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Created the end of the academic exchange covenant with the Illinois State university in USA in 1997, DIMA has established active scholastic relationships through 10 colleges from 5 countries. Through the agreements with prominent colleges in the field of more

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I learned just how to be independent, how to create great relationships with human being who you do not have actually much in common with, exactly how to adopt different cultures, and how to evaluate all the experiences us were given. That was certainly worthwhile.A student- Illinois State University
People adjust you. It to be worthwhile. I carry out wish I can go ago to Anseong someday.A student- Illinois State University

I feel my time was too short. Ns will return to South Korea come reunite with the connections I have made there. My internship experience opened up my eyes to countless opportunities and also I setup to pursue them! southern Korea is a country that is progressing with good stride and also I want to it is in a component of it. Ns am a non-traditional student who is...One semester R- Illinois State University
I learned a lot around Korean culture, and also fell in LOVE through it! being in Korea do me really desire to live abroad in the future, and I involved love mine COM significant even more! therefore experience, I desire to go ago to teach English after college, and also maybe even live there lengthy term.Jaymee T- Illinois State University
I learned more about how to live on my own and what it might be like to live in a large city (I didn't live in a big city when abroad but some of the experiences space similiar to those that you can experience in one). And, yes, I would say it to be worth while.A student- Illinois State University
It really helps to view that over there are various other worlds and cultures the end there very different indigenous ours. It also gave me the a little bit of the travel bug...and I know want come see and experience every little thing the people has to offer. The totality program changed me because that the better!Erica T- Illinois State University

Absolutely! I have learned come be grateful for what i have, that I should take mine education really seriously, and also not to be afraid of what is out there in the world. Take it chances!Jacob W- Illinois State University

Created out of the scholastic exchange commitment with the Illinois State university in USA in 1997, DIMA has established active academic relationships with 10 institutions from 5 countries. With the agreements with influential colleges in the field of broadcasting and arts, we run transfer and exchange system from which countless selected students benefit each year, and role as a to meet for scholastic and broadcasting modern technology exchange amongst faculties.Korean culture has to be made that over 5 thousand years and also has that is own solid originality. The identification of Korean culture is native the sociocultural characteristics of oriental people, and also Confucianism and Buddhism. Also, 3 sides the the nation are surrounding by the ocean dubbed the Yellow Sea, the eastern Sea, the south Sea, 2/3 the the whole country is mountain areas, i m sorry makes plains surrounded by hills are provided as farm yard lands. The weather problems of distinctive four seasons the the country enable agriculture and farming for hundreds of years. The main meals in this days space still mainly grains and also vegetables by farming. After ~ the fast indulge of west Culture, however, Korea has been so industrialized and urbanized. Now human being can discover two extremes; occurred cities and also traditional farm lands.

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Program Type(s):Study AbroadProgram Length(s):FallSpringAcademic YearRelevant research Subject(s):Visual and also Performing ArtsWebsiteTake me there!