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AugustBest time come beat the crowds with an typical 61% autumn in price.

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DecemberMost renowned time come fly with an average 35% increase in price.
$150(avg. Price end the critical 2 weeks)
$128or less
$96or less

Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of ours users discovered flights ~ above this course for $96 or much less one-way and $128 or less round-trip.The cheapest trip from fort Lauderdale to new York LaGuardia airplane was uncovered 22 days prior to departure, top top average.Book at the very least 2 weeks before departure in bespeak to gain a below-average price.High season is taken into consideration to be November, December and also January. The cheapest month to paris is August.On average*, there is no price difference when picking to paris in the morning or the night on this flight route.*Average the the lowest prices displayed in’s search outcomes for departures within the next 30 days

FAQs because that booking fort Lauderdale to new York LaGuardia airplane flights

Which airlines have actually a flexible cancellation policy for flights from ft Lauderdale to new York LaGuardia due to COVID-19?
Spirit Airlines, Delta and WestJet have all waived their readjust and cancellation fees on flights from fort Lauderdale to brand-new York LaGuardia. Confirm plans on booking site.

How long does a trip from ft Lauderdale to brand-new York LaGuardia plane take?
A straight flight to new York LaGuardia Airport will certainly take on average 2h 48m to take trip the 1078 miles flying street from ft Lauderdale.

How numerous flights room there between Fort Lauderdale and new York LaGuardia Airport?
In typical times, a complete of 284 straight flights affix Fort Lauderdale to new York LaGuardia airplane weekly. On average, there space 40 departures per day.

Do I need a passport to fly in between Fort Lauderdale and brand-new York LaGuardia Airport?
Even though you are not required to have a passport, keep in mind the an official ID is needed to plank the airplane.

Which airlines fly most frequently in between Fort Lauderdale and brand-new York LaGuardia Airport?
Spirit airlines connects fort Lauderdale to new York LaGuardia Airport approximately 11 flights per day, followed by Delta (10 flights every day), and WestJet (10 flights per day).

What’s the cheapest job of the week to paris from ft Lauderdale to brand-new York LaGuardia Airport?
For ft Lauderdale to new York LaGuardia Airport, Friday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Thursday is the many expensive. Flying from brand-new York LaGuardia Airport earlier to ft Lauderdale, the ideal deals room generally uncovered on Thursday, v Wednesday being the most expensive.

Which airports will I be using as soon as flying from fort Lauderdale to new York LaGuardia Airport?
Fort Lauderdale and new York LaGuardia Airport are both served by 1 key airport. You will certainly leave fort Lauderdale from ft Lauderdale and also will be arriving at new York LaGuardia.

How does uncover such low prices ~ above flights from ft Lauderdale to brand-new York LaGuardia Airport? is a travel search engine. That means we look throughout the internet to find the ideal prices we can discover for ours users. Through over 2 billion trip queries handle yearly, we are able to display screen a variety of price and alternatives on flights from ft Lauderdale to new York LaGuardia Airport.

How go's flight Price forecast tool help me choose the ideal time to buy my flight ticket from fort Lauderdale to brand-new York LaGuardia Airport?’s flight Price estimate tool uses historical data to identify whether the price because that a trip to new York LaGuardia plane from fort Lauderdale is likely to change within 7 days, for this reason travelers recognize whether to wait or book now.

What is the Hacker Fare alternative on flights from ft Lauderdale to new York LaGuardia Airport?
Hacker Fares allow you to integrate one-way ticket in bespeak to conserve you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. You can then paris to brand-new York LaGuardia Airport with an airline and back to fort Lauderdale with another airline.

What is's "flexible dates" feature and also why have to I care when trying to find a flight from ft Lauderdale to new York LaGuardia Airport?
Sometimes travel days aren"t set in stone. If your desired travel dates have part wiggle room, flexible days will display you all the options when paris to new York LaGuardia airplane from ft Lauderdale as much as 3 work before/after your desired dates. You can then choose the flights the suit girlfriend best.

Top 3 airline serving ft Lauderdale to brand-new York LaGuardia

Scores according to customer reviews
JetBlueOverall score based upon 19781 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: The chair it’s small comfortably , not too bad!

Read much more about JetBlue

Cons: The chair it’s narrow comfortably , not too bad!

Cons: Some world were not wearing th mask correctly and also flight attendants did no enforce the mas policy.

Cons: Baggage take it forever. Anyone bags

Pros: remarkable crew and pilot flew us around all bumps — to be a an extremely smooth flight.Cons: all was amazing

Pros: Comfortable as feasible seatsCons: much more social distancing

Pros: Great. On time. Great service room and pricesCons: much more selection the drinks and working WiFi

Cons: wish whatsapp call worked

Cons: no board earlier to front, I know the flights space packed, yet it’s quiet faster and also safer. Flight was delayed due to the fact that of a bag count? just how long can it require to empty it and re-pack it?

Cons: There to be no society distancing getti9ng top top the aircraft or getting off. Ns flew jet blue due to the fact that prior experiences have actually been amazing. This time it to be shameful. People were standing in the walkway for practically 15 minutes because of wheelchairs that had to come the the plane. Disgraceful. And also getting off was the end of control. World jammed in the aisle to obtain off the plane. 1409 new york to fll.

Cons: Social distance . They market a 90 % the capacity.

Cons: Snack. Drink were far better before Covid nonsense

Cons: an ext healthy food... Not junk food.

Pros: The assurance of for sure social distances, The boarding was well done. Getting off the plane was pretty good. Leaving on landing as scheduled. Store it up

Pros: just a 2hour flightCons: A functioning entertainment system.

Pros: airplane crew to be excellent!Cons: waiting area in ~ FLL might have to be better. It was very disorganized to board the flight. Counter staff were two African American employee being rude to passengers.

Cons: no taking over 5 hours to get to my destination.

Cons: come in NYC and Jet Blue shed my luggage! i am below for a week’s work and also have nothing however a pair o jeans and a shirt.

Cons: Entertainment device wasn’t working properly. Movies were under as were countless of the channels. Although a disappointment, JetBlue is quiet amazing!

Cons: There to be a woman through a small dog that did not have actually a carrier and was being difficult- at boarding and also on website the should have actually been made clean what the regulation were concerning pets

Pros: Crew

Cons: The TV plug fed out revolution volume and also the TV worked randomly .. The Afro American trip attended provided a nasty attitude and didnt allow me to fully request my order together if she remained in a rush

Pros: we arrived earlyCons: The entertainment system was absent at my seat. The was likewise down because that the whole plane. The crew let go my heat for drinks.

Pros: really friendly and also personable crew, Comfortable seats Terra blue chipsCons: Seat had a difficult goo top top it that I had to wipe off Coffee to be not good Terra blue chip bag was also small

Pros: Comfort and foodCons: The delays prior to entering the aircraft so that we aren’t stuck

Pros: love the movie and tv show selections availableCons: straight TV did not work for me. Really want to watch the AFC championship football game however I couldnt due to the fact that direct tv no working.

Pros: i boarded fastCons: trip attendant to be moddy

Pros: only my 2nd time on Jet Blue and also this time it was that only two seat per heat flights. The boarding procedure was smooth. I checked in online and also had my happen on mine phone. The seats to be comfy sufficient & wifi was totally free along v tv. The trip itself to be smooth and the trip crew deal with any possible issues beforehand. The crew was on-point through the routine yet they had really great customer service. I normally don't think that JetBlue once looking to book but they are really winning mine business. An excellent job overall.Cons: just like all others I've been on, aircraft seats need more form.

Pros: there was enough leg room because that a large guy like me so the was nice.Cons: The pilot to be late getting here so we had actually to wait because that him to show up then due to the fact that we were late our trip got delayed again because of a lightning storm close to the airport. Other planes who were scheduled to leave after us gained to leave earlier than us so ns don't understand what happened there. After i was ultimately on the plane my headphone jack would not work. I understand it's not my headphones since I had just offered it prior to boarding for both mine Nintendo and computer. Also, the buttons for the TV space on the armrest and also if you shot to obtain comfortable you'll adjust the channel. Once the flight attendant came roughly she just propped a bunch of stuff in former of us and also since it was dark I had actually no idea what i was feather at, finished up gaining a an extremely crappy bag of chips. All at once was a devastating experience flying JetBlue.

Pros: Boarding was smooth, on time and efficient. The crew was friendly and they moved quickly in the cabin so no to disturb human being sleeping top top such an early flight.

Pros: no muchCons: confirm in online, however no door was assigned. As soon as I inquiry the human being at the desk what door I to be to board at, that looked up the details as if i was questioning him for the access code Chase's financial institution vault. He didn't even write that down even thought he had a pen in his hand. Apparently, in ~ customers, we space not suppose to gain this information and it's a burden on the employees to provide it. Again the flight was late and while I understand it was as result of weather, us were sit in the plane and satellite at the door for an ext than one hour. Apparently, us were no cleared come be provided an update. When again, the speaker at the chair didn't work. Apparently, this is a consistent problem v JetBlue

Pros: Onky 1 flight attendant did a wonderful project seeing come everyone's security & demands in a courteous way with a beautiful smile. Plane was delayed as result of weather & she handed the end water together we sat in the airplane waiting for the storm to pass. When ultimately off the soil she managed to serve drinks to every & pass out an assortment the goodies native which we might choose. Southwest simply provided out pretzels ~ above one expedition & peanuts ~ above another. Many thanks for the an option Jet Blue! She did every this single handedly during a pretty fast flight.Cons: The terminal had actually very restricted area for maker recharging in ~ a charging vehicle so we had actually to was standing if we want to use our gadgets while charging. And also there were not enough plugs / port for every who necessary to recharge. The overhead storage was pretty chop too, ns really had actually to turn & support my small-ish luggage into place.

Cons: flight delayed

Pros: NothingCons: The delay

Cons: Experienced disastrous delays (16 hours) and a cancellation on my initial flight (spent the night in ~ LaGuardia) then had actually to take it a taxi at 3 am to JFK to record a flight which was additionally delayed, bring about me come rebook. The return flight had 3 delays. I have actually never, ever before experienced such damaging service and also delays on an airline. In addition, the airplane on the return flight was dirty. It to be a horrible in its entirety experience! i don’t understand if ns will ever fly JetBlue again!!!

Pros: an excellent flight. The staff was nice, particularly Chris. Nice to see cost-free beverages and snacks still readily available on domestic flights.Cons: Seats space terrible, and getting worse every year, however thats coach ~ above all airlines not just Jet Blue. Difficult armrests, weirdly shame bucket seats which room appalling in any other position than right up v 90 degree waist bend. Thats not how humans sit for expanded periods that time. A 5 degree recline is no a recline; its a joke. At the very least the tray table to be bigger 보다 my phablet, unlike heart where the napkins look prefer tablecloths on these ‘tables’. Overall, the is far better than the cheapest airlines.

Pros: The snacksCons: By the time we boarded in heat 8 every overhead bins were full thru row 16. Made gaining off more an overwhelming when we had actually to gain our carryons

Pros: ExcellenteCons: Staff, legroom bterra chips

Cons: among the key reasons why I made decision Jetblue its because it is an virtually 4-5 star suffer with great affordable ticket prices. Unfortunaltelly the practically it is so, early such critical role together a host/hostess at the plane representing for this reason poorly the company, EVERY TIME i leave from fortlauderdale airport. As soon as the check-in kiosk stops working to finish to check you in (and i am ok through machines negative work) you space directed come a crew members in the counters. A host/hostess from jetblue stand in former of the counters, rather of greet you properly or mirroring some sort of degree of willingness come welcome you or help you tell friend "yes, what carry out you need... ? That never ever fails! the feels favor you space breaking in right into a zone you are not suppose to be, and annoyingly you space disturbing this people. That so confusing why they have actually those attitudes, specially at that position, where you really need to clear increase the negative weed in selecting your personnel. I think this few"crew members" deserve to make a smooth change to nightclub bouncers, wherein I'm certain will it is in a good fit.

Pros: NothingCons: Every segment of mine roundtrip trip was delayed or late, consisting of the critical leg the my flight delayed lot of times. I could not inspect in for my last segment on-line via mine phone. The article I was given during examine in procedure said in red letters, the I essential to speak come an agent at the counter. Ns was top top a tropical island, ns couldn't simply run under to the airport. Ns tried calling client service, however wasn't may be to affix due to bad cell service. My relations were tight and also because i couldn't checkin the front day, i was not allowed to acquire a chair on my initial flight. Ns was rescheduled on to new flights and those were delayed. Ns sat in Ft Lauderdale for 6+ hours. Once on the plane, i was assigned a seat the doesn't recline. What was originally supposed to it is in a 5 hour travel day turned right into a 15+ hour take trip day. There were no weather problems that day, simply JetBlue being terrible.

Cons: A mrs was boarding the plane with two babies and plainly struggling to gain to the ago of the plane. Once she could not manage it anymore she asked among the trip attendants to help her. She was refused aid by her. Climate the trip attendant involved the prior of the plane laughing uncontrollably say, "OMG, walk you view her having actually a meltdown...she was asking me come help." She proceeded come laugh because that the following 20 minute repeating that the woman was helpless. Ns was dislike by the trip attendant's behavior and also attitude.

Pros: ~ above time departure. Many seat room and great snacks.Cons: every was good. Simply be certain the planes are prepared to walk bef that goes to the gate and passengers gain in then to hear that there is a mechanical issue.

Cons: The boarding pass maker was broken, practically missed mine flight. The customer solutions was rude.

Pros: Ticket prices were very affordable. Examine in was quick, smooth & easy. Flight was on time. Ns loved the leg room, the reality that snacks are limitless & the crew was simply super courteous.Cons: that my tv & wifi did not occupational properly on my return flight

Cons: ive been traveling through jetblue for years, but lately everytime their flights are constantly delay

Cons: Onboarding crew to be a little bit rude and rushing everyone. Forcing civilization to examine in bags even though there to be still room in the overhead bins.

Pros: The organization that JetBlue supplies is constantly excellent. The seats were comfortable and the trip was timely. All in all terrific representation the JetBlue's top quality of service.Cons: i arrived at fort Lauderdale airport 55 minutes before my booked flight and was told the the trip was closed because I was not there at least an hour prior to the flight. On my boarding happen it listed the boarding time and also the time the gate would certainly close however no wherein did that stipulate the critical time to examine in. I carry out think in this situation, they can have accommodated me and perhaps gate checked mine luggage...but that was not offered. I had checked in online, had actually my boarding pass but clearly did not allot enough time to obtain to the airport. Traffic, write-up Hurricane Irma is tho unpredictable, but think there could have to be a bit of "wiggle room" in the rule. JetBlue did book me top top the next flight (the next day), however I to be saddened to miss a job of holiday conference my kid in Cartagena.

Pros: In trip TV service, snack options and complimentary carry-onCons: N/a

Pros: great boarding and got to my location early

Pros: Comfortable seats. Good wifi many of the flight. Usual JetBlue professionalism.Cons: not JetBlue's fault yet we had to wait top top the runway around 45 minutes since of weather concerns up north. Otherwise a good flight.

Pros: the food alternatives and staffCons: i scheduled two seats together and also when we confirm in we were sit apart.

Pros: Crew was attentive , quiet flightCons: more food choices

Cons: The crew no super friendly but they to be nice.

Pros: no muchCons: Crew kept bumping me in flight. Deplaning took as well long.

Pros: The employee were awesome!Cons: no covid-19 precautions to be taken.

Cons: Boarding announcements were hardly audible. We chose comfort seats because that extra payment yet that quiet did not turn out come be lull class. Seat classes are confusing. No temperature was taken before boarding.

Cons: everything was great and went smoothly.

Cons: Love delta. Whatever was excellent

Pros: The crew was beneficial but left you alone unless you required something.Cons: Travelers that have already had covid have to stop wearing masks!

Cons: Boarding from behind to front.

Pros: Kosher snacks! say thanks to you. Screens and also outlets in ~ every seat. Safe, managed Covid protocols consisting of de-boarding. Excellent!

Pros: The crew an extremely professional. My trip was ~ above time.

Cons: great flight all around.

Pros: really clean and safe. Practicing social distancing. Listed hand sanitizer wipes and also snacks in a bagCons: once disembarking the plane there should have been much more organization because that social distancing. Over there shouldn’t be world standing over her trying to hurry and get turn off the plane. Everyone must stay seated until it’s time because that your row to gain off. Nobody of the trip staff made human being do this

Cons: rotate on the lights before landing graduallyb- noone likes bright quick - too nasty;

Cons: The level from LGA had to go back to the gate for maintenance, it made come ROC almost on time.

Pros: Quick and also easy boardingCons: Clean the cabin more diligently. There was a open unfinished cup that soda and also cookie wrappers in my seat ago compartment

Pros: Crew did the ideal they could keeping us conscious of the considerable delays flying in come LaGuardia. The captain make himself easily accessible to answer questions from passenger at the gate at an early stage on and also I thought that was a good gesture.Cons: Nothing could have to be better. Any type of issues with the trip were delays beyond the crew's control.

Cons: The boarding process was awful. The door agent was extremely rude - was shocked she was representing Delta. There was police on plank arresting two passengers and also crew was not saying anything.

Pros: aircraft seemed well maintained and newer. Crew seemed friendly.

Pros: The CrewCons: No AC...

Pros: lift off and landing to be excellentCons: Nothing

Cons: no cancelling our flight

Pros: EfficiencyCons: Snacks?

Pros: Crew was good seat comfortableCons: better snacks

Pros: Seats are comfortable, crew to be great, all at once a smooth flightCons: The fact that airlines room trying to fee for every little add-on is quite annoying. 2 dollars because that headphones? Don't even get me began with your snack boxes...

Cons: Crew didn’t serve drinks/snacks; otherwise nice and also short flight

Cons: damaging flight ? Captain lied come to us and kept speak two more minutes 5 more minutes , and so on Stuck for 4 hrs . Aircraft had a problem and also captain stated it to be glued and also that was expect to be like that

Pros: Crew was friendly, cabin to be clean.Cons: No Tvs

Cons: Boarding is as usual chaotic

Pros: Arrives earlier than scheduled, no wait time top top runway acquisition off or acquiring to gate after landing. Rare to not have actually these delays happen in some kind every flight...excellentCons: Nothing, the flight was a rare perfect 10/10

Pros: Boarding to be on time; flight departures top top time and also arrived earlier than expected! Pilot called us precisely what was the status and also gave united state updates; cabin to be well wait conditioned; trip attendants to be friendly; bags came out an extremely quick! very nice flight

Pros: The take off and landing were very smooth and also the crew to be nice.Cons: Crying baby aboard

Pros: time of the flight and also the luggage step by step notification

Cons: My flight was delayed, which would have actually caused me to miss out on my connecting flight. The customer company person was not at every helpful, and told me there were no other flights easily accessible on any airline until the following day. However, I had the ability to go online and book an additional flight immediately...which method that she to be either gift disingenuous or actively undermining initiatives to gain me residence in a stylish fashion. Very disappointing and also as a SkyMiles member would have thought there would be some level of usual courtesy managing a non-weather related hold-up that drastically affected my travel plans.

Cons: The connecting flight from Atlanta come NY to be rescheduled for an hour and fifteen minutes later, boarding for the delayed flight started late, close up door doors were one more 20 minutes late, spend an additional hour or so wait for confirmations, throughout which no AC is on due to the fact that of a malfunction on the plane with the electricity unit. Because of rough wait conditions, no in-flight service, or very minimal one - and every one of those space fine by me, and not the airlines' fault at all. But then, throughout all these unexpected conditions, i can't even use the in trip entertainment mechanism as i usage Bluetooth earphones, and also to get earphones I have to buy them for 2$. To earn terrific service, inspite of every the delays, AC failure and unpleasantness every you had actually to carry out was give those 2$ earphones for free. I have an additional flight through SkyTeam coming up and also I carry out hope that won't be as unpleasant as it is a much longer flight.

Pros: The quickness the boarding n the crewCons: the landin n little seats

Pros: ns didn’tCons: There was an concern when taxing to the runway and we had actually to it is in towed ago for repairs. The difficulty was together we waited there to be no AC for also long. The staff was also an extremely unfriendly. 2 time they hit my seat through their cart. I was simply not a an excellent experience

Pros: The pretzelsCons: our return trip had no TV display screens :-( and no blankets ...was freezing together we obtained closer to nyc

Pros: crew was professional and also seats werre comfortable. Flight departed late but arrived ~ above time.Cons: nothing come say.

Cons: That's the flight is clean

Cons: trip was changed. Missed vital event

Pros: my aisle chair on the an initial flightCons: No entertainment

Pros: getting here in 2 hrs native Orlando to laguardia!Cons: no tv .. Ns didn't like that we had to usage our own electronic device to accessibility the entertainment system.

Pros: The Gogo Inflight wifi and also entertainment go not work for even a minute. I select flights based on their amenities and also this one had offered full WIFI company which swayed me to select to fly with Delta. I'm not certain who is come blame around this issue yet I'm pretty frustrated the it was completely dysfunctional.

Pros: ns was able to usage wifi during the trip which made the time pass through fast.Cons: ns asked one of the ladies if they had blankets because the plane was freeze she called me no yet everyone in very first class recived a blanket whether they provided it or not. I guess the human being in region 2 and also zone 3 not matter. The seats space the worst! they dont also sit at a 90 degree angle your an ext like sit forward.

Pros: Efficient and also on time.Cons: ns booked tickets well in development but wasnt permitted to choose seats in ~ time that booking no one at 24 hour inspect in. This adds undue stress having to wait because that an assignement at the gate.

Pros: Nice power nap, fast flight!

Pros: The Delta cookies that were available as a snackCons: i don't recognize why there's constantly a absence of space when the flight is full. Were the aircrafts no designed come accommodate a full flight's precious of luggage? anf then as soon as I went to go to mine seat, the waiting stewardess called me to progress down the aisle so someone the they knew could pass through, resulting in a delay in me acquiring to my seat and losing mine overhead luggage room as someone else passing utilized it instead. Currently I am in my seat v both my bring on and an individual item stowed below. Therefore was i comfortable ? No. Was ns upset and annoyed, on optimal of gift tired? Yes. They require a better system.

Pros: The flight itself was fairly quick.Cons: us were late by 4hours and they kept transforming the times. I wish they would have set it to one time like the other airlines. The seating is uncomfortable and there to be no entertainment.

Pros: Spirit has actually the worst plane. Seats space worse climate subway trains

Cons: Worst airline ever!!!!!!! carry out not fly spirit at FT Lauderdale at all. It was by far the worst suffer with one airline I ever before had. Ns wish I can go in as well it more.

Cons: They board quickly but keep you wait for too lengthy to take off. No updates by the trip crew as soon as there's a delay.

Pros: NothingCons: ns am just disappointed

Pros: Punctual.Cons: Seats.

Pros: The speed on boarding

Pros: Crew was continuous nothing outstanding comes to mind. Seat together usual is tight however I was mindful of the previously.Cons: naught really. Im satisfied. Give thanks to you

Pros: .Cons: an initial time ever taking heart airlines and will never ever take again. We deliberately picked this flight at the time due to it's cheaper price compared to other flights. Transforms out it came to be just as much, if not, much more because when it was time to examine in you had to salary extra. It to be an extra $45 a human being for each lug on. And also you had to salary $18 extra each human being each way for the capability to choose seats (to guarantee us sit together). This would have all been fine had actually the trip been a comfortable one, however there was no plus next to acquisition this trip over a various airline. There to be no TVs, no method to charge a phone, no common movie where you could even affix headphones and also listen. No simply stare at every other, talk, or sleep was it. Never. Again.

Pros: I took pleasure in how quick it to be to board and also get to one ar from the other. I likewise enjoyed just how cheap the trip wasCons: The tables space extremely little and there is barely and room to move offered that the seats room crowded together. Also if you want water, it is no free.

Pros: NothingCons: Forget the fact that Spirit offers low expense flights and also hides the reality that selecting a seat and traveling through a bag will increase that expense to a greater price than what you’d pay on a regular airline. Set aside the truth that you will certainly be crammed into a cushion-less steel seat that neither reclines nor has a working tray table (it is a shelf the cannot hold a drink.) What’s moved me many to evaluation this airline is the feeling of unease and also sheer are afraid we felt being told that we’d be acquisition off as soon as the crew could determine if the right engine would work. After a bumpy, white-knuckler top top our means down to FLL, my son and I walked turn off our return flight, unwilling to spend another few hours wonder if we’d do it to our destination.

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Pros: Nice experienced crew.Cons: No movies.

Pros: The reality we actually left on timeout no cancellation, unlike my flight to Ft Lauderdale..Cons: ns didn't like the idea of payment for everything including a deserve to of soda and also other snacks i was additionally annoyed around paying extra for confirm bags and also the 40 pound limit on confirm bags..Not to cite the reality that mine initial flight to Ft Lauderdale (flight#779)was cancelled.. Not only was i in hazard of absent my cruise, I had actually to discover other method of transportation as there to be no flights obtainable according to spirit until Sunday Aug 20th , whereby as mine cruise was scheduled to depart on Aug 19th... The customer organization was horrible.. They do no effort to assist customers only saying we can get a refund and another carrier