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1. True - data is verifiable if an outcome is constantly the same. 2. True- raw data as soon as Processed is know as information 3. True - as soon as data is saved in a layout which is easily understood is recognize as understanding 4. False.- the price gas diminished with the new s…View the complete answer

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Transcribed image text: 2 point out Data is claimed to be verifiable if the data constantly yields consistent results. O True O False 2 clues The an outcome of handling raw data to reveal its definition is known as information. True O False 2 points once data are entered into a type and saved, they are inserted in the basic database as knowledge.* True False 2 points One disadvantage the a database mechanism over previous data management approaches is raised costs. O True O False Data redundancy is supplied to establish 2 points relationships between data however is never ever used to enhance database performance. * True O False 2 points many systems developers think that data modeling is the least important part of the systems advancement process. O True O False An companies data model explains 2 clues the border of data for just one details system. True False 2 points features of the framework of the database space generally readjusted during the implementation step of the database advance process. O True O False 2 points most data that can be encountered are ideal classified as semi- structured. O True O False A document is a logically connected collection 2 point out of one or more fields that explains a person, place, or thing. O True False 2 point out The theoretical schema is always an innovation specific.* O True O False The Entity-Relationship (E-R) model 2 clues is designed to diagram entity species that room independent of every other.* O True O False 2 points type information defines the quantity, location, and types of an object. * True O False 2 point out The DBMS reveals much of the database's internal intricacy to the applications programs and users.* O True O False An benefit of database systems is 2 points the you need not perform constant updates and apply recent patches. O True O False When various versions the the exact same 2 clues data appear in various places it's described as data inconsistency. O True O False 2 point out A decision is an translate of knowledge and also data. True O False 2 point out The content information of a car would describe its version number, color, price, options, horsepower, and also so forth. * O True O False The below entity surname is Barcode. 2 point out Product Barcode Name summary Price quantity Expiry date True False The below SQL explain will produce 2 points the employee entity. Develop TABLE Employee (Employeeld INT not NULL, FirstName VARCHAR(45) not NULL, LastName VARCHAR(45) no NULL, PRIMARY an essential (Employeeld)): Employee Employeeld FirstName LastName email O True O False