On multiple occasions I have actually viewed forms wbelow it needs to be declared what the Counattempt of Issue and what the Counattempt of Citizenship is.What is the distinction between the two, if your passport is issued by a consulate in a foreign country. Technically the soil of a consulate belongs to its very own country. So both the nation of worry and also citizenship have to be the exact same. At least that is what I would certainly say. But if this is the case, why do some develops call for to fill in both?


DavidRicherby Would that imply that Country of Issue is Country Y if that consulate issues a passport for Country X?
Although not prevalent, some countries problem passports to non-citizens also. As you might have actually noticed, the information web page of a passport regularly claims the nationality or citizenship of the holder in a separate field and also the citizenship may actually differ from the issuing nation.

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One instance is laissez-passer papers or emergency passporting activities, which might be issued by international governments. For instance, if you bromheads.tv to a nation without a diplomatic representation from your home nation and shed your passport, your home country may have an agreement via a 3rd nation to help you with a temporary emergency passport.

Anvarious other instance is the British Passport, which have the right to be issued to all British nationals, also if they are not British citizens (British nationality legislation renders a clear distinction in between "nationals" and "citizens").

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From the ESTA webwebsite (which I was analysis just as you posted the question!):

Your "Country of Issue" is the exact same as your "Counattempt of Citizenship". For instance, if you are a citizen of the UK, however are getting your passport from the UK Consulate in Hong Kong, the UK is your nation of concern. The UK Consulate might be located in Hong Kong, but Hong Kong is not the country issuing you the passport.

However, it"s worth noting that some creates word this differently, and ask for place of problem or authority that issued it. Then it might be different.

For instance, my present New Zealand passport.

Country of citizenship: New Zealand, plainly.

But wbelow it was issued? I remained in London, UK, and the area in the passport says "DIA LON". (Department of Internal Affairs, London). This is the Identity Services Office in London - often referred to as the London Passport Office - and also is responsible for the issuing and renewals of New Zealand also Passports in the UK and also Ireland also.

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So once it claims area of issue, that"s typically what gets put down for me, or as soon as it asks for "Authority" as that"s the specified area in the passport as well.