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Most civilization will certainly never before need to concern about body armor, but tbelow are few things even more necessary to those that execute. Having reliable security deserve to literally be the distinction in between life and also fatality. This makes trusted armor of the utmany prominence, and also tright here was a time as soon as many kind of supposed Dragon Skin body armor to be the armor of the future.Dragon Skin body armor, officially Pinnacle Armor’s SOV 3000, is a functional body armor that was marketed at a premium, costing roughly $5000 for a complete collection. Due to problems via military testing and also certification, it is presently only accessible from virtual retailers or individual sellers. When Dragon Skin body armor first showed up, it promised remarkable protection and unrivaled flexibility. It promised development and also a brand-new path for body armor, yet the question is, did it deliver?

Dragon Skin LVL III Body Armor Pinnacle (Source).

The Cost of Dragon Skin Body Armor

Let us begin by taking a look at the price. At roughly $5000 for a complete collection, the Dragon Skin body armor is priced far over its competitors. In reality, at the moment of its inception and fame in the mid-2000s, it price upwards of 5 times even more than the body armor issued to the troops in the armed pressures. For instance, this level IV plate is thought about among the best alternatives on the sector best currently and also it comes in under $500.Why the greater price tag? Well, the straightforward answer is that it was intended to provide a exceptional rise in several locations compared to the competitors. Mainly, it boasted enhanced versatility and defense versus multiple rounds. This suggests much better activity and also higher protective capabilities, somepoint many would be willing to pay for.

Under normal situations, also at such a high price point, tbelow would certainly be no way for such impressive body armor to fail on the open market. Only, it did. Not just did Dragon Skin body armor fail, not controlling to pass military testing as a result of being uncovered unreliable, however the agency that made it, Pinnacle Armor, went under.

Wright here to Buy Dragon Skin Body Armor?

Due to the fact that of the faiattract of Dragon Skin body armor and also Pinnacle Armor as a whole, the armor was rerelocated from the National Institute of Justice’s list of certified bullet-resistant body armor. This means that any type of reputable seller cannot industry this body armor as dependable, which has actually limited the sector severely. Regardless of the security pertains to and lack of certification, tbelow are means to buy a set. If you look hard sufficient, you deserve to discover a retailer digital or an individual seller. For instance, tright here are sets of the armor on eBay, and a group referred to as Mockingbird Precision has actually a couple of sets they say have actually been re-manufactured to deal with the problems the armor had.If you do decide to purchase Dragon Skin body armor, be certain that you recognize what you are gaining. If you buy an older set, pay particular attention to the experimentation that this article will certainly go through later on to understand also the difficulties via the armor. Also, take note that among the difficulties the DoJ had through the armor was the warranty on the adhesive used, and it has been about 13 years considering that Pinnacle Armor made the last set of Dragon Skin body armor. Lastly, prior to you buy, ask yourself why tbelow has actually not been a solitary piece of armor of this design on the market. Should you buy it?

Understanding Dragon Skin Body Armor

The concept of Dragon Skin body armor is one of the reasons it reached such unprecedented hype. Unlike standard body armor, which counts on larger plates, Dragon Skin body armor makes use of overlapping two-inch circular discs made of silsymbol carbide ceramic. The presumed benefits of such a style are that it:Provides exceptional versatility, allowing for a greater selection of motionIs proficient at absorbing ballistic influence, reducing blunt pressure traumaIs able to stand also as much as a high variety of hits compared to traditional armorIt is simple to view why body armor with such features would certainly be attrenergetic, specifically to those in the armed forces or law enforcement. After all, mobility is necessary in various instances, from moving throughout combat to pushing back dvery own from a structure or helicopter. In addition, being able to rely on your armor to take multiple shots indicates a lot.But what around the various other specs of the armor? After all, tright here are other components as soon as considering body armor, which includes the weight of the armor, just how a lot coverage it provides the wearer, and other dimensions that deserve to have actually a major influence on its performance in real-life cases.
3D version of Dragon Body Armor (Source).

The Specs

Ballistic Protection: The SOV 3000, Dragon Skin’s Level IV body armor, clintends to provide security against a number of rifle rounds. This consists of protecting versus tools choose an AK-47 and also deffinishing the wearer from armor-piercing rounds. The armor also exceeds the requirements for fragmentation on paper.Flexibility: Pinnacle Armor declared that the armor “relocated as soon as you relocated.” Due to the scale-choose style, the armor can wrap about the torso, allowing for far much better range of movement and also, as they put it, wearing soft body armor despite the premium defense.Size and also Weight: Compared to the standard 10” X 12” tactical plates, it is supposed to carry out about a minimum of 40% more coverage. However before, the armor additionally has actually a higher thickness and also substantial weight boost, up to 47.5 pounds and also 1.9 inches thick.The a lot of necessary aspect of all body armor is defense. While being able to relocate components into that, Dragon Skin body armor claims better versatility on top of its superior ballistic security specs, making it the right body armor, at leastern in concept.

The Reality of Dragon Skin Body Armor

The concept of Dragon Skin body armor was somepoint brand-new, and it provided an interesting take on the timeless plates. Mimicking scales, the principle wregarding overlap them to carry out higher security while enhancing versatility and also motion. However, these innovative functions all seemed to end up being significant problems for the armor. Unlike conventional armor plates that remajor the very same throughout, the overlapping architecture has major points of weakness. The armor functions by overlapping the edges of each individual ceramic disc. However, even though that gives greater security at the points of intersection, it leaves the center of each disc by itself as a thin, single layer.Anvarious other significant defect of the armor is in the binding agent of the discs. An adhesive holds every one of the discs together. This is the core principle of the armor, via the discs needing a versatile adhesive to save them layered and also functional, maximizing security without sacrificing activity. This provides difficulties via the adhesive a substantial issue. Dragon Skin was intended to be the future of body armor modern technology, promising to outperform typical armor in eincredibly facet. However before, did it?

The Bulkiness of Dragon Skin Body Armor

While the specs of the armor look great on paper, there are fairly a couple of difficulties via them, such as the size. While Dragon Skin offers even more coverage than standard 10” X 12” plates, the fact is that the defense in the middle of the panel is still only 10” X 12”. While not a detriment in and also of itself, it does intend more weight for no factor. The thickness deserve to also be a problem, through 1.7 to 1.9 inches reducing some elements of mobility. Considering various other armor is somewright here about 1 inch or so, it provides a difference. In the exact same vein is the weight. At 47.5 pounds, the Dragon Skin body armor is well above its competitors, by even more than 15 pounds in some instances.Bulk and also weight is not something that is desirable for body armor, and the Dragon Skin armor was the bulkiest and also the heaviest. What does this mean for the armor?Coverage is just slightly better at bestFar thicker, interpretation decreased mobility in some areasMuch heavier, which deserve to be hurtful in a range of situationsMakes essential work prefer shouldering a rifle even more difficult and also forces the wearer to shoot in an uncomfortable position. Overall, the armor is even more cumbersome. However before, Dragon Skin’s primary objective was giving versatility and ballistic protection. While thickness and weight take amethod from movement, the Dragon Skin body armor still bends, retaining versatility that plates cannot match. So, the important component becomes whether it can defend against bullets.

Dragon Skin Undergoes Military Testing

With Dragon Skin body armor promising such good points, the army was curious to see how it performed. Because of this, in May of 2006, after selecting Dragon Skin as among the armors it wished to test for potential battlearea usage, it underwent a series of rigorous tests to recognize its performance under a range of problems.These tests were carried out at the H.P. White labs, the National Institute of Justice’s certified ballistics lab provided for testing body armor. During the tests, protocols supposed for Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts (ESAPI) and also Enhanced Side Ballistics Inserts (ESBI), the market typical for body armor, were used.The protocols for ESAPI and also ESBI state that they must pass a selection of tests, including:Expocertain to excessive temperaturesExposure to diesel fuel, oil, and also salt waterA 14-hour temperature cycle
Maritime Corps Tap and also Torque Tests for E-SAPI plates

Size and Weight Issues

Tright here are many type of situations where size and also weight will not mean a lot to someone needing body armor, yet the exact same cannot be sassist for those in the army. After all, soldiers need to run under a substantial number of conditions, which has moving over tough terrain or covering lengthy distances. In those problems, weight matters. As such, prior to experimentation its ballistic security, the army compared the various size aspects of the Dragon Skin body armor to the Interceptor body armor provided by the army. This is the exact same line of body armor still offered by the armed forces now.Differences between the Dragon Skin SOV 3000 and also the Interceptor body armor:Weight: 47.5 pounds versus Interceptor’s 28 poundsThickness: 1.7 to 1.9 inches versus Interceptor’s 1.3 or fewer inchesCoverage: 743 square inches versus Interceptor’s 720 square inchesThe distinctions verified staggering. The raised coverage is inconsiderable compared to the included weight and also thickness. That is the weight of a solitary piece of tools that will certainly be utilized alongside many kind of others, and also a distinction of practically 20 pounds can prove detrimental in many type of situations.

Ballistic Testing Protocol

Ballistic testing was percreated on the armor prior to through spectacular results by the manufacturer, independent testers, and also even NBC. But the army’s requirements were various. In truth, the army’s trial and error criteria surpasses the NIJ, the organization responsible for certifying bullet-resistant armor. With the goal of determining whether body armor would certainly prove efficient and also reliable under the harshest conditions, the military designed a battery of tests. The conditions Dragon Skin body armor was tested against were:Ambient Temperature, low temperature (-60), and high temperature (+160)A cycle of temperatures, ranging from -25 degrees to +120 degrees FahrenheitExposure to salt water, motor oil, and diesel fuelImpact from a loss, essentially dropping the armorThe initially action was exposing the body armor to the conditions detailed above. Then, after a collection amount of time, they took the armor and also tested its ability to withstand projectiles. For each condition and also set of armor, they tested a complete of four spots, which were the front, earlier, best, and left side of the armor.

The Effects of Temperature and also Exposure

The Dragon Skin body armor proved indicators of trouble from the incredibly start. On the extremely first test including ambient temperature, the body armor was penetrated, through the front receiving complete penetration on the 2nd shot. While the various other shots fairesulted in permeate, the regulate condition currently saw one faiattract. Low-temperature testing verified satisfying results, with no penetrations, but that adjusted via high-temperature trial and error. The high-temperature tests ended through all sides being penetrated on the first shot. On the backend of things, the temperature cycle also proved problematic, through both the first and 2nd shots penetrating the earlier of the armor.While being exposed to water did not prove to be a difficulty, tbelow was penetration on the left side of the armor after it was dropped. The armor did not organize up for lengthy, but, through shocking outcomes occurring as soon as the body armor was exposed to motor oil and diesel fuel. After being exposed to motor oil, the performance of the armor took a far-reaching dive, through both the front and ago of the armor being completely penetrated by the second swarm. As for diesel fuel, the exposure brought about first swarm penetration on both the front and ideal side, and also second shot penetration at the earlier of the armor. The outcomes were clear.
X-ray of Dragon Skin Body Armor (Source).

Catastrophic Failure

The outcomes were abysmal. Out of 48 complete shots, 13 penetrated the body armor. This have the right to be viewed from the incredibly begin, through ambient temperature seeing a finish penetration. However, a single penetration can be attributed to somepoint else, to being unlucky even. After all, tright here is no totally bullet-proof solution. However, the flaws in the architecture verified themselves to be as well serious. With the overlapping plates being the core idea of the armor, their succeeding failures are alarming. Not only are there signs of penetration as a result of the thin centers of the discs, yet the adhesive holding whatever together was the first point to completely loss acomponent.It was under high warm that the adhesive truly fchanged, totally losing effectiveness. Due to the adhesives faiattract, the discs, no much longer correctly secured, shifted. Not just did they relocate out of position, but many type of dropped dvery own, accumulating in the lower portion of the armor. With so many kind of penetrations, the “revolutionary” Dragon Skin body armor badepend passed 4 of the eight categories forced for approval. Not only did this not meet the forced security criteria for soldiers, however it shown a dangerous relicapacity worry when challenged with ESAPI risk baselines.

A Lasting Impact

Dragon Skin body armor took the consumer industry by storm upon its release. It was touted as the future of armor, with a good variety of civilization experimentation and also reporting on the incredible brand-new product. It was even featured on NBC News, which offered it rave reviews after some exclusive experimentation. Tbelow were even reports of live combat performance, through one personal contractor saying just how the armor preserved him alive in a instance where no various other armor would have. The hype had civilization buying the armor, including those in the armed forces searching for a method to make themselves safer, despite the high price tag.However, after being put under army scrutiny, the armor faicaused supply. In large part, this have the right to be blamed on the level of experimentation. After all, under cold and ambient temperatures, the armor did relatively well, and many of those who tested the armor previously did not do so under miscellaneous problems. If not for the intense army testing, what would have happened? How many type of lives would have actually been lost because civilization intended it to safeguard them under any kind of circumstance? It was a wake-up speak to, one that have the right to be checked out also this day, through testing currently being more stringent than ever. After all, body armor needs to be safe, always.

The Fate of Pinnacle Armor

After the outcomes of the experimentation, many type of of Pinnacle Armor’s supporters disshowed up. They tried to fight the ruling, also attempting to sue, however they were dropped by the Department of Justice and also were never before successful in their attempts to reverse the tests they asserted to be fraudulent.As mentioned previously, Dragon Skin body armor is no much longer available from any type of reliable vendor. This is because it never before passed future experimentation. Without the armor being certified, Pinnacle Armor could not offer it, and also it did not take lengthy for the company to go under.Now, over a decade later on, both Pinnacle Armor and its Dragon Skin body armor seem to have disappeared, and also it is not just the brand also but the concept. The Interceptor body armor supplied by the armed forces stays the exact same, and it still supplies the same tried-and-true mechanism as before, utilizing intensified tiny arms protective inserts.


Small arms protective inserts and intensified tiny arms protective inserts are the body armor many human being are familiar through. They are plates that can be placed right into a vest and also serve as ballistic armor. They even come in various materials, consisting of silicon carbide ceramic, the very same product used by the Dragon Skin body armor.Some points to keep in mind around SAPI and ESAPI:SAPI plates are classified as Level III body armor and also are typically made from silsymbol carbide ceramic.ESAPI plates are classified as Level IV body armor and are commonly made from boron carbide ceramic.SAPI and also ESAPI can be believed of as plate kinds, with other cuts being accessible, such as shooters reduced and swimmers reduced.Regardless of the reduced, these plates are a tried and true method. Even after the disruption resulted in by the Dragon Skin and years of time for development afterward, they stand firm as the initially and most dependable choice for those looking for ballistic security.

Alterindigenous Body Armor

With the Dragon Skin body armor being such a disaster, tright here is little bit factor to buy it. In reality, for anyone considering the choice, I would certainly recommfinish versus it. Not just does it price an astronomical amount compared to similar armor, yet it gives subpar security and also relicapability, especially now that the adhesive has had over a decade to age. If you are looking for body armor, stick via choices making use of protective inserts. Not only are they proven, yet they occupational under a wide selection of conditions. One great choice if you are looking to purchase body armor is Spartan Armor Equipment.

What to Expect from ESAPI Plates?

The easiest way to describe the benefits of ESAPI plates is to compare them against what we have actually been talking around, the Dragon Skin body armor. To do this, we will certainly save in mind the specs of the disc-based armor while going over the specs of the ESAPI plates from Spartan Armor Solution. First, save in mind that armor comes in different levels, each through its own standard of defense. The SOV 3000 Dragon Skin body armor was designed to provide maximum security, so it was labeled as a Level IV body armor expected to safeguard against high caliber weapons and also armor-piercing rounds. In order to ensure an accurate comparichild, we will compare a comparable armor from Spartan Armor Systems, one making use of ceramic plates like the Dragon Skin body armor. The armor selected is likewise expected to take multiple hits to enhance the Dragon Skin’s claim to stand also up to multiple rounds.

The Spartan Armor Systems Level IV Plate

It is essential to understand that this plate is NIJ certified, which is somepoint you need to look for via any type of body armor you purchase. Here is what to mean from the armor plates:Ballistics Protection: After being tested by an NIJ certified lab, it was found that this plate could defeat between 5 and also 7 M2AP rounds. This indicates protection versus armor-piercing rounds, the greatest level of security. Moreover, each plate deserve to handle multiple hits without breaking.Size and Weight: Each plate provides 10” X 12” coverage and weighs around 7 pounds, via one being required in both the front and also the back. As for thickness, it comes in at around 1 inch. It is also a single-curve plate and is SAPI/ESAPI-cut.Reliability: The plate makes use of a patented tile selection, which mitigates the damages and also cracking upon affect. This indicates higher plate-integrity and also boosted relicapacity. It also comes through a water-resistant cover and is solid enough to keep functioning in the harshest of conditions.

The Obvious Choice

Looking at the specs, there is little even more to be said. When it involves ballistics defense, the bad performance of the Dragon Skin in harsh settings is already a killing blow. However, even putting that aside, the performance of the Spartan Armor Systems plates is even more than outstanding.Not just carry out the Spartan Armor Systems plates provide remarkable defense, but they execute so through much less weight and lessened size. It even boasts better relicapability, making it the obvious option when comparing the two. While it may still shed out in versatility, there is no contest between that and also protection.This does not simply hold true through Spartan Armor Systems, either. As a entirety, Dragon Skin body armor cannot compete through the trustworthy alternative that is insertable plates. Even if we were to toss aside performance as a whole, the longevity of solid plates over discs organized together by an undependable adhesive is a no brainer.


Dragon Skin body armor may seem favor an interesting concept, but it is untrustworthy. While you can uncover and also buy it over the internet, it quit being made for a reason, so doing so might expect gambling through your life. With body armor being so important for those who require it, and also with tbelow being excellent alternatives, there is no factor to take the threat.
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