The department 2's recent trailer provides more information ~ above the impending world Tier 5, and a release date for the game's an initial raid.
Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment exit a new trailer proclaiming the start of The division 2"s first major post-game contents release, Tidal Basin. The trailer also announced the release date of the first raid, operation Dark Hours, ~ above April 25.

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The upgrade brings v it a number of highly suspect features. Chief amongst them is the very first major post-game mission, Tidal Basin. It"s the final Stronghold in the game and is expected to be the many difficult difficulty so far.

It acts as a gateway to the remainder of Tier 5, i m sorry is launching together the Tidal basin mission. The world Tier mechanism is a collection of expansive post-game contents featuring several of the finest equipment and most challenging challenges.

Previously, the contents suffered from a crippling glitch the prevented players from progressing through the Tier system, though the has due to the fact that been rectified.


World Tier 5 will present some new features, consisting of a equipment Score of 500 and also three new gear sets: True Patriot, continuous Directive, and also Hard Wired. These are only dropped by black Tusk enemies. It likewise gives football player the alternative to collection the game"s difficulty to Heroic, removing checkpoints but granting players an ext rewards together a trade-off.

Tidal basin is likewise implementing a compete multiplayer map and two new Exotic weapons, i beg your pardon are several of the most reliable and powerful weapons in the game.

The brand-new trailer also announced the release day for the game"s first raid, procedure Dark Hours, the name and also details that which were leaked previously in the week.

The trailer footage confirms several of those leaked details, including the necessity of one 8-person strong team and component of the setting as the D.C. Airport.

Finally, it teased a possible brand-new specialization: the light mini-gun. This attribute didn"t acquire any more information than simply a brief clip, though.

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World Tier 5 will stretch players to the borders of their skills, so those that might need some assist should head come our The division 2 travel guide pagein preparation for the update.