Your hair shade may look at gorgeous initially, yet it starts to fade slowly and appear brassy. This is wherein a hair toner come in handy. A hair toner helps neutralize unappealing yellow and orange tones and also prevents discoloration top top bleached and also colored hair. Apart from refreshing your hair color, toners type a protective barrier roughly your hair and balance its porosity.

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However, a common question that may arise is, perform you apply toner come wet or dry hair? check out this write-up to know everything you need to be conscious of prior to embarking on her journey v a hair toner. Scroll down for an ext information.

Your hair needs to be a tiny damp or bath towel dried while using a toner. To be precise, you should constantly use a hair toner as soon as your hair is 70% dry.

You will certainly achieve better results if you placed toner on wet hair and also not dripping wet or completely dry hair. Damp hair is much more porous, which helps distribute the toner efficiently and enables it to work-related effectively.

What wake up If I apply Toner ~ above Wet Hair?

Wet hair might dilute the toner and impact the longevity that the toner and also its color. There is a an excellent reason why that is recommended to usage toner always on towel-dried hair. It all comes under to the color of your hair as soon as it is wet and also dry.

For example, if your hair is blonde, girlfriend may uncover it glowing yellow as soon as wet. On the other hand, the blonde might seem neutral or ashy as soon as your hair is dry. If you apply toner ~ above wet blonde hair, you might overcompensate because that the color, and the result may seem flat or ashy.

You should follow some steps to keep the result of toner on her locks. This is what you should know.

How lengthy Does A Hair Toner Last?

Typically, the results of a hair toner deserve to last between two to six weeks. However, it likewise depends on her hair form and hair condition. If her hair is colored or bleached, that may be able to hold the toner for a lesser period than virgin hair.

Here are some tips to aid you maintain your toner for a lengthy time.

Tips for Long-Lasting Toning Effects

Hair wash Routine

The longevity of your hair toner relies on how frequently you wash your hair. The less frequently you wash it, the longer the effects of the toner. The ideal regime is come wash your hair as soon as a main after utilizing a toner.


Do not usage shampoos ideal after applying toner to her hair. It can nullify the results of the toner before it has effectively penetrated your hair. That is encourage to wait because that at the very least 48-72 hours prior to using a shampoo.

Rinsing your hair through cold water throughout this time will certainly do just fine. Also, avoid warm water together it might wash away the toner pigments. Even after ~ the waiting period, usage only experienced purple shampoos to prevent the hair toner native fading away soon.

Note: carry out not leaving the violet shampoo in her hair for much more than three to five minutes. If you have to rinse her hair more than as soon as a week, shot a dry shampoo.

Summer Care

Exposure to straight sunlight can damages your fresh toned hair. ~ toning her hair, ensure come cover it with a cap or scarf when stepping out. Limit your time spent in swimming pools and also under straight sunlight at every costs.

Hair Styling

The constant use of warm tools to layout your hair deserve to weaken the effects of her toner. Stop subjecting your hair to styling techniques that call for high heat and also excessive strain. You can keep her hair nourished and also protected by applying argan, coconut, almond, and grapeseed oils.

To Conclude

It is imperative to tone her hair right after the an initial time round of hair coloring and also bleaching. This will remove any brassiness and also yellow undertones, making her colored hair watch shiny and smooth. You can likewise consult a expert to understand what kind of toner would certainly suit her hair color and type. Once you space sure, walk ahead with the toning process and store the points debated in this short article in mind.

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