Unnatural hair colour is tho a vast craze. If flaunting pink, green, blue, grey, red or also multi-coloured hair color is expressive and fun, what happens when you want to dye it earlier to brown or even go blonde?


I had been toying through the idea of dying my hair emerald environment-friendly for years. Shamelessly i’ll admit, Kylie Jenner’s eco-friendly bob to be the resource of mine inspiration.

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One day i felt impulsive (more 보다 usual) and also headed come a salon, whereby I spent sevenhours gift taken native brunette to peacock environment-friendly / blue hair, and I love it. Ns felt vivacious, loud, expressive and also for once, mine spontaneity had paid off.

Tweeting a photograph of my new ‘do, i remember this unique reply indigenous a total stranger: “Looks fab, however it’s a nightmare to get outI had to chop all mine turn off to lose the green”.

Ouch. I had actually never assumed that far ahead.

Fast front eightmonths later and also I to be in should dye my hair earlier to brunette. The green’s bleach and also monthly top ups left mine hairfrazzled andI started to feeling it wasn’t rather the ‘sophisticated’ technique to life i was after. V the stranger’s tweet piercing greatly into my mind, I contact the one human I know have the right to help.

Angeline Tan of FDP Salon.

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Angeline Tan, creative director that FDPsalon, make her profession in London’s reputation Toni & Guy, bringingback her an abilities and expertise to end up being aleading hair stylistin Singapore for both celebrities and also mere mortals such together myself.

So there i am, sit in the warm seat, while Angeline examines my hair conditionand discusses how we have the right to revert back to brunette. Together she sets come work, ns question, nay interrogate her, on such crazy-colour-resurrections.

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Angeline admits, not plenty of clients it seems to be ~ to master how an overwhelming it is to remove such colours. They it seems ~ to expect it to it is in an easy, one session adjust – however this is often far from the case. That takes a lot of work, a many time and also often, much more than one sitting.

To for sure hair is as protected and also un-damaged as possible, it is always much better to do huge colour changes in stages, offering the hair time to settle prior to you do an additional layer that bleach.

“Green is the hardest colour come remove, complied with by blue and also red. However it all depends on exactly how long you’ve to be dying these colours also,” she called me. “On average, that takes 5-8 hours to eliminate a crazy colour, but once again depends on the strongness beforehand”.


I’ll disclose now, that took us threeseparate sittings and also 19 hours in complete to remove my green completely and become really dark brown. Sigh.

To neutralise the green, Angeline had to carry out a irradiate bleach to wash on my whole hair to aid lift the end the colour, then neutralise the green tones with a class of red dye. Oh, and plenty of Olaplex. Olaplex is a must-include once your hair has actually been too many bleached and also you’re after ~ a colour change.

Once red layer to be complete, she then put on the brunette dye end the top. Following two sittings Ididn’t need a bleach wash, just the red to neutralise, Olaplex treatment and then the brunette overlay come finish.

The reason I had actually to walk back an ext than once is because, after washing my hair, the red and brown dye lifted up really quickly, revealing a dirty-green hue the was still an extremely present. Just after the third session at FDP did my hair protect against washing out and worked out as the desiredbrunette colour.

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If you want to go also lighter 보다 brunette come a the shade of blonde – that’s even trickier yet not impossible. “Normally, I’d advise the customer to carry out it progressively if their present hair condition is poor and brittle. However, there space clients who have rather solid hair for this reason they have the right to take increase to four sessions that bleach wash in one sitting and massive lot of Olaplex therapy to combat breakages.”

With pastelcolours, it’s much easier to revert back. They need a lighter bleach wash and also will not need as plenty of sittings, offered the lightly of the pastel in the an initial place.