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So while the median folks of today only intend to listen a song favor this in ~ Shoppers medicine Mart on a Thursday, my partner and I reap incorporating wholesome 1950s music into our daily lives – while we’re cooking, cleaning and subverting classic gender duties – you know how it is with modern-day coupledom.

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The only problem is, this songs room actually really no that wholesome. And also a the majority of time incorporate a totality lot of traditional gender standards (which do not do it be a thing), subtle sexist commentary, or straight-up overt “WTF” themes.

Most human being reading this blog space probably familiar with some of the myths and harmful messaging the YWCA and other feminist organization tackle:

Boys will be boys. (What go that even mean? and how can I get in on the excuse?)Girls have to be “good.” (Ew. It is not how I racked up every those detentions in school.)Women are home owned by a male (parent/sibling/husband). (I’m hoping most people have got this one the end of their equipment come 2018)

We understand these messages room damaging, not just to the feminist movement however truly, in day-to-day life. Castle normalise rape culture. They uphold the gender binary. Lock keep people in boxes dictated by the society and social norms of the existing day and also the past. “Let’s put a halt on progress and also equality!” they cry.

So that was much to mine chagrin come hear this sort-of love track on one of our favourite 8tracks playlists. In spite of the conditioning and acceptance of many other songs with similar messages, none managed to for this reason bluntly threaten today’s motion as this one through Doris job (sorry, Doris!):

“Guy Is A Guy”

I walked under the street favor a good girl should He complied with me under the street prefer I knew the would due to the fact that a male is a man wherever he may be therefore listen and also I’ll tell girlfriend what this fella did to me

ns walked to my home like a an excellent girl should He adhered to me to my home like i knew that would due to the fact that a male is a man wherever he may be So listen while i tell you what this fella did to me

I never saw the boy before for this reason nothin’ could be sillier at closer selection his face was strange but his manner was familiar

So i walked increase the stairs favor a good girl should He complied with me increase the stairs choose I knew he would because a man is a man wherever he may be therefore listen and I’ll tell you what this fella did to me

ns stepped to mine door favor a great girl should He stopped at my door favor I knew the would due to the fact that a male is a male wherever he may be So hear while ns tell friend what this fella did come me that asked me because that a good-night kiss ns said, “It’s still an excellent day” i would have told him more except His lips gained in the way

So i talked to mine ma prefer a great girl should and Ma speak to Pa prefer I knew she would and also they every agreed top top a married life because that me The man is my male wherever he might be

So i walked down the isle favor a an excellent girl should He adhered to me down the aisle like I knew he would since a man is a guy wherever he may be and now you’ve heard the story the what someone did come me

and also that’s what that did come me

After analysis the text (or listening to the song), it may come as no surprise that Doris job was much more known as an animal Welfare Activist 보다 a Women’s legal rights one. Ns make no digs in ~ Ms. Day, as she was a pretty mainly lady for she time. However it’s clean to see how this “good girl” was completely wrapped up and embraced by the patriarchal pressures that still exist today (just not this overtly).

I’m not saying i don’t still hear to ours 1950s playlists or gain this song stuck in mine head. And I’m certainly not do the efforts to corruption – in the words of Youtuber Gema Ibarra – “a song reflecting a beautiful innocent romance between a young man and also woman.” over there is certainly enough warring in the comment section – some discussing the unreasonable stalking/uninvited stranger kiss/overall normalisation of rape culture, while others suggest out and shot and conserve the wholesome and also innocent virtue that the white, straight, cis-gendered romances the the 1950s. I might put mine English level to use and also go on and on about how things occur TO the heroine that the song and also that she appears to be lacking any company of she own. However I’ll conserve the over-analyzing because that those interested in analysis the comment sections. I’m method too tired for that.

Today in some ways, the sexism – with media like music – is less in your confront (in other means it’s not). It have the right to be harder to transaction with, confront and change when that is hidden. However, ns am therefore glad the the #1 hit this particular day doesn’t usage the line, “Like a an excellent girl should” together it walk in 1952.

(Or walk it? ns actually quit listening come the radio a when ago… most of the moment I think I’m simply *hoping* we’re not relocating backward. Store me posted, would certainly you?)

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