So if anyone has watched courage the Cowardly Dog you’ll acquire this reference. It’s among my family’s favorite cartoon because this bad dog does whatever to conserve the lives of his love ones in every illustration and constantly ends up saying, “the points I perform for love”. Now I can’t contend with Courage’s heroism, yet I feel the same as soon as I to be going back home because that winter break. Traveling 2 hrs from Waterford to Dublin, 6 hours from Dublin come Boston, 4 hours from Boston come NYC, and also 1 hour native NYC to NJ. Granted this is every my doing since I to be being “frugal” and the flight to Boston was cheaper at the time (I should have actually factored in the chance cost). Regardless, I want to obtain home and also surprise my family this holiday. I originally was persuaded that ns was remaining in Ireland during the rest to do some exploring. But, I’ve never ever been away from home during the holidays and also so a component of me didn’t desire to rest the tradition. The other component was being encouraged by mommy who to be “mad” i wasn’t coming home asking, “why aren’t you comes home, we miss you?” 😂. Just she would react the way. She likewise threatened the she wouldn’t be placing up the Christmas decorations because it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without me home…. At sight dramatic lol. But, I interpreted what she expected by it and I honestly feeling the same way.

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So i headed home and I was able to surprise mine family! mine dad opened the door and just maintained repeating “wow!” and gave me a hug. My sister to be of food in mine room and also she just looked at me prefer “oh boy, what is she law here” (she loves me though ns promise). And also then the funniest was my mommy who was asleep in she room, so i woke she up and also she said, “what the heck, how??” and also gave me a big hug.

It definitely felt an excellent to be home and be approximately family and also friends for a bit, simply to recharge and catch up. Gift able to laugh in ~ my dad’s corny jokes, watch some basketball and the real Housewives that Atlanta with him, stroked nerves my sister and also play Sims 4 with her, and just talk and also watch TV v my mother was worthwhile. Also, I had the ability to chef it up earlier home. Ns made some baked chicken and also a roast for Christmas. I additionally made part cookies, however unfortunately shed those🤦🏾‍♀️.

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Super happy to have actually spent the holidays home, however I am additionally looking forward to round 2 below in Ireland and also hoping to proceed to improve and go on a few adventures this following semester.