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Need impressive value in your following entertainment package? Elevate your viewing suffer with the latest provides from DISH, featuring first-rate value, advanced technology, and also service that’s unequaled by the competition.

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With TV packages beginning at just $64.99/mo. (for 190 channels), we have options for everyone. Even if it is you’re a casual TV watcher, a sports enthusiast, or a movie lover – DISH has you covered.

AMERICA’S peak 120 (190 CHANNELS) – enjoy the ideal in entertain – kids’, sports, news, locals, and much much more – every for one short monthly price.

AMERICA’S height 120 plus (190+ CHANNELS) – Enjoy all of the good channels in America’s optimal 120, plus her favorite regional Sports Networks.

AMERICA’S optimal 200 (240+ CHANNELS) – Includes all of America’s height 120 Plus, to add even an ext sports and also kids’ programming.

AMERICA’S optimal 250 (290+ CHANNELS) – Includes every one of America’s optimal 200, plus more entertainment options and great movie channels.

Hopper 3 smart DVR

Need superior value in your next entertainment package? Elevate your viewing endure with the latest provides from DISH, special first-rate value, advanced technology, and service that’s unparalleled by the competition.







You worthy to acquire the best value for your money. So, what space you investing in once you choose DISH? gain answers to your many burning questions around how dish compares come the competition, consisting of AT&T U-Verse, Verizon, Xfinity, Time Warner, and also more.



DISH Network Deals

DISH is cursed to providing you high top quality entertainment in ~ affordable price so we"ve gone beyond the great value listed in our package pricing to carry you additional deals.

DISH TV deals include a 2-year price guarantee, premium channels, industry-leading equipment, extra tech assistance benefits at little to no cost, and also more!

55+ market - customers who space 55+ deserve to enjoy plenty of exclusive exclusive right including free in-home visits, equipment replacements and DISH safeguard Plus free for 6 months.

MILITARY offer - ours thanks can never be sufficient for our active and veteran military organization members, however a few extras couldn"t hurt. Enjoy complimentary equipment upgrades, Stars and also Stripes package, movie rentals on us and also other perks!

FIRST RESPONDERS offer - first responders will certainly enjoy plenty of different exclusive right including cost-free equipment upgrades, movie rentals, Stars and Stripes package and more!

HEALTHCARE WORKERS market - as a token of our evaluation to those on the frontlines throughout these times, we want to offer an important exclusives like totally free movie rentals, the Heartland Pack, upgraded equipment and also other bonuses.

TEACHER market - Teachers have the right to take benefit of exclusive offers on optimal of one existing food Network package! Enjoy cost-free channels, a movie rental, and also equipment upgrades on us.

Save a Bundle

You currently know the a dish TV package offers your favorite reflects at the ideal value. Walk you know you can boost your save even much more by bundling it with high-speed Internet? Relax, and also get ready to pay much less for an ext with BundleFinders! We use it to find your best local deals on bundled TV and also Internet packages.

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