Lipomas room slow cultivation fatty masses that space usually bright (not cancer) and grow bigger over time. Rarely, they have the right to be malignant (cancer) in the kind of a liposarcoma. Lipomas might feel soft, smooth, and also move v pressure. Castle can come to be painful together they grow and also push on bordering tissues and become deforming. Lipomas can prosper on all parts of the body and sometimes a patient might have more than one.

When it concerns lipoma removal Boston plastic operated doctor Dr. Taylor and Dr. Sullivan room board certified and also can gently and also safely eliminate lipomas through the objectives of to reduce or removed symptoms, restoring typical contour or appearance, and establishing a diagnosis. Removal may be spanned by your health insurance setup if medically indicated. Part patients might want lipomas removed for cosmetic reasons and do not should use wellness insurance. The procedure is usually performed with just local anesthesia - the area is gently and also carefully numbed with medicine and the patience feels no pain. Ours Boston lipoma removal patients with larger lesions may benefit from sedation or anesthesia at the time of lesion removal.

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The lipoma have the right to then be eliminated through the smallest possible incision placed in a pucker or folds to minimization or hide the scar. For lesions on the scalp, unlike many other doctors, Dr. Taylor and also Dr. Sullivan do NOT shave or eliminate hair. Removal is typically straightforward. The little wound deserve to then be meticulously closed v stitches that room buried and also dissolving, therefore stitch removed is not required. Lipoma removal patients recover quickly with small to no uncomfortable or interruption in your usual tasks or work. The work of the procedure should be be sure “like a day at the spa”.



This massive neck mass was a lipoma eliminated by Dr. Taylor and Dr. Sullivan. Lipomas room usually removed once they space small. Without removal, they can prosper quite huge and surround or attack surrounding crucial structures. This lipoma in the neck extended for much more than 20 cm and also wrapped roughly sensitive nerves, blood vessels and also muscles, which forced careful and also meticulous removal in the operating room with general anesthesia. As soon as small lipomas space removed, that is generally performed under local anesthesia.

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tenderness removal Smallest feasible scar Restores contour offers a diagnosis




30-60 minutes


Local Anesthesia







Lipoma Removal post Operative Instructions

usage medication together directed. Many commonly, pain control will be from the local anesthetic, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen. You might experience some mild soreness as the regional anesthetic put on off. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Sullivan will certainly make the smallest incision possible to remove your lipoma. Many wounds will be closed with absorbable sutures and also Dermabond (skin glue). The skin glue develops a barrier to water. End the skin glue you may have Steri-Strips (white or tan tape). Please carry out not eliminate the Steri-strips. Leaving them in ar until they fall off on your own. They may stay because that a couple of weeks. Uneven otherwise instructed, you might shower the work of the lipoma removal. Please avoid bathing or soaking the wound in water. Observe the wound for indicators of infection such together redness pus or fevers. Please call your operated doctor if signs of infection room noted. Please speak to the Dr. Taylor or Dr. Sullivan if girlfriend have any questions or concerns. Elevate the surgical site once possible. Because that facial surgery, take into consideration sleeping v extra pillows. Key will assist decrease discomfort and minimize swelling. The is vital to be checked out by Dr. Taylor or Dr. Sullivan after your operation. Contact to schedule her appointments in ~ Taylor & Sullivan Plastic surgical treatment office at (617) 492-0620 in between the hrs of 8:30 – 5:00 or visit ours webpage in ~

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