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I am attempting to find a expression or word tantamount to "shoulder angel/devil", but on a broader scale, that does not only refer come the idea the "good" versus "bad". The angel/devil concept is as soon as a character has actually an imaginary point of view on one shoulder and an imaginary adversary on the other, both informing the personality what come do.

A shoulder angel/devil is a plot device often supplied for comic or dramatic effect. Lock are supplied to depict the inner conflict of character.


One the the crucial elements in the novel Jane Eyre through Charlotte Bronte is passion versus restraint; together in this sentence:

Reason sit firm and also holds the reins...the passions might rage...but judgement chandelier still have actually the critical word (page. 282)

As such, passion and also restraint are personified, like a shoulder angel/devil, thus I am searching for a hatchet that deserve to be used to define this technique.

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The dualistic voices that command me. One asks me to do ill the various other good.

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This typical visual trope depicts the conscience:

An inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a overview to the correctly or wrongness of one’s behavior.

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If you space of a biblical framework of mind, you could co-opt the apostle Paul"s verbiage once he talks of "the spirit versus the flesh" and "the flesh matches the spirit," as in his letter come the Romans, thing 8.

You needn"t be "religious," however, come appreciative the timelessness the the two principles of "flesh" and also "spirit."

To this day, us talk about "the pleasures that the flesh," or "fleshly appetites," or "carnal delights" which many people, ns suppose, associate generally with sex-related libertinism and also promiscuity).

On the other hand, as soon as moderns talk about spiritual desires, castle are most likely referring either to traditional spiritual practices and perspectives or come the pleasures easily accessible via cogitation, the acquisition of knowledge, meditation, prayer, or via any variety of other methods which are more cerebral and also ideational 보다 fleshly and carnal.

One--but definitely not the only--school of believed in this regard is Manichaeism, i beg your pardon is comprised of the doctrines and practices that the dualistic religious system of Manes, a blending of Gnostic Christianity, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and other elements, particularly doctrines that a cosmic conflict between forces that light and darkness, the darkness and also evilness that matter, and also the necessity for . . .sexual . . . Asceticism.

The notion of self-mortification has actually been through us in both the East and also the West because that millennia. In ~ its heart, i suggest, is the belief that the physical body and also its appetites room bad and need to be stifled, conversely, the greater aspirations that the spirit and soul--the immaterial materials of human being life--aregood and also need to be nourished.