Time come dance, Fortnite: fight Royale fans, because a brand-new three-stage challenge in Season 7, mainly 9 has actually players run on optimal of three specific landmarks in three separate matches. Therefore this one’s a little involved, but on the add to side, these matches often tend to go an extremely quickly.

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Fortnite week 9 kicked off Thursday morning, and in addition to challenges like one that has players pop gold balloons, the brand-new multi-stage an obstacle has players dance on peak of a sundial, an oversized cup the coffee, and also a gigantic metal dog head.

The very first two places are ~ above the border in between the snowy area and the remainder of the map through the 3rd located far into the northwest corner. Players need to do this in sequential stimulate in different matches, for this reason don’t stroked nerves trying to visit two or all three of these places in a single match.

Players are much better off visiting one and then do the efforts to go after other challenges or play the video game normally.


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Here’s a much more specific break down on where to find the locations:

Where to dance on a Sundial in Fortnite

The sundial is a makeshift sundial ~ above the plateau atop a medium-sized mountain in southwestern paradise Palms. Normally, this area would be desert, however it’s to be left blanketed in snow after the ice King’s storm receded a small bit. The in between Fatal Fields and also Paradise Palms, just a tiny bit to the south.

The sundial chin is composed of assorted logs and cars, and even despite they’re all spanned in snow, it’s pretty basic to spot from the sky.

Where to run on top of an oversized Cup of Coffee in Fortnite

The oversized cup the coffee is actually a coffee cup authorize on the northern end of Dusty Divot. As such, it’s an extremely easy come spot from the sky. That large, circular pink backdrop behind the cup that coffee is the easiest thing come spot. It’s likewise best to method the location from the phibìc to do it easier to see.

Where to run on height of a gigantic Metal Dog Head in Fortnite

Similar come the overlapping coffee cup, the giant metal dog head is just the signage provided at a details location, in this instance Junk Junction. Lot like exactly how Flush manufacturing facility has a huge toilet as its sign, Junk Junction has actually a crane that’s lifting increase a item of junk.

The snout of the dog is red and the top of that is head is yellow. The crane the attached come is additionally yellow, and we indicate approaching native the southern to obtain the ideal look at it.

All points considered, this is just one of the easier challenges this week.

The in-game countdown says that Fortnite Season 7 doesn’t end until February 27, 2019. Therefore players have actually just under a month to finish this and also other challenges before Season 8 is upon us, bringing all sorts of new map changes and also challenges through it.

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Here’s an detailed look in ~ everything consisted of in the Fortnite Season 7 Premium fight Pass.