queen of France (as wife of luigi XVI) that was unpopular; she extravagance and opposition to reform added to the fall of the monarchy; she to be guillotined in addition to her husband (1755-1793)

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Marie Antoinettenoun

Someone v an extravagant and also luxurious lifestyle.

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Etymology: indigenous Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), French queen.

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Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette, born an Archduchess that Austria, to be Dauphine the France from 1770 come 1774 and also Queen the France and also Navarre indigenous 1774 to 1792. She was the fifteenth and also penultimate kid of divine Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa.In April 1770, ~ above the day of her marriage to Louis-Auguste, Dauphin that France, she became Dauphine the France. Marie Antoinette assumed the location of Queen of France and of Navarre when her husband, louis XVI that France, ascended the throne top top the fatality of louis XV in may 1774. After seven years the marriage, she gave birth come a daughter, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, the first of four children.Initially charmed by her personality and also beauty, the French people generally involved dislike her, accusing "L"Autrichienne" of being profligate, promiscuous, and also of harboring sympathies for France"s enemies, an especially Austria, her nation of origin. The Diamond Necklace occurrence further destroyed her reputation. Although she was completely innocent in this affair, she became known as mam Déficit.

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Marie Antoinette

queen the France, 4th daughter the Maria Theresa; to be married in 1770 to the dauphin of France, that in 1774 prospered to the throne as Louis XVI.; to be a beautiful woman, however indiscreet in she behaviour; had actually made it s her unpopular and impotent for great when the revolution broke out; once matters came to be serious the queenliness of her nature revealed itself, yet it was in haughty defiance that the million-headed monster the was bellowing at her feet; the heroism she showed at this crisis the basic mass the the civilization could not appreciate, though it winner the homage that such guys as Mirabeau and Barnave; all she want was a wise adviser, for she had courage to follow any course i m sorry she might be encouraged to watch was right; in Mirabeau she had one who might have guided her, but by his death in 1791 she was left come herself, and also the course she took to be fatal to all the interests she had at heart; fatality adhered to fatality: first she witnessed her husband hurried off to the guillotine, and then she followed herself; hers, if any, was the many tragic that fates, and any one who has read that heart-moving apostrophe to she by Carlyle on the means to she doom need to know and also feel that it was she fate; she and her husband experienced as the representatives of the misgovernment that France because that centuries prior to they to be born, and were left a burden on your shoulders i beg your pardon they might not bear and also under which they to be crushed to fatality (1756-1793).

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Marie Antoinette

Wife the Louis No. 15, who assisted her husband to spend the French taxes. Was likewise a valuable joker, her feeling terminating at Versailles as soon as she advised a mob come eat cake during a bread famine. Her wit to be unappreciated. Ambition: Anything however October 16, 1791. Recreation: Versailles; looking through a grated window. Address: Versailles. Later: Consiergerie, Paris.