Surpass even a God! Vegeta's desperate Blow!!神をも超えろ!ベジータ捨て身の一撃!!Kami wo mo koero! Bejīta sutemi no ichigeki!!

Script: Ayumu Hisao; Storyboard: Yoshitaka Yashima, Tadayoshi Yamamuro; Director: Takao Iwai; Animation Supervisors: Tsutomu Ono, Yasuhiro NamatameSource: Animage

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The reason Vegeta made it through his last Explosion is no different then once others use a similar attack. They only use your energy. Majin Vegeta, what the did was he provided not simply his energy yet he also converted his life force into more energy.

That's the whole reason why SSB Vegeta survive. Due to the fact that he only supplied up his energy and didn't usage his life force.

As shortly as Geetz began talking about family and also I saw that large ball of energy I accurate gasped. Piccolo confirmed it lol fucking love this episode

about Frieza....

Goku advises Vegeta the if he dies while already being dead, his spirit will be fully erased.

Freeza is the only dead human being at the tournament, so make of the what you will.

Anyone notice vegeta's focused Blue power punch that press through Toppo's Hakkai? perhaps Vegito will usage UI to evade and over trick to strike if combination really happens?

Jiren's kind of one idiot, right? Why did the wait till there to be 4 minute left to take it this seriously? the moment limit has just felt like fabricated drama ever because Jiren satellite on his ass and also started meditating.

Jiren doesn't understand that Goku and also U7 space the main characters. Provided the power gap between Goku and Jiren in illustration 109, Jiren thinking that that can eliminate everyone at any time he desires it is not really idiotic. If Jiren goes full power, he shouldn't need more than 1 minute in-universe to remove all 4 of them, yet of course U7 won't shed just because they space the key characters. Lock shouldn't have made Jiren this strong, it won't it is in believable when he loses.

I wouldn't say he's an idiot. Uneven somehow Goku and also Vegeta fuse then ns think in Jiren's head at complete power he have the right to still manage the likes that 17, Frieza and probably in his head Vegeta with tiny to no effort in a few moments.

I'm not certain if this speak of Jiren being an extremely confident v his capability or just over confidence. I have actually a feeling though we'll more than likely see why in the next episode.

He didn't understand shit about saiyans and also their ability to improve massively during battle. He overstimated the ability of Toppo and Dyspo tho, and saw Vegeta, Frieza, Gohan and also 17 as unworthy, so yes he's a little bit of an you are fool (and one asshole too).

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Well, U7 simply keeps obtaining stronger and also stronger. He assumed he had actually seen everyone's complete power and also figured his team might handle it.