A couple of months ago I found an incredible country song! ns love country music; ever due to the fact that I was a little girl it has been among my favourite kinds the music. Ns don’t come across too many civilization who love it prefer I do! In fact, most world I come in call with one of two people on or offline who mention country music, have a solid distaste for it. But, country will constantly have mine heart!

Country music is recognized by many for gift depressing, sad, full of tragedy like alcoholism, spurned/broken love, and also all type of various other heartbreak. But there are also many, numerous uplifting, beautiful, happy, hopeful nation songs through breathtakingly beautiful messages choose this one I found not therefore long earlier called “The Chain of Love” through Clay Walker. It’s a love song. Yet not a romantic love song. It’s about loving human being in general and also helping strangers every opportunity we get, asking for naught in return except that the human being we help then walk on to help another in need.”She said exactly how much do I owe youHere’s what he had to say:‘You don’t fan me a thing, I’ve to be there tooSomeone once assisted me out,Just the means I’m helping youIf friend really desire to salary me back,Here’s what girlfriend doDon’t permit the chain of love finish with you"” 

The song offers me cold storage every single occasion that i listen come it! The message is simply incredible. Once I very first listened come it and also heard the end, ns gasped the end loud! Lol! ;-D


You might not like nation music however there’s no doubt you’ll love the beloved message! Read the text here:http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/claywalker/thechainoflove.htmlI go not check out the lyrics before listening come the tune on you tube and also I chosen it much better that way.

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I read the title and also decided to look it up and also listen to it. You simply can’t go wrong through a song that has “Love” in the title!