Actual flight time from man F Kennedy international Airport (JFK), brand-new York, United states to Minneapolis - St. Paul global Airport (MSP), Minneapolis, unified States.Distance between JFK & MSP is roughly 1660 kilometers.

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Flight time native JFK to MSP is 3 hrs 5 minutes

Sun country Airlines is one of the straight flight i beg your pardon takes 3 hours 5 minutes to travel from John F Kennedy worldwide Airport (JFK) to Minneapolis - St. Paul global Airport (MSP)

Direct flight time from brand-new York to Minneapolis by various airlinesJourneyDurationAirline
New York (JFK) ➝ Minneapolis (MSP)3 hrs 5 minutesSun country Airlines
New York (JFK) ➝ Minneapolis (MSP)3 hrs 18 minutesDelta waiting Lines
New York (JFK) ➝ Minneapolis (MSP)3 hrs 20 minutesDelta waiting Lines
New York (JFK) ➝ Minneapolis (MSP)3 hrs 28 minutesDelta air Lines
New York (JFK) ➝ Minneapolis (MSP)3 hours 30 minutesDelta waiting Lines

1 Stop trip Time native JFK come MSP Via Chicago O"hare international Airport

One stop flight time from new York to Minneapolis via Chicago, Il is 14 hours 57 minutes (operated by Delta wait Lines)

JFK come ORD3 hrs 2 mins ORDWaiting Time10 hrs 12 mins ORD come MSP1 hr 43 mins Total Duration:14 hrs 57 mins

1 Stop trip Time indigenous JFK come MSP Via Cincinnati/northern Kentucky Airport

One stop trip time from brand-new York come Minneapolis via Covington, KY is 22 hrs 30 minutes (operated through Delta air Lines)

JFK come CVG2 hrs 30 mins CVGWaiting Time17 hrs 55 mins CVG to MSP2 hrs 5 mins Total Duration:22 hrs 30 mins

Flight time from john F Kennedy worldwide Airport come airports near Minneapolis, unified States

Flight time by straight flights and one stop flights from john F Kennedy international Airport come airports near Minneapolis - St. Paul international Airport.

JourneyDestination AirportsDurationStops
JFK - DLHDuluth, Duluth worldwide Airport 4 hrs 48 mins1 prevent
JFK - HIBChisholm, Chisholm airplane 5 hrs 10 mins1 avoid
JFK - RSTRochester, Rochester worldwide Airport 7 hrs 58 mins1 stop

New York time is1 hourahead the Minneapolis

Current time in brand-new York, United says : Thu, 14 Oct, 2021,New York Timezone: EDT (-04:00)

02:50 am

Current time in Minneapolis, United states :, Thu, 14 Oct, 2021,Minneapolis Timezone: CDT (-05:00)

01:50 am

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JFK - MSP flight Duration • new York - Minneapolis flight Time

How lengthy is the flight from john F Kennedy international Airport to Minneapolis - St. Paul international Airport? What is the JFK - MSP flight duration? What is the paris time from new York come Minneapolis?

The airports map below shows the place of new York airport & Minneapolis airport and likewise the flight direction.

Find flight time from John F Kennedy global Airport or new York or any other airplane or city in United says to assorted other destinations about the world using this flight time calculator.