Do automobile seat bases expire? I gain this concern a lot from parents. That a known truth that car seats do expire. Manufacturers room pretty clear on that; lock even encompass the expiration days on the auto seat for you to see. However what around their bases?

Is the vehicle seat’s expiry day the exact same as the automobile seat base? What if you’re making use of a various model native the auto seat? No have to speculate. I did some research, made a few calls, and also visited some manufacturer’s websites. Whether you’re looking come buy a used automobile seat base or recently received a preloved one, let me assist you do an notified decision.

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Why carry out I need a automobile Seat Base and also How carry out I install It?Do Baby vehicle Seat Bases Expire?Do automobile Seat Bases from popular Brands, e.g. Graco, Diono, Chicco, Britax, safety and security 1st, Baby tendency Expire?Chicco KeyFit Infant automobile Seat Base

Why carry out I require a auto Seat Base and How perform I install It?

One point you should know around car chair bases is they’re extremely convenient. They do it much easier and faster because that you to secure your child’s car seat into your vehicle. If you have to regularly take your son with another car, such as your wife’s or grandpa’s and also you don’t want to buy another car chair to install in that vehicle, then buying a car seat basic is a cheaper option. Once a vehicle seat basic gets mounted in various cars, you deserve to just quickly move the auto seat from one automobile to the other.

You can either secure the base using your car’s seat belt or latch system. And also the auto seat basic becomes a irreversible fixture in your car. When you attach your vehicle seat top top the base, it’s instantly secured, too. Just click the car seat on and off the base as required and you’re done!

Have a look at this generic video clip on exactly how to affix a vehicle seat basic correctly.

But be sure to follow the instructions as proclaimed in your product manual.

As mentioned, auto seat bases can either be sold with a vehicle seat or to buy separately. It depends on the brand.

Do Baby vehicle Seat Bases Expire?

To answer your question, automobile seat bases execute expire. Lot like auto seats, they’re designed to satisfy the manufacturer’s trial and error limits. And over time, they have tendency to wear the end after years of use.

The overall quality i do not care compromised and the locking mechanism can fail to duty optimally. When this happens, the auto seat basic doesn’t grip and also secure the vehicle seat together it should. Needless come say, it is a substantial safety danger for your child.

But yes sir no need to guess once your auto seat base actually expires. The manufacturer usually says the expiry date. If girlfriend buy a automobile seat the comes v a base, the expiry day stated top top the auto seat applies to the base.

If you purchase the base separately, then it’s usually proclaimed on a sticker located at the bottom that the unit. Or, you have the right to simply contact the manufacturer for the expiry date. One of two people visit the manufacturer’s website, call or drop them an email. However, the bulk of automobile seat bases expire after seven years indigenous the day of manufacture.

But this doesn’t mean you must continue using the base because that as long as you’re in ~ the regulation expiry date. It may start showing indications of damages or failure long prior to the expiry date. It is why friend must check the unit top top a continual basis and also replace it when necessary especially when it no longer secures properly.

Do automobile Seat Bases from famous Brands, e.g. Graco, Diono, Chicco, Britax, safety and security 1st, Baby tendency Expire?

So what precisely are manufacturers saying around expiry days on their vehicle seats? i’ve taken the liberty to review a few common vehicle seat base brands and what the manufacturers space saying about their expiry dates.

Chicco KeyFit Infant automobile Seat Base


Both the auto seat and base expire after six year from the day of manufacture. The date of manufacture is also found under the car seat.

I’ll wrap increase the post with five prominent automobile seat basic brands and their respective expiry days from the day of manufacture. This details is sourced by the kid Passenger security Association that Canada who recommends you call the manufacturer directly if friend need more details.

BrandExpiry date Of automobile Seat base From day of Manufacture
Graco7-10 years
Chicco6 years
Britax6-9 years
Safety 1st6-10 years

Final Thoughts

Do vehicle seat bases expire? Yes. Like any kind of other product, the unit will ultimately wear the end after part time. Either that or much safer models are introduced thanks to technological advancements. This will certainly render the previous car seat basic models much less safe to use.

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It’s necessary to adhere come the manufacturer’s guidelines concerning whether the continued use the a specific car seat base is recommended. But also be proactive and also inspect the unit consistently for any type of damage. Replace it if did you do it been connected in an accident. And also be on the lookout for any recalls make on the product. Yes, education calls for you to be extra vigilant! her child’s life depends on it.

And if you’re on the go, go you recognize there are some associated baby travel items, that is strollers and baby carrier that can have expirations, too?