Words the Jesus in the Sermon top top the Mount, encouraging his followers no to worry about their worldly needs: “Why take it ye believed for raiment ? consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither perform they spin. And also yet i say unto you that also Solomon in every his glory was no arrayed like among these.”

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Lilburne, Lili, liliaceous, lilied, Lilienthal, lilies the the field, consider the, Lilith, Liliuokalani, Lille, Lille Bælt, Lillee

Consider the lilies of the field is credited to Jesus Christ throughout a sermon to his followers commonly referred to together the Sermon ~ above the Mount. Follow to biblical interpretation, Jesus was advising his followers not to worry around material needs, like clothing and food, since God would carry out for them, just as he provides for the lilies in the fields.

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Consider the lilies the the field is quoted by Chrisitans when advising others that being anxious about things is unhelpful. They recommend trusting in God and also focusing on faith instead.

Consider the lilies that the field first appears in the scriptures in Matthew 6:28, wherein Jesus it is provided the Sermon on the Mount. A sports of this very same quote appears later in Luke 12:27.

In both Matthew’s and Luke’s account of the Sermon top top the Mount, Jesus tells his followers that the lilies, the grass, and also the owls do not garbage time worrying about food and shelter, and also yet God provides for them. Jesus says that God already knows what people need come survive and also so you don’t need to concern whether that will carry out for them. Jesus assures everyone that God will offer them every they need as long as they are faithful come him.

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Consider the lilies the the field is supplied by human being who are earnestly or jokingly telling others no to worry around minor things.

Theme verse for next years Oscars: do not worry around what you must wear…consider the lilies of the field…

— man Ortberg (
johnortberg) February 27, 2012

Simple pleasures that carry joy often go unnoticed in an age of anxiety and dread the demands and also triggers our enslavement. That takes gift deliberate come "consider the lilies that the field". The operative indigenous is 'consider' and that takes focused intent and also patience.

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— mark Chironna (
markchironna) November 20, 2018

Working on a point based about "consider the lilies the the field," while handling crippling anxiety. God has actually an ironic sense of humour.