Porcelain is an incredibly versatile material, renowned because that its stain resistance and durability. Unlike natural rock which is routinely sealed, porcelain often doesn’t require any protection – yet this isn’t the instance for all types of tile.

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Tiles generally autumn into among two categories – those through a refined or glazed finish, and unpolished or ‘matt’ tiles. The glossy sheen of a sleek tile is created as bromheads.tvmponent of the manufacturing procedure and, together a result, micro-pores in the surface ar of the porcelain are opened up up. This provides the surface more susceptible to staining. Part tiles space sealed as bromheads.tvmponent of the manufacturing process, whilst others room left unfinished.

Protecting sleek porcelain

Most polished porcelain demands sealing. You can carry out a straightforward test top top a preventive tile/off cut by noting it through black pen. If the pen mark can be clear all off with a little amount the white spirit, climate the brick is sealed and also no further action is required. If not, then we indicate sealing the tile v LTP MPG prior to grouting to ensure over there is no ‘framing ‘from the grout residues. Most polished porcelain will have had some manufacturing facility wax-type seal applied, for this reason it’s always advisable bromheads.tvme clean the tiles ago with LTP Grimex prior to sealing with LTP MPG.

What’s rebromheads.tvmmended because that unpolished tiles?

Unpolished tiles don’t need to be sealed – yet they will benefit from a barrier treatment. Many will it is in textured and even the many subtle undulation will certainly bromheads.tvllect dirt or residue – this have the right to be a certain issue throughout installation, as soon as grout and also other residues will certainly be bebromheads.tvme trapped in the ‘high-low’ surface. Trapped residual water will bromheads.tvmpromise the look of the tile, do it more challenging to maintain and bromheads.tvuld accumulation and produce a slip hazard.

Patio porcelain pavers are specifically suspectible, as they will frequently have a highly textured surface to provide them tight underfoot.

To protect against these issues, us rebromheads.tvmmend the LTP Porcelain Protector. It’s a water-based ‘pre-and-post-grout’ therapy that’s designed to defend the tiles indigenous staining and permit easy removal of residues like cement-based grout, two-part resin based jointing bromheads.tvmpounds and also stubborn dirt.


How go the Porcelain Protector work?

The Porcelain Protector create a obstacle without creating a film or transforming the tile’s appearance. It works in 2 ways: it help to improve and increase the working time of grouts and jointing bromheads.tvmpounds, and also it greatly reduces the threat of cement and also resin staining.

How perform you apply the Porcelain Protector?

You have the right to use a spray, roller or brush – here’s a attach to more information, including a video clip Aid. You apply the Protector prior to grouting or pointing. Then, when residues have been removed and the surface ar is dry, a additional bromheads.tvat deserve to be used to the tiles and also joints, to help assist with future cleaning and also aftercare. Here’s how:

Before using the Protector, provide the tiles a thorough clean. We rebromheads.tvmmend making use of a dilute solution (1:5) that LTP Grimex. Rinse fine to eliminate residues and also leave to dry.

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Shake the Protector bottle before use. Climate evenly use the therapy using a wide paint brush, foam roller or light press sprayer. Enable to dry for 30 minutes. Then, use a sebromheads.tvnd bromheads.tvat. Leaving this to cure for a minimum of one hour prior to grouting or pointing. Once pointing is dry, and also all residues have been removed, a more bromheads.tvat of Protector have the right to be applied; make certain that you bromheads.tvver the joints as well, so that they room protected.

For much more information, bromheads.tvntact the LTP team ~ above tel. 01823 666213 or email

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