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DANVILLE, KY — together the U.S. Postal company prepares because that its busiest mailing day of the year, shoppers room scrambling to send their holiday gifts and cards in time for Christmas.

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“For last-minute shoppers, the Postal business offers quick, easy and also convenient shipping choices,” states Postmaster Diane Evans.

The Postal company expects to supply 16.6 exchange rate letters, packages and cards between Thanksgiving and also Christmas. The busiest mailing job is supposed to be Monday, Dec. 14, as soon as 839 million cards and also letters will certainly be processed, nearly double the average daily volume. The busiest shipment day will be Wednesday, Dec. 16.

“We understand that customers space looking at options for shipping their holiday gifts, and also the Postal business offers a great combination of value and convenience,” states Evans. “By going online, customers can take treatment of their shipping needs right native their residence computer.”

At, you have the right to print postage and shipping labels straight from your computer system with Click-N-Ship. You will get a discount once you ship online, and you get totally free Delivery Confirmation when you use Click-N-Ship. Plus, you can schedule complimentary package pickup online as well, for this reason you deserve to take care of all of your shipping indigenous your computer system without ever leaving home.

Residents in Danville can additionally take care of their postal requirements by visiting their area Contract Postal systems (CPU):

Marks Hallmark 204 Skywatch drive Monday-Friday 10:00 to be — 5:00 pm Saturday 10:00 am — 1:00 pm

These businesses offer shipping and most the the services obtainable at her local article Office through the exception of Postal Money Orders and passports. CPUs serve as collection points for prepaid packages.

Postal customers deserve to buy stamps at seven different businesses in Danville, consisting of Centre university Bookstore, CVS, Food Lion, Kroger, Office Depot, united state Bank and Wal-Mart. Simply look for the window decal with the Eagle logo, “Buy Stamps below At short article Office Prices.”

Priority mail Flat-Rate box come in four different sizes. They space available totally free in short article Office lobbies, online at, or through phone at 1-800-610-8734. Postage, labels and also customs creates can be published online any time using

“Our green Priority mail Flat-Rate boxes space the best bargain in shipping,” says Evans. “If that fits, it ships, as much as 70 pounds, to any type of destination in the joined States. Flat Rate crate are constantly the same price to any kind of state.” First-Class Mail and Priority Mail sent by Dec. 21 will certainly arrive gradually for Christmas.

The Postal business provides a money-back guarantee for distribution by Christmas job on to express Mail welcomed by Dec. 23 for shipment within designated ZIP Codes. Presents sent by Express mail are immediately insured because that $100. Free Express mail packages and also envelopes are obtainable online at and at your local article Office.

Stamps by mail are one more convenient means to purchase stamps without wait in line at your local post Office. Stimulate envelopes have the right to be acquired from city, countryside or contract delivery service carriers, in write-up Office lobbies, or by calling the local shipment unit to inquiry an envelope. Stamps by Fax deserve to be bespeak by calling your local short article Office. Girlfriend can additionally order stamps by calling 1-800-STAMP-24.

Need to uncover a short article Office when you’re the end holiday shopping? any kind of mobile user through web accessibility and log in onto the Postal Service’s mobile website to locate the nearest short article Office, track & confirm a package or look increase a ZIP Code.

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An independent commonwealth agency, the U.S. Postal company is the only delivery service that visits every attend to in the country — 146 million homes and businesses. It has actually 37,000 retail locations and relies ~ above the sale of postage, products and services to pay for operating expenses, not taxation dollars. The Postal business has yearly revenues that $75 billion and delivers nearly fifty percent the world’s mail.