easier than beginning on mine hip and also then shuffling the entirety carrier and also my child approximately to the correct place (recommended). Yet then again, i didn’t start ago babywearing until much later on which provides back-tossing a entirety lot easier. (A soft increased surface (sofa, bed, etc.) is appropriate for practicing gaining baby in/out for ago wearing.)

Ergobaby earlier wearing, while not being naturally difficult, need to be exercised at house a couple of times before mastering uneven you have someone with you the can aid you put your child in safely.

Ergobaby initial side carry

The weight border for Ergobaby original side lug is the same as for earlier wearing – baby need to weigh at least 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg).

In every honesty, ns can’t speak for the side (hip) lug position due to the fact that I haven’t really offered it. I tried it, numerous times actually, however carrying the extra weight on one side of my body wasn’t for me. It simply didn’t feel right.

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One the my favourite things about using the Ergobaby initial baby carrier was the it renders nursing top top the go happen! prior to you understand it, you’re strolling roughly the store, wait at the checkout lane, or boarding a airplane AND nursing your baby without anyone noticing! being able come nurse my infant in a infant carrier to be a complete game changer because that me!

TIPS because that breastfeeding in Ergobaby Original:

Loosen the shoulder straps under your arms as required in bespeak to reduced your baby down a bit to do nursing possible. Friend can quickly do this while wearing her baby.For a feeling of privacy and also to border distractions for a parenting baby, clip the carrier’s hood on. If you’re wearing the best clothes and also are maybe to keep your sides and earlier covered up (a parenting top, any top through an undershirt on, a zip-up sweatshirt or jacket over the infant carrier, etc.), no one will view a thing.
Ergobaby Original: can you spot a education baby?


The carrier’s hood is incredibly advantageous for as soon as you nurse in the public and for shielding your baby native the elements in general. It also helps store baby’s head had when asleep. Ergobaby’s hood is lightweight and breathable, however thick enough to save the sunlight or light out. I would urge girlfriend to not even take into consideration getting a infant carrier that doesn’t have actually a hood.

FYI: If you must support a sleeping child’s head and also the hood straps of Ergobaby still seem too long on the shortest setup to develop a sensible head support, place the hood over her child’s head safely, cross the hood straps, and also snap castle on the the contrary sides. Another way to shorten the hood straps is to twist them several times prior to snapping castle close on one of two people side.


Ergobaby Original has actually 2 pockets.

The larger one is a zipper bag that’s actually impressively huge for a infant carrier the doesn’t take too much space in a diaper bag. This pocket deserve to hold a variety of personal items prefer your keys, your wallet, a fill of tissues, things prefer that. (I wouldn’t recommend maintaining your cell phone in the pocket, this close to your baby’s head.)

The smaller pocket is essentially what contains the hood once not in use, however it can additionally accommodate little items (like a pacifier). This 2nd one is an open up pocket, no zipper.


According come Ergobaby, spot cleaning is recommended, however the Ergobaby original baby carrier IS machine-washable. Ns wouldn’t, however, recommend constant washing, at the very least not through bright colors.

I have actually washed ours rather a variety of times over the years and noticed that the color eventually started fading a little after every wash. It’s no a substantial deal through any method as this just affects the esthetics of the product, simply something to save in mind. Various other than that, Ergobaby original will hold up simply fine if you throw it in the wash when in a while i m sorry is other every busy mother will surely appreciate – wash on cold / line dry.


The shell and also lining that Ergobaby original is 100% cotton. The fabric itself is special yet very soft (mind you, we have actually the organic version which might perhaps be a tad softer than typical cotton?). I appreciate that Ergobaby makes at the very least some the their baby carriers organic.

After 7 years of fairly frequent use and also after many washings, no one buckle or a piece of an elastic has actually failed, and also there room no rips in the fabric or unraveled seems. Clearly, this infant carrier was made to last.


Any negatives about the Ergobaby initial baby carrier???

Truth be told, I had to think HARD about what ns don’t like about Ergobaby Original.Real hard…

This is what I came up with:

The Ergobaby initial baby carrier normally doesn’t come with a bag to lug or keep the transport in (some models do). Over there is basic fix because that this though – store the carrier in a lightweight dead bag the you ar in the carrier’s zipper pocket when in use.The price that Ergobaby Original can initially it seems ~ high. However you certain do acquire what you pay for.

Final thoughts:

Ergobaby original is a jack of all trades and an excellent option for all kinds of day-to-day tasks and also outdoor adventures for any kind of mom that desires to wear she baby. This infant carrier is comfortable, practical, and also folds under to one impressively compact dimension that will quickly fit inside the diaper bag. Among other Ergobaby offerings, I think Ergobaby original is the finest bang for her buck.

With such a generosity weight selection and gift so versatile, there is no have to switch come a various baby carrier as your boy grows. Ergobaby original can quickly be the just baby carrier you’ll ever before need!

I’ve uncovered the infant carrier to it is in practical and incredibly easy to use. The just REGRET I have is that i didn’t gain Ergobaby ideal away and wasted time and also money on various other baby carriers the didn’t come anywhere close come this one!!!

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Note: This is my honest opinion of the Ergobaby original baby carrier; I have actually not been compensated through Ergobaby in any way, shape, or form.

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If friend have any type of questions that haven’t to be answered in this Ergobaby initial review, leaving a comment or send me a message and I’ll do my best to assist you discover answers.