Continue her march through the titular Ringed City in the final part of the last DLC for Dark Souls 3. This time, you’ll encounter even much more unique enemies. Keep your wits around you through the step-by-step guide below.

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Things heat up in the 2nd location — you’re currently in the Ringed City proper, and also two reoccurring adversaries want to stop your liked Undead from reaching the Church the Filianore. You’ll have to attend to Judicator Argo, a giant creature the summons ghostly militaries to help him, and also a huge dragon called Darkeater Midir.

That’s just the start. 2 dangerous bosses, and also one optional boss, reside within the Ringed City walls. See just how to discover them and much more with the complete guide.

Need help getting started? examine out the previous component of the The Ringed City walkthrough, through step-by-step accuse to aid you survive The Dreg Heap.

The Ringed City – Walkthrough | Pt. 2: The Ringed City

The Ringed City

The flying demons deposit the favored Undead on a height overlooking the Ringed City. Turn around to collection a from the corpse, then follow the mountain path under to the very first bonfire. Close to the bonfire, speak to the strange NPC (a corpse-like figure on the ground) to learn your next goal – a church at the base of the cliff.

Mausoleum Lookout Bonfire

The is uncovered on a high wall of the Ringed City. Usage the rock markers to hide indigenous the ghostly retinue the knights that appear periodically ahead. Wait because that the legion the archers to disappear before sprinting forward.

As lengthy as you with cover before the following wave the archers is summoned, castle won’t appear behind you. If her timing is off, also a tiny bit, they’ll spawn and also surround you.

Dodge until they disappear, or sirloin ahead to a stone barrier that develops the greater component of a circle, giving you cover indigenous both directions.

close to the , take it the stairway down and look ideal for a narrow route to a corpse delivering the .

Enemy Note: The creature in the street is the Judicator huge – that summons tide of spectral archers. Kill the gigantic to avoid the endless stream that archers. Or, you can simply operation by him and come ago later.


A sad creature in a red hood is wait for you. The final boss of The Ringed City DLC is under below. Come prepared, due to the fact that this can be the most daunting boss yet.

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City – just how to beat Every Boss

For defeating Gael, you’ll acquire the and also .

In the facility of the Pygmy King thrones, activate the bonfire.

Slave items Gael Bonfire

In this area, find a an additional ruin. With the archway, you’ll conference Shira, items of Filianore. She ambushes you, however only ~ you’ve eliminated the dragon Midir.

defeat her to obtain the .

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return to the Ringed City to find the door whereby Shira readily available the quest. After beating her in the ashen wasteland, the doors will currently open. Collect the set from the praying corpse inside.