Have you ever been called that once talking come people around something you’ve constantly wanted to do?

This story was influenced by a YouTube video clip I experienced from Casey Neistat. If you don’t understand Casey, he is one of the most notorious vloggers top top YouTube through over 9.5 million subscribers (at the time of this publishing).

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The name of the video clip is “Do What girlfriend Can’t” which you can watch listed below (CLICK the link below the image). I suggest watching the video very first before analysis the remainder of this (warning: video contains part explicit language).



Each time i watch that video, it puts a laugh on face and validates what I believe we need to all it is in doing (doing what we’re not “supposed” to do by going exterior the norms).

From the moment that we’re babies to the moment we with adulthood, us were told ‘no’ hundreds of times. It becomes ingrained in ours minds so as soon as we frequently think about doing things, we immediately assume the answer will certainly be “no” or “I can’t”.

The Rules

Like the video mentioned, we’re additionally told to save your head down, follow the rules, and do as you’re told.

Unfortunately, the rules we space given and also told to follow aren’t always the best because that us. Maybe back in the day, but times have actually changed.

These rule are frequently limiting come our creativity, inventiveness, and they suppress one’s dreams. We’re called to stay in ours lanes and also not rock the boat. Don’t perform anything external the norm.

It’s scary, you will do it be humiliated and judged for trying things. Play it safe and go because that security.

I get it, ours parents and friends don’t desire to watch us get hurt or disappointed by setup the bar as well high and also being discouraged for not achieving it.

Personally, ns was the one to placed my head down, never ever spoke up, stayed in my lane and took the course that so many of us space guided to perform from a young age.

And that course is to walk to school, acquire those goods grade therefore you can go come a great university, and then gain that “secure” job and also if you don’t prefer it, just be happy you even have a job.

Sounded like a good life plan. So ns went and hit all those check marks and when i was finished, I thought I had actually made it….wrong. I to be miserable.

I knew life wasn’t just about getting that cushy job and working to climb the that company ladder. If you love it, climate that’s awesome. However sadly, just a tiny percentage of civilization can speak they love their job.

But if you have actually bigger dreams and goals the you to be told “you can’t perform that”, then I imply you think about 5, 10, twenty years into her future and ask you yourself if you will do be okay with never ever taking a shot in ~ those dreams.

I nothing know exactly what my desires are yet I do have actually a pretty good idea. This new career course I’m top top is something I probably “shouldn’t” be working on provided that I have a safe and secure job with great benefits. Yet there’s an ext to life than just that.

The people is an altering at a fast pace and there are more opportunities currently than ever for the ‘little’ guy/girl to do a large splash. The net opens doors for human being to create and also build something that couldn’t have been done even just 15 years ago.

The opportunities will continue to grow in the future. Everything is proceeding so quickly roughly us. Just look at exactly how quickly an innovation has evolved.

Companies room being taken out left and also right that don’t adapt by new companies who room forward-thinking.

Now, this can be great or poor depending top top what sector you’re in but again, there space new opportunities obtainable for those who watch it and take benefit of it.

What around the rule of culture and ours culture?

As Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “Don’t break the laws however break the rules”.

He knows something about breaking the rules. He concerned the united state from Austria to be the most iconic bodybuilder of all time, became a millionaire in genuine estate, became the highest paid activity movie star, and also then took office together the branch of California.

That man knows just how to rest the rules. The amount the he’s to be able to attain in his lifetime coming from one more country is nothing short of inspiring.

A strong Mind

If you’re walk to go after what you “can’t”, be prepared to confront push-back, negativity, judgment, and criticism. Why? Because world are fear of what lock don’t recognize or understand.

I have no idea what will come my way from composing this post or indigenous anything I create moving forward. Yet I do know that I have actually a message to spread with the objective to assist others as I have been helped.

My goal is to open people’s minds to think bigger, create an ext and do more than what castle think they have to be doing. Since we’re all capable of more. Occasionally we just need a nudge or who to help us think it.

The factor I am right into self-improvement is because it gained me out of a dark place in life and it offered me the ship to start writing and also this brand-new journey.

My composing serves together a creative outlet because that me to learn, grow, and also inspire others to execute so together well.

I believe growing and also strengthening the mind will certainly serve anyone looking come do huge things in their life. The will give them the vessel to take action, the willpower to store pushing forward, and the perspective of gratitude transparent the journey.

We every follow part creator, influencer, or social icons to part extent. Realize the the reason they room where they space is due to the fact that they’re doing what lock “can’t”.

They’re break the rule of society which is among the significant draws that attracts us to them like a at sight magnet.

Why can’t that be you? that course, that’s just If you desire that type of exposure and also attention. If you don’ want that attention and also or responsibility, then continue to be where you at.

When you press boundaries, you’re walking to peak people’s fist — positively and also negatively. Through stepping out and complicated the norms, you’re opening yourself up to things that room out of your control.

You see, we’re so concentrated on our everyday grind and also we will to watching these creators and artists online, whether it’s top top YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. They serve as our escapism from the life we’re frequently not satisfied with and also we overlook to think the it’s even feasible for us.

I provided to think that being various was bad — I just wanted come be like everyone else. Yet as I flourished older and evolved, I taken on being different.

In fact, ns yearn come be various from the rest since I am my own distinctive personality v my very own dreams and aspirations. And also so room you.

Just because some human being don’t have desires or have given up on your doesn’t median you have actually to.

Be bold. Dream big. And do what friend can’t.

Sincere wishes for a great life,

Dan Lu

Call come Action

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