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Saturday, February 04, 2017

El shade De La Pasion #102 (Hulu #101): looking for Love in all The wrong Places...

Milagros call Daniela a good actress and cynic and also demands to recognize why she lied to everyone about not gift able come walk. Daniela defines that she can not walk in the hospital however she began to have actually feeling in her legs later however didn’t to speak anything since she was scared Marcelo would certainly leave her. Milagros advises her the Marcelo isn’t dumb and also when that realizes that she lied around being able come walk, he’ll leaving her again therefore she far better stops law stupid things. Daniela shrinks far from Milagros and also asks if she’s going come say anything. Milagros speak her the she won’t however she much better finds a means to finish her charade before Marcelo finds the end the truth. She climate asks Daniela to never ever lie to her again, no if she wants her as an ally, and leaves.Nazario receive a call and also tells the other human on the line the he will be there immediately. Amador walks right into his bedroom and asks Brigida what her second condition is but Brigida will tell him when she gets back as she has actually some errands to run. Amador tells her to no play with him but Brigida has had actually it. She tells that the one make the rules now is her and also they will talk as soon as she gets back. Amador agrees and also then Brigida defines that she said Esperanza to relocate his stuff to the guest room. Downstairs, Esperanza speak him the someone concerned ask for him: Vinicio. That asks that she adjust the sheets in Rodrigo’s room and also goes outside to accomplish Vinicio, who explains that Lucia fired the from the factory since he had a fight v Lalo. Amador tells him that he will shot to fix it and Vinicio reminds him of all he’s done because that him. Amador asks him to leave and also repeats the he’ll take treatment of it.Lalo thanks Lucia for defending that earlier and also firing Vinicio. Lucia tells him that Vinicio was the factor Nazario was initially fired and she was exhausted of the anyway. Lalo tells her that he never ever trusted him because he was Amador’s employee yet is worried she will certainly have difficulties with Vinicio. Lucia speak him not worry around it and then asks when Nazario is comes back. Lalo speak him he doesn’t know and Lucia pipeline Lalo in fee of the shop in the meantime. He then many thanks her for talk to Sara about Benito and also she smiles. They walk off as Lalo complements she perfume.Nazario arrives at the police station and talks to the policeman in charge. He desires to view Clarita however the police inform him the he can’t because they found no evidence against her and also had to let her go. Nazario pissed and informs that, he no think she killed Trini, he wanted to talk to her about other things. He asks because that Clarita’s attend to but the police aren’t budging. Nazario announces that he at the very least now to know she’s in Puebla and also if they discovered her, that can discover her too. Clarita arrives house to discover an ecstatic Benito. She hugs and also kisses him and also he tells her that he thought he wouldn’t check out her again. Clarita defines that everything is okay now and is also glad that they arrested her since now whatever is cleared up and no one is after ~ her. Clarita then offers him the an excellent news the Lalo’s medical professional friend will check out him soon and also gives him an additional bear hug. In Mexico City, Marcelo asks Rafaela if she knows an Aida Lugo. He saw her a pair of days ago, and she comment on just how much that looked choose his father. Rafaela pretends not to understand her and also tells him the she no quiet remember her prior to running off. Within the house, Milagros is light a candle because that Federico when Rafaela go in through Marcelo. Milagros greets him warmly and Rafaela runs turn off to do housework. Marcelo suggests that castle drop Federico’s ashes in a church prefer in Puebla and Milagros guarantees she’ll take into consideration it. She then tells him the she witnessed Daniela today and she to be feeling and looking better. Marcelo is happy come hear it and Milagros speak him that she’s fighting come get much better for him. Marcelo describes that she need to do it because that herself and Milagros ask if he’ll leave Daniela as soon as she it s okay better. Marcelo won’t yet that doesn’t mean he has forgotten Lucia. Milagros tells him that she no think Lucia feels the same means about him. In Puebla, Lucia is walking approximately the north apartment, mental her first time with Marcelo. She stops quick of the bedroom however walks inside and remembers the night they make love…Just then the doorbell rings and also it’s the actual estate agent marketing the apartment. They present themselves. Alfredo provides Daniela her new phone and tells her it will certainly be the exact same number yet she should manually input she contacts. Daniela tells him the if she has actually Marcelo’s number in there, everything is okay. Alfredo asks around her Puebla friends and Daniela tells him the she didn’t have actually any. Alfredo explains that Nora Gaxiola pertained to visit her in the hospital and told him she was she friend. Daniela prefers a scorpion because Nora betrayed her own sister by resting with she fiancée and also ensured that left her at the altar. Daniela provides it clear that she no lament Lucia’s situation yet recognizes that Nora overcome a lie she wouldn’t even cross. Daniela then defines that Nora was after Marcelo as well and also her mother, Rebeca, too. Alfredo wants to recognize why she says that and Daniela speak him around the time she observed Rebeca and Marcelo coming out of a hotel and they had actually the dumbest excuse. Alfredo asks if Marcelo was v Rebeca on the DL and also Daniela clarifies that Rebeca wanted to be through Marcelo, not the other method around. Nora is in session through Roman, who asks her how her day has actually been, however she’s distracted. Roman inn then asks around Sergio yet Nora is no really paying attention; she tells him that she is no much longer interested in Sergio and also leaves roman high and dry. Mario and Sergio go have a drink. Mario wanted to speak to Sergio as a friend, not employee, about what has actually been walk on with him lately, especially regarding Leti. Sergio confesses the Leti doesn’t want to view him because they broke up and also Mario speak him the she asked for to be transferred to a brand-new office. Sergio defines that Leti has actually been weird due to the fact that they obtained together and also it’s to be harder come relate to her currently than as soon as they to be friends. Mario defines that all relationship are complicated so castle should uncover a balance. Sergio wants to understand why he’s unexpectedly so buddy-buddy through him and Mario speak him the he reminds him of himself when he to be younger. He speak Sergio the while women are complicated, they no impossible, and also he should shallow his pride and also forgive Leti because she is a an excellent woman. They toast. The night, Ricardo call Amador come inquire about what taken place with Brigida. Amador doesn’t desire to discuss it and thanks him for revealing what happened with Ligia in former of Brigida. Ricardo apologizes and also then reminds Amador about the money he is owed and also Amador speak him hell take treatment of it and hangs up. Ricardo hangs up as well as his doorbell rings. The Leti who is looking for a shoulder to cry on because of the Sergio situation. Amador is additionally having a drink as soon as Brigida arrives. That asks if she’ll finally talk come him and also Brigida said she will, now that she ready. Amador asks her wherein she went and Brigida defines that she went to a notary due to the fact that she desires him to provide her all his shares in Talavera Gaxiola. If that doesn’t, she’ll tell Rodrigo and the police what really taken place with Ligia. Amador desires to understand what she wants v them and also Brigida defines that she wanted to struggle him wherein it really hurt through something he yes, really cares about, even much more than that cares about his son. Amador explains that he will offer her and Rodrigo the shares upon his death but Brigida wants them now. In the eyes of anyone he will certainly still be a shareholder however in personal the shares are hers. Amador tells she she’s asking also much yet Brigida thinks it’s too little for what he has done come her. He has until tomorrow to do his decision. Leti is venting come Ricardo around Sergio, Nora and Leti. She defines that Nora has actually been after ~ him because that the past couple of days and also she saw him leave his apartment tonight. Ricardo speak her the she’s just like her mother, who convinced him to leave Magdalena in ~ the altar. Leti is shocked to recognize this as Sara hadn’t told she anything. Leti then marvels what her life would’ve been favor if Ricardo was through them and Ricardo wonders as well. He tells her that if the knew Sara was pregnant the would’ve been in her life. Leti thanks him because that coming ago and because that talking with her. Ricardo tells her it’s no problem and also then describes that women choose Nora are just there to pass the time while Leti is the type of mrs you develop a life with.Lalo meets Sara in ~ the hospital and they carry out a dance of handshakes prior to sitting down and discussing Benito. She thought he would come through the patient but Lalo explains that Benito felt negative yesterday and also hopes she can visit him at house tonight, if possible. Sara speak him that she has a ahead engagement but asks that he compose down Benito’s resolve and she will certainly go see him tomorrow. That does and Lalo explains that it’s basic to find yet he leaves her v his mobile either way. The asks if she will certainly go and Sara promises he will. Lalo climate tells she he will wait because that her outside the facility and says goodbye. Roman visits through Lucia in her garden and invites her the end to dinner. She says that they dine at her home so she deserve to see just how her partnership with her aunt and sister is. The agrees and also then, UNETHICALLY, tells Lucia the Nora was remote at treatment today and he fears she bordering on a brand-new crisis. Lucia thinks around it because that a bit and also deduces that Marcelo getting ago with Daniela and leaving to Mexico City may have actually something to execute with it. Roman asks if Marcelo leaving additionally affects Lucia. Lucia is quiet because that a second and roman inn takes it as a cue to change the conversation. That asks if she’s excited around the trip and also Lucia confirms the she is. That asks the she wake up early to do the many out that it and Lucia agrees. As they mingle, Nora watches them from the stairs, contempt crying. Rebeca come behind her and also asks if she wants to go to the dining room due to the fact that Lucia and also Roman are staying for dinner. Nora speak her the she isn’t hungry and also Rebeca asks why she’s unhappy that Lucia is with Roman. Nora defines that everyone, also Daniela, but her and also it renders her feeling worthless. Rebeca asks around Sergio and Nora tells her that he’s crazy because that Leti and she has actually no one to love her. Rebeca tells her that she loves her however Nora speak her the it’s a various kind that love and also runs off. In Mexico City, Daniela and also Marcelo are out dining because that the an initial time due to the fact that her accident. Lock toast come that and Daniela asks if he’s embarrassed to be seen through her in a wheelchair. Marcelo isn’t and she do not do it be either due to the fact that it’s temporary. He climate asks when she’s beginning therapy and Daniela asks why anyone is pressuring her. Marcelo makes it clear he isn’t, he simply wants to aid her and be over there for she as much as possible. That notices her new cell phone and also realizes that forgot his in the car and also goes to gain it. Daniela take away the possibility to stretch her leg. Rodrigo is down in the dumps thinking about Sergio’s advice that he forgot Lucia and move on, maybe to Daniela Suarez. The takes the chance to call her and also she answers, surprised. He speak her the he’s happy she’s much better despite her accident. Daniela is surprised due to the fact that she blamed him for Ligia’s murder however Rodrigo has actually let bygones be bygones. The asks she to dinner but Daniela explains that she’s no longer in Puebla and hangs up prior to Marcelo comes back. Rodrigo continues to it is in frustrated. The following day, Roman and also Lucia room off their romantic getaway. The jokes around how lot she packed and also he provides to lug her to their cabin, in addition to the bags. When they obtain there, Lucia comments on exactly how gorgeous the place is as roman leaves the bags upstairs. Lucia notices a ceramic item from the factory in the living room as roman comes ago and proposes the they take it a swim in a surrounding lake. Lucia agrees and goes turn off to readjust while roman lights the chimney. In Mexico City, Alfredo wakes increase Daniela come say goodbye together he’s leaving the city. Daniela wondered as soon as he would finally leave and also Alfredo defines that that has service to deal with and it would certainly be great for them since their relationship is coming to be toxic. Before he goes, he offers her the card to her therapist and announces the she start today. Daniela is much less than happy however Alfredo is adamant that she begin ASAP and leaves. As soon as he’s gone, she stand up and looks at the card. Sara introduce Clarita and Benito at Clarita’s apartment. She thanks Sara for personally coming and also then leaves to discover the vault doctor’s test on Benito together he describes what occurred to him come Sara. Daniela’s brand-new chauffeur introduce himself and also Daniela provides it clear the they’ll go whereby she wants to go, not where her father ordered. Magdalena is shocked to know the police allow Clarita go and also refuse come divulge she address. Nazario is simply as shocked and also then proposes they uncover her via the internet. Magdalena doesn’t think Clarita would even be online yet she will try. She asks Nazario for her complete name and promises the she will uncover her. Sara defines to Clarita that she will need to see Benito’s ahead tests and come ago with a diagnosis. Clarita many thanks her and asks her just how much the consult costs. Sara speak her that it’s free since she doing it together a favor because that a dear friend. Clarita many thanks her again and Sara gives her a card and also ask the Clarita create down her info as well. Castle say their goodbyes. Daniela’s chauffeur has carried her come Marcelo’s apartment and goes outside. He welcomes her and also Daniela tells him that she has actually a surprised for him. She gradually stands up and keeps she balance. He’s happy to view her progress and asks how long she has been maybe to execute that. Daniela defines that she been having actually some feeling in her legs the past few days but didn’t to speak anything till she to be sure. One points for sure, she won’t need therapy anymore. She climate asks for a reward and also kisses him. Marcelo provides in and also Daniela asks if they have the right to go come his bedroom. That obliges. Inside Roman’s log in cabin, Lucia and also Roman come ago soaking wet. Castle sit in former of the fire and also she asks him for a hug. He obliges and also they start to kiss.

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Lock separate and also he looks in ~ Lucia, asking with his eye if she ready. She kisses that again and also they loss on the sheets.Both Lucia and Marcelo shot to find love in the arms of someone else…