Looking because that a clothes dyeing business to upgrade your wardrobe? simply spilled wine anywhere your favourite outfit? are your beloved jeans to faded come wear? execute you need a specific color for a occupational project? every little thing the reason, there space plenty that professional apparel dyeing solutions out there, however choosing the best one deserve to be a challenge. No every firm dyes every type of garment. We"ve make it less complicated by listing the best companies below(in our opinion). If you have actually questions, ours contact type above ables you to email all of them in ~ once. No should go to multiple websites trying to find a firm to dye your clothes. You"ll acquire answers to your questions and also price estimates from all of them quickly. Rapid Dye is fast, easy and free!

True Color
2305 C Ashland St., #281 Ashland OR 97520

True shade offers a range of garment dyeing services consisting of dyeing jeans, shirts, sweaters, suits and also blouses. They deserve to lighten garments, sheathe bleach stains, and launder clothing. They sell a selection of standard colors and are qualified of dyeing custom colors, you simply need to send them a swatch to match. They charge by the lb which can price less than other dyeing suppliers if you choose one the their typical colours or black. Practice colors expense more. Your capabilities include dyeing clothing made from cotton, linen, ramie, hemp, bemberg, rayon/viscose, silk and also tencel.

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FAQ: carry out cleaners dye clothes?

Most dry cleaners perform not dye clothes. Those who perform are tough to find. This page contains dry cleaners that dye clothes.

Prestige Dyers

Unit 8 Circle heat House, east Road, Harlow CM20 2BJ, unified Kingdom

Prestige Dyers specialize in many types of clothes dyeing services. Their customers selection from fashion, leisurewear, denim, theatrical and furnishing markets. Your winning team of experienced staff ensure impressive quality and also service. The common turnaround time is 1-2 working days. Your colour matching an abilities are infamous ensuring striking results for any kind of garment.

T-shirts jeans Shirts Jackets Skirts Curtains Bedroom furnishings Sofa on slide covers Table consists Furniture consist of Tie-dyeing acid wash Softener wash rock Wash

Whether you"re a company looking because that a production dyer or just want to have actually one shirt dyed, prestige dyers can gain the task done rapid at a surprisingly short cost.

FAQ: Is over there a clothes dyeing firm nearby?

This is a question we often hear. We choose to say "Depends whereby you live, well...that yes, really doesn"t issue so much. Most clothes dyeing services offer mail in organization so you deserve to get garments dyed regardless of your location."

A Dyeing Art
3936 Glenfeliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

A Dyeing Art offers a very unique variety of services. Lock cater come every market including Film and also Television, Theatre, Opera, Ballet, Music Videos, Commercials, Costumes, design template Parks, Props, Sets, Backdrops, Interior architecture Furnishings, Haute Couture, and High end Fashion.

solid color dyeing fabric painting silk-screen hand publish digitally publish ombre dyeing tie-dye batik patch-dye marbleize devore air-brush


silk wool noodle rayon velvet tulle mesh netting muslins cheesecloth nylons sharks fabric neoprene textiles leather skin hair wigs trims laces buttons pearls feather blends

A Dyeing arts can also age, distress, and also do break down on costumes, jeans, leathers, skins, shoes, hats and all of the aforementioned fabrics. Have actually an unusual job on her hands? A Dyeing Art would certainly love come hear indigenous you. They love reflecting how an innovative they have the right to be. There"s no agency quite prefer A Dyeing Art.

FAQ: deserve to you bleach black color jeans?

What is the factor for bleaching your black jeans? For basic washing, jeans should be wash in cold water through 1/8 cup vinegar and also detergent. To lighten the shade of black color jeans making use of bleach, you must be an extremely careful; a small amount that bleach will carry out the trick, too lot bleach deserve to make your jeans as well light and can degrade the fibre making it weak and much more prone to ripping your jeans.

Classy Dye

710 W 58th St, Los Angeles, CA 90037

Classy Dye offers plenty of garment dyeing services. They mostly do specialty washes including:

Tie Dye Oil to wash Bamboo to wash Ombre/Dip Dye Mineral Wash crystal Wash Spray to wash River to wash Brush Wash

Classy Dyeing provides GOTS certified dyes, which room low impact on the environment. They have actually been servicing the kitchenware, automotive, apparel, medical, and also home furnishings sectors for 20 years.

Fabrics lock dye include:

Rayon Nylon cotton Silk Linen Tencel Cupro

FAQ: exactly how do friend dye a pair the jeans?

Using RIt dye is a common means to dye blue jeans at home however results deserve to be disappointing as soon as trying to dye blue jeans black. A usual misconception is dyeing jeans black is simple, yet this is rarely the situation when making use of all-purpose water at home. Other varieties of dyes such together Procion reactive water require an ext skill yet results are great and the shade is an ext permenant.

216 Devonshire St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Cullachange is a professional clothes dyeing organization based in Australia and also dyes just about everything from business wear and also casual outfits to bathing suits and bath towels. They room Sydney"s premier dyeing service. If you"re in search of a dyeing agency down-under, this is the place to go!

Cullachange has been dyeing garments for 15 years. They dye acrylic, polyester, nylon and all organic fibers. Your services incorporate dyeing shirts, jeans, suits, coats, curtains, and any other form of apparel.

FAQ: deserve to you dye blue blue jeans white?

Dyeing blue blue jeans white is feasible using suitable chemistry. Making them white deserve to weaken and damage the fibre so transforming blue jeans white is not recommended together the jeans will certainly be vulnerable to tearing or ripping.

Brothers Dye House

5715 Alba St, Vernon, CA 90058

Brothers Dye residence dyes every kinds of clothes including jeans, jackets, dresses, shirts, pants, shorts and more. Need a fit dyed for a special occasion? They can dye it. Actually, they can dye anything! Well, almost anything.

Brothers Dye house dyes nearly every kind of garment.

dresses Sweaters T-Shirts jeans Pants Shorts Skirts Cargo trousers Bathrobes Blouses dress Shirts Jackets Trench Coats


cotton Rayon Silk Nylon Polyester Bamboo structure Denim Linen Tencel

FAQ: What is the best dye for clothes?

Reactive dyes for natural fibers such together cotton. Mountain dyed for silk, nylon and wool Disperse dyes for polyester straightforward dyes because that acrylic

Universal Dye house
6813 Tujunga Ave, phibìc Hollywood, CA 91605

Universal Dye residence specializes in new garment dyeing and also specialty washes. They"ve been doing it because that over 25 years and are thought about one the the best in the professional apparel dyeing solutions in the business.

Tinting all colors. Oil to wash Mineral Wash mountain Wash Dirty wash Tie Dye novelty Washes Garment dyes – pigment , Reactive, straight & Sulfur Dye Burn Outs Wax Coating pigment Sprays architecture Transfers – line Skin, Leopard, Foils & various other novelty warm transfers. Rock washes (light, medium, heavy) Enzyme Washes (light, medium, heavy) hard wash Scour grinding Hand sanding Dry stone ( because that leather & other items that cannot it is in washed w/ water) fabric distressing

FAQ: Is over there a garment dyeing organization in Atlanta?

One of these garment dyeing services could have a location in Atlanta. Most seem to it is in in Florida, north Carolina, brand-new York, new Jersey and Los Angeles. One means to discover out is come ask "Who has actually a ar in Atlanta?"

J.R.S. Dyers

Kings Court, Kingsfield Rd, Barwell, Leicester LE9 8NZ, UK

J.R.S. Dyers is equipped to meet and exceed her expectations in a selection of textile applications. In enhancement to the solutions below, J.R.S. Is qualified of any procedure that involves using colour fastness come garments, scouring and softening items of clothing, and also processes to boost the figure of garments.

Wet finishing procedures Anti microbial finishes including colour fastness Dyeing that hosiery and also socks Scouring and also softening fixing stability troubles Quality examinations Garment mediate Sewing to work Pressing and also packaging

Spectrum certain (OUT that BUSINESS)

Spectrum for sure is a professional clothing dyeing service specializing in clothing made native cotton, linen, rayon and also blends of these fibers. Spetrum Firm has actually been dyeing garments for over 30 years. They dye shirts, pants, skirts, costumes, slipcovers, upholstery, suits, towels, work and school uniforms, and curtains. Their solutions are minimal to dyeing organic fibers such together wool, silk, hemp, tencel, linen, rayon and also cotton. It"s crucial to note that castle do have limitations; they cannot dye polyester, nylon, acrylic or acetate.

FAQ: deserve to you dye blue jeans darker?

Jeans can be dyed darker. Any type of colour jeans deserve to be dyed black.

Jening Dyers

4/2A Burrows Rd, St Peters NSW 2044, Australia

Jening Dyers specializes in garment dyeing any type of garments including jeans, shirts and also jackets. Jening"s use the ideal technologies and also dyestuffs available. They room able to provide a perfect colour match for textile accessories, fabrics, elastics, laces, webbing tapes and garments to fulfill our client specifications and also requirements.

every textile equipment Lace Trim Elastics Tapes Webbing tapes fabrics Lace fabrics

Jening Dyers has actually been servicing the fashion sector for end 18 years. Their considerable knowledge, an excellent customer service, wonderful quality and competitive prices, they room a dyeing agency you can rely on.

Perfect colour match Specialised machinery Zero extra charges for priority orders Competitive pricing quick turnaround time

Jening Dyers are experts in dyeing nylon, cotton, silk, polyester, viscose, rayon and composite materials.

All American to wash Co.: 2932 E 11th St, Los Angeles, CA 90023
A & M quality Dye House: 2857 E Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023 Boyle Heights
Almore Dye House, Inc.: 6846 Tujunga Ave, north Hollywood, CA 91605
American cloth Processors, LLC.: 555 E 31st St, Paterson, NJ 07513

Garment and also fabric dyeing.

SUPERTEX LIBERTY markets INC.: 312 West Luther avenue Liberty NC
SWAN DYEING: 372 Stevens Street loss River MA
Dye-namix Inc.: 359 Broadway, new York, NY 10013
ALVARADO DYE & knit MILL: 30542 Union City Boulevard Union City
Kimtex Inc.: 152 W 36th St #302, new York, NY 10018

Sample garment and fabric dyeing.

Not simply Lace: 38-66 10th St, lengthy Island City, NY 11101
Pro-Wash, Inc.: 9117 South main Street Los Angeles, CA 90003

Specialty dyeing and also washing.

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Red Fish Blue Fish Dye functions Inc.: 145 environment-friendly St #2, Somersworth, NH 03878
SUNDOG PRODUCTIONS: 3850 Jermantown roadway Fairfax VA
ROYAL BLUE INTERNATIONAL: 9025 Wilshire Boulevard #301 Beverly Hills

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