So what did you guys normally do for this chain? I usually help the Thibault but I'm kinda torn once it gets to the part about the DesRosier. On the one hand I wouldn't mind making a show of force and making DesRosier back off, but that doesn't seem like it helps the Thibault or Richelieu in the long run. Could just back off and let them kill each other, as Leliana says, stick to the original plan of fracturing the nobles alliances and leaving them as an eliminated threat to the Inquisition interests in Orlais. But I like to think my Fem Trevelyan mage is enjoying playing The Game and may feel invested in seeing this through, so again torn between forcing Celeste to marry into the DesRosier or forcing the other family to back off through a show of force.

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Try as I might, I can't make myself care about this one in the slightest. Just more bullshit Orlais drama that I wish Josephine would just deal with on her own.

Since she WON'T, though, I just pick Cullen in siding with the desRosiers, since he probably cares about as much as I do, and since 60 influence > Vivienne Amulet. After that depends on my mood; I'll either get Jecin and Celeste married properly (letting Josephine take over everything), have them escape with Inquisition troops and elope (the Josephine/Cullen teamwork route), or have them get killed (Cullen all the way). Matchmaker never gets her way, though, I just don't caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare.

Running an Inquisitor who gets Cullen to do everything because he just doesn't care and is sick of all the politics sounds fun. That's my next playthrough sorted.

I'll be honest, I just continually choose the same person for war table missions. They almost never matter, except for the few puzzle missions to get specific items, which aren't usually that good. So, diplomatic Quizzy, all Josephine, sneaky Quizzy, all Leliana, blunt/power hungry Quizzy, all Cullen.

Ehh, I usually like to immerse myself and RP a bit when I play these games so I like to think of how whichever Inquisitor I'm playing would respond to whichever situation they're handling.

If I'm playing a normal character, I go with whatever options result in a wedding in VR that my IQ can speak at.

If I'm playing a Jerquisitor, I go with the option that leads to the Leandre and Thibault scions ending up dead.

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I mean part of me wants to say my mage would want to see Thibault come out on top or at least profit greatly from this after all she's done for them. On top of that she'd probably want more stability not more infighting after she just got finished sorting out the royal feud. She had just reconciled Celene and Briala, saw Gaspard executed and made quite the show of Duchess Florianne being arrested in front of the ball. Though she did keep Florianne around (well did being past tense, after the war table mission, went with Leliana's option, I think its safe to assume the Duchess is either dead or captured by the Venatori for the betrayal of their agents and failing again to hurt the Inquisition) as a way to make Celene think twice of turning on the Inquisition or something close to that thought.