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Mr. Mike Hernandez established Camino genuine Chevrolet on march 16 1976. He felt the was vital to give his dealership a coherent name therefore he chose Camino real Chevrolet which way "King"s Road." He want to create a self-supporting service that gave earlier to the community. Mr. Hernandez to trust the biggest asset that a successful business is a tightly-knit dynamic between its co-workers. This formula has actually proven to it is in successful due to the fact that three generations later with his three sons two daughters and grandsons as employees the is important a family members success.

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Customer company 5.0 Buying procedure — quality of repair 5.0 as whole facilities — in its entirety experience 5.0

Hello, we set high expectations because that ourselves for this reason it?s gratifying to hear you had actually a good experience v us. We're glad to hear we delivered such a great experience. If there's anything additional we can do for you, we room happy come help!

The best service dealer in southerly California. I have a 2018 Diesel Colorado, I've to be to 3 other dealers to have the business done. Christine Delmo and also her team of techs are remarkable ! If you need your Chevy serviced, please call Christine Delmo. She's all about customer service and making sure that your auto is safe for you and also your family. Many thanks Camino genuine Chevrolet!

Customer service 5.0 Buying process — quality of fix 5.0 overall facilities — as whole experience 5.0

Hi, we evaluate your type review and are happy come pass follow me your comments to Christine and also the team right here at Camino real Chevrolet! many thanks again for the recommendation, and also have an exceptional day!

check drove at a dealership close to work. Sales human being were play games and also won't obtain me a firm quote. I showed them the on-line prices from various other dealerships, pretty much told me that various other dealers are not honest with their prices and they won't carry out price comparison.Then i contacted Marci in ~ Camino real Chevy, that I had actually leased my 2017 Volt from. She called me what the price were and I told her what I wanted to pay and also what choices I would desire for a 2020 Bolt Premier. We easily strike a deal over the phone and in 3 days, she got precisely the car I wanted and also had it delivered to me after ~ work, the price is exactly she claimed she would certainly do. No gimmick and also the deal is as right forward together it can be.Couldn't it is in happier with her service.Thank friend Marci!

Customer organization 5.0 Buying process 5.0 quality of repair — overall facilities — in its entirety experience 5.0

Hello, thank you so much for letting us know exactly how we did. We're therefore pleased to hear our sales team could administer you through such a great car to buy experience. If you require anything else, we're constantly happy to assist. Gain your new car!

The concern with mine 2017 chevy volt to be well known and it took two visits come the dealership to deal with the vehicle. It should have actually been done properly the an initial time.

Customer business 3.0 Buying procedure — quality of repair 2.0 all at once facilities — in its entirety experience 3.0
purchase a new 2019 Camaro SS 1LE here and also Camino Real refined the matte black color hood which permanently damaged it. It plainly states in the hands-on DO no polish the hood or use any form of solvent or abrasive formulas. I noticed it as soon as I left it the end in the sunlight a pair weeks later on as the sun/heat acted as a catalyst and accelerated the reaction, which ultimately left white swirls and scuffs almost everywhere my new car hood. I contacted the dealership and also spoke with my salesman, Jon Ceron. He climate proceeded to blame me and also stated “you looked at the car and still drive it off the lot.” The detailing team damaged my new 2019 Camaro SS 1LE and he blamed me. Ns was shocked in ~ this allude that the would also say that. The minute he claimed that i hung up and contacted GM corporate to record a complaint and escalate this issue. Camino actual failed to take duty for the damage and stress the their negligence and ignorance caused me. Instead, castle tried to placed the blame on me. Ns recommend remaining away indigenous this dealership. The negative customer service and blatant lack of accountability is shocking.

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Customer business 1.0 Buying process 1.0 high quality of fix 1.0 overall facilities — overall experience 1.0