Do friend remember when TVs turned off at midnight? this days, you deserve to watch TV at any time friend please. If you wake up up in the middle of the night and can’t fall earlier asleep, over there is always something on. With streaming services, friend can pick what to clock too! In the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s TVs actually went static at midnight.

This happened when the transmitter was shut down. Plenty of times, there to be some sort of sign off. You can remember the nationwide Anthem being played prior to the TV visited static. During this time, it cost too lot for TV train station to run for tiny audiences. Generally, the TV came back on about 6 a.m. The following day.

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Back in the day, TVs turned off at midnight

We asked our members of the 1960s execute You Remember group if lock remember once the TV supplied to closeup of the door off about midnight. Many human being remember the days once there was nothing to perform if girlfriend woke up v insomnia in the center of the night! right here are few of the comments we received:

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“Me that is one thing from the past that i don’t miss.”

“A regional tv terminal where I supplied to live to be still signing off together late as 2009, yet not at midnight though. They would perform it in ~ 2am.”

“Very plainly remember also remember when morning tv started in ~ 8am through the Star Spangled Banner.”

“Yes I sure do, and also in Miami us only had three channels back then.”

Static TV / Wikimedia Commons

“Yep…watched it spins then as soon as babysitting…then acquired bored.”

“And climate the nationwide anthem came on