Perhaps no single person in the human being is more talked about these days than the 6ix God himself Drake. Today, us see simply how much Drake"s influence can reach with the premiere of local act Chason"s brand-new single, "Drake Wouldn"t treat Me prefer This". Produced by constant collaborator and close friend, drew Mantia,the recent track is turn off Chason"s upcoming Recollections project.Here, we discover the 21-year-old crossover plot mulling the intricacies that expectations because of pop culture and Drake"s interaction with those results. Having worked his method through the ranks at these Days indigenous a ring up post to critical week"s single Slideshow native neonpajamas, Chason continues to grab our attention simply ahead the the debut the his full-length. We caught up through Chason to chop the up around the tune itself and also to watch what"s top top the horizon. Catch that below and also make certain to provide "Drake Wouldn"t treat Me prefer This" a spin above.

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Take us through the ide of the track.

The concept behind the tune started 30 minutes prior to my studio session with drew .I was looking in ~ memes as soon as I observed the one of Drake feather sad through the caption, "Drake wouldn"t treat me choose this." As soon as I observed it,I knew the was the hook best there. So i sang my hook idea to Drew, we constructed the bea,t and also I made decision to try and convey a story about the aggravation of a relationship and also the reality that I"m a brand-new artist, and also people room going to try to to compare me to someone, therefore I assumed I would just assist them out a little.

How is her music influenced by Drake?

I in reality own only one Drake album, Take Care.He is among the plenty of artists that has inspired me, yet Drake is known for his feelings and I got that. As soon as it involves being a crossover artist, I"m additionally like Drake where I shot to take it on different sounds and make it mine own, yet I carry out my ideal to salary homage come those who inspire me prefer Kanye, Andre 3000, Lido, and also Childish Gambino.

What perform you think sets your sound apart?

When make music, I shot my finest to continue to be away from samples and also rely on my very own musicianship when it involves producing tracks. It"s why drew Mantia and I click. We both go to school for music and also took the moment to discover the theory prior to finding love in the studio. Any kind of kid with a laptop have the right to put together a beat, yet I"m do the efforts to craft something that will someday be timeless.

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What can we expect moving on from here?

Drew Mantia and also I have put a lot of work right into my debut project #RECOLLECTIONS the I"m excited come share. Features from Angelenah, KAMI, Professor Fox and JAROFMYand SEER of beach Jesus. Peter Campbell and I got a big surprise for everyone coming soon. Fire remixes. RECOLLECTIONSLIVE comes soon.