in spite of being a Viking assassin, girlfriend should recognize what the consequences are for either killing or sparing an opponent.

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Ever since the collection swerved into full-blown RPGs rather of pure stealth-action titles, Assassin"s Creed has been able come experiment much an ext in the kingdom of ceo battles. The 2 previous title dipped your toes into an ext traditional boss fight systems, and Valhalla picks up wherein the series left off by not only including much more boss encounters, but introducing player selection into them as well. And also we don"t simply mean selecting whether you desire to kill v your sword or axe, either. Rued, because that example, is an encounter that you need to decide whether or not to kill or spare after ~ battle. In spite of being a Viking assassin, friend should know what the after-effects are for each prior to deciding.

have to You Kill Or spare Rued in Assassin"s Creed Valhalla?

Rued is a somewhat early game ceo you"ll encounter during the mission A fury From The Sea. You will need to take him and also his wolf companion ~ above in battle, but after taking his wellness down and releasing Oswald, girlfriend are given the choice of finishing him off or sparing him. Oswald will certainly plead v you to spare him in bespeak to put him ~ above trial, yet Odin disagrees. In the end, the selection is yours.

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Killing Rued

If girlfriend disobey Oswald and also decide that Rued deserves to die, resulting in a swift swipe of her axe, Oswald will naturally be displeased v you and chew you out a little. Beyond that, however, the selection doesn"t affect anything going forward.

Siding through Oswald and permitting Rued to live, on the various other hand, does have aftermath that ripple into future quests. In spite of not being really happy about it himself, Rued is take away away lively for trial. He will certainly then display up in a future quest referred to as Wedding Horns during Oswald"s wedding ceremony, just prior to the bridal race. Rued will an obstacle Oswald ~ above the spot, which he accepts, despite you are offered another choice here.

Let Oswald Fight

If you decide to stand by and also let Oswald take it on Rued, he will certainly actually manage to victory the duel. The won"t death Rued, but will certainly banish that instead. The one an effect of note is the Finnr will not sign up with your crew.

Fight for Oswald

decision to fight as Oswald"s champion, and also you will must beat Rued once more. This time there"s no conserving him, and also Rued will be killed. The upside is that Fennr will certainly be impressed enough to pledge his allegiance come you and join your crew.

as a small side note – if you had killed Rued the first time girlfriend encountered him, Fennr will instantly be recruited simply as if you made decision to fight for Oswald in the Wedding Horns search choice. Fennr is through no method essential to have actually for the plot, however is a solid crew member and worth having around rather than not. In the end, aside from distinctions in dialogue, Fennr"s allegiance, and also this extra optional scene, there"s nothing crucial to worry around with these choices.

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