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Which that the following statements are true that cytokinesis in plant cells? select the two that apply.

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Vesicles from the Golgi apparatus relocate along microtubules, coalesce in ~ the plane of cell division, and kind a cell plate. The cell plate is composed of the plasma membrane and also cell wall surface that will at some point separate the two daughter cells.

anaphase note: during anaphase, sister chromatids separate and also daughter chromosomes move to opposite poles.


Click top top the art to view an animation. This animation illustrates the events of _____.


Click on the arts to check out an animation. This computer animation illustrates the occasions of _____.


Which of these phases encompasses every one of the stages of mitosis?

A person bone marrow cell, in prophase that mitosis, has 46 chromosomes. How numerous chromatids does it contain?

Starting through a fertilized egg (zygote), a series of five cell departments would produce very early embryo through how countless cells?

In part organisms, such as details fungi and algae, cells undergo the cabinet cycle consistently without subsequently undergoing cytokinesis. What would an outcome from this?

Cytochalasin B is a chemical the disrupts microfilament formation. How would this interfere with cell division?

Through a microscope, you can see a cabinet plate beginning to develop across the center of a cell and also nuclei developing on either side of the cell plate. This cell is most likely

For the first several divisions of beforehand frog embryos, cells proceed straight from the M step to the S step and ago to M without gaps. I beg your pardon of the following is most likely to be true about dividing cell in beforehand frog embryos?

True or false? The M step is identified by the replication and department of a cell"s chromosomes.

If one organism generally has 34 chromosomes, how countless molecules of DNA should there be in the G1 phase of the cell cycle?

Cells will typically divide if they receive the ideal signal at a checkpoint in which phase of the cabinet cycle?

You room an oncologist. A patient presents with progressed prostate cancer and also you follow traditional protocol. What execute you do?

You are an endocrinologist studying new treatments for prostate cancer. You have actually a patient with an unusually huge level that dihydrotestosterone. I m sorry of the following is true?

You room trying to discover if the pesticide atrazine is a mutagen. Where room you looking for mutations?

Which of the following finest summarizes present scientific opinion about cellphones and mind cancer?

While many studies show that cellphones carry out not cause mind cancer, an ext research needs to be done together cellphone use increases.

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Through a microscope, you deserve to see a cell plate beginning to develop throughout the middle of a cell and nuclei developing on either next of the cabinet plate. This cell is most likely

Vinblastine is a traditional chemotherapeutic drug supplied to treat cancer. Since it interferes with the assembly that micro-tubules, its efficiency must be connected to

A specific cell has half as lot DNA together some various other cells in a mitotically energetic tissue. The cabinet in concern is most most likely in

The drug cytochalasin B blocks the function of actin. Which of the following elements of the pet cell cycle would be many disrupted through cytochalasin B?

If a eukaryotic cell is in the G1 phase of the cabinet cycle, i beg your pardon statement around the cell’s chromosomes have to be correct?

The cabinet cycle regulate systems that cancer cell differ native those of regular cells. Select the best explanation because that this fact.