Being a tooth-obsessed dentist hygienist, my electric toothbrush comes through me everywhere I take trip (except because that one time and I deep regretted it). I have actually never had an problem with packing my electric toothbrush in mine carry-on. However, a patient ns talked to said he doesn’t bring his electrical toothbrush once he travels since he no think he might put the in his carry-on! was I simply lucky every time ns packed mine?

As per the TSA (Transportation defense Administration), packing your electric toothbrush in a carry-on bag is allowed. Electric toothbrushes are allowed to be brought on the airplane in a carry-on since the battery is covered and also not exposed. Load it in a situation so the does no accidentally revolve on.

Bringing your electric toothbrush together with you on her travels is crucial to maintain good oral hygiene, and also prevent cavities and also gum disease from start or progressing.

In the remainder of this post, ns go over exactly how to pack your electrical toothbrush, what batteries room in electrical toothbrushes, what impact flying has actually on her oral wellness (you might be surprised at how much that does)! Also, part tips that I do to store my this clean and also healthy as soon as I travel.

Can You fill an electrical Toothbrush in a Carry-on Bag top top a Plane?


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By happen your electrical toothbrush in your bring on, you deserve to brush your this right prior to it’s time to obtain on the plane. Even if you room planning on eating on the plane, that is still vital to brush, if no there will be much more bacteria in her mouth to feed on the food you’re walking to feed on and produce acid. The much more bacteria = more acid = decay.

How to keep oral hygiene on a plane

I constantly floss and brush right prior to I acquire on the plane. This offers me a fresh start to mine journey.

If i am top top a lengthy haul flight, I will certainly make sure that I carry some floss v me and floss my teeth after ns eat top top the plane. If ns am on a super long flight that is end 8 hours, i use tiny to go brushes that have toothpaste already on them.

You nothing need any kind of water to use them together the toothpaste will start to dissolve v the tiny saliva girlfriend may have left. Or you can take a tiny sip that water before brushing to assist the process. If you want to shot them out, here’s the link to discover them top top Amazon.

And make sure you load a refillable water bottle or purchase a party of water after friend go with security. Maintaining hydrated ~ above the plane and drinking water will help rinse away food particles after you eat, however also help reduce the mountain in your mouth.

Take the water the lovely trip attendants sell you. It will help!

Don’t forget the toothpaste!

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Depending on just how long you’re travel for, you may not want to carry a totality tube of toothpaste follow me for the ride. This especially goes because that those who want to bring toothpaste in their carry on bag.

Toothpaste come in little tubes and the ideal place to acquire them? The dental office.

Tip: rather of security an obscene lot of money for the smallest tube the toothpaste at the store, following time you go to the dentist questioning them for a toothpaste sample. Once I know that mine patients room travelling, I constantly give castle an extra toothbrush and also travel-sized toothpaste to save them the hassle and also money of acquiring them at the store!