In your Moon adventures in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, at some suggest you’ll come across an item referred to as a shed Ghost Trace. These will randomly drop indigenous Moon activities after you finish the campaign. Once you have actually a shed Ghost Trace, you have the right to take it come Eris Morn to begin a number of different quests that involve hunting down the dead Ghosts of her old fireteam top top the Moon’s surface. Perfect these pursuits will net you some Phantasmal Fragments and Lore entries.

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Unfortunately, the video game doesn’t provide you much indication of wherein to look for the dead Ghosts, except for a basic area. Here’s wherein you’ll discover them.

Echo the the great Disaster

This dead Ghost is discovered in Archer’s Line, therefore head over there from the Sanctuary generate point. Simply southwest that the framework at the much north end of the area, you’ll find a fissure in the ground. Look for a ledge come climb down onto, then another lower one. You’ll find the dead Ghost there next to some wreckage.

First Crota Team’s Fallen

Enter the temple of Crota, which friend can uncover by acquisition the route from the east side of the Anchor that Light. Continue until you with a circular room through an altar in the middle, then turn right. Head increase the stairs, rotate left, and look to your left in the little dead-end room. The Ghost is top top the floor behind some rubble.

Adonna’s Quest

Visit the Shrine of Oryx by acquisition the enntrance gate in the northeast the Archer’s Line and also going through the hall of Wisdom, turning left in ~ the big chandelier room, and heading right through the glowing tunnel. Rotate right and also head under the lengthy curving hallway and also into the tunnel. Coming out the other side, go straight towards the big satellite-like structure. You’ll uncover the dead Ghost within it top top the floor.

The best Sacrifice

Get to the Gatehouse through going come the much north finish of the Hellmouth, beginning the structure, and following the course downwards. Inside, head forward until you come at a room through a number of elevated platforms, then rotate right. Monitor the cavern path down till it opens up up right into a huge circular room. Here, turn right and walk under the stairs. You’ll uncover the dead Ghost in front of a grate on the wall.

A True Believer

Enter the Gatehouse by adhering to the procedures above, only this time once you with the huge circular room, head straight throughout instead of keeping right. Exit through the door, head down through the cave, and jump left to proceed on through another doorway to reach the circle of Bones. Once you come at a large room, rotate left and also follow the path along the lefthand next of the pit. Continue on till you reach a door that opens up up right into the Summoning Pits area. Jump as much as the top platform ~ above the right, and the dead Ghost will certainly be sitting in a heap of rubble in the corner.

Dark Dreams

For this one, you need to return to the Lunar Battlegrounds. This area isn’t significant on the map, yet it’s whereby you made your landing on the Moon in the very first Shadowkeep mission. You can get earlier there by taking the southeast exit from Sorrow’s Harbor. When you’re in the area, save going until you reach an area through geodesic domes. You’ll discover the dead Ghost at the back of this area, behind what looks like a crashed to escape pod.

A effective Search

This one’s easy. In the Anchor of irradiate area, go into the big cylindrical structure and head down a path into a dead end. You’ll discover the dead Ghost top top the floor in this small room.

Together Forever

Get come the circle of Bones together per the instructions for A True Believer. Head right into the center of the large open room, and also you’ll uncover the dead Ghost behind a short pillar.

Misplaced Trust

Head come the Hellmouth framework that leads into the Gatehouse. Jump under to the lowest level and turn about to uncover the dead Ghost on the ground.

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