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Dee from Ohiohusband passed away 3 months ago in 2021 and also this song came top top the radio as a message from the from heaven, exactly how we met! Love it!Bopkin Ld Tennessee from NashvilleGreat song, record, and also remarkable vocals that automatically draw in her ear to want to hear more. Ns am a semi - successful artist/ writer in Music City USA, ( friend understand around feast or starvation ) and it is complicated for me to master the bull headed decisions some make just due to the fact that of ego. What happened to "For the good of the band"? It"s music, not brain surgery folks! ns doubt that once The Beatles were still together, john Lennon and Paul McCartney to be ga ga end every song the various other wrote, and an extremely wisely made decision from the beginning that no issue who composed what, the songs would constantly be credited Lennon/McCartney. Can anyone imagine that as George Harrison grew and also matured as an artist/writer, that bringing the team the songs "Something", "Here comes The Sun", or "While My etc Gently Weeps", and also the remainder of the band shrugging him off through " We carry out not desire to encourage George Harrison, for this reason The Beatles will certainly not permit our band surname to be connected with this songs, nor will certainly we lend our talents to him during the recordings"? Of course not! guy oh man, talk about The orgasm Blues band cutting off their noses to spite your faces and utter insanity! Derek Holt, the is not too late. Concerned Nashville, pull together some remarkable players, book some dates, ( as soon as the Pandemic is over, of course) and stand over there rightfully and boldly, and sing her franchise song live for an audience hungry to hear it, and enjoy the fruit of her labor and also relish in the response you worthy to experience. "If you construct it, they will certainly come", and also if you sing it they will listen. Derek, come on down, the water is fine, and we will certainly welcome you with open arms!Dave from Myrtle Beach, south CarolinaI had actually this sung in ~ my wedding 30 year ago. The biggest love song ever IMO. It to be the first song my wife and also I heard top top our an initial date and remains our tune today. Thank you for composing it!!Hector native CubaIt"s one of my every time favourite song, l never get exhausted of listen it. Bring ago a most memories come me. T.l. Salas from new MexicoA love story of a tune that defines my husband and myself from 1984 come the present. What a blessed life we have actually with our 2 kids, their soulmates and also our 1st grandson on the way. Specialized this song to my husband ~ above his 50th Bday and also our 25th Anniversary with a beautiful video clip of images of our lives, play this song and also of food the first thing he claimed was "what is this, am i dying". Lol.......Jane indigenous ChicagoThe slide guitar sounds so lot like George Harrison"s work.... With the Nicky Hopkins connection, any kind of chance the laid down a track for this song? that did a most work under pseudonyms or uncredited because that artists that admired over the years....Lori from mountain Carmel , Tn i’m 48 and also I love girlfriend will constantly will be my favorite song. It is amazing, beautiful, heartfelt and also when i hear her voice I gain chills every time! once I need a happy moment I watch you song this song.. And also then, I’m great to go! thank you, you have blessed mine life much more than you will ever before know. Wealthy from Newton N.j.I"m a sucker because that the Fender RhodesJohn native Kansas CityThis song reminds me of grade college there was this girl called Stephanie ns liked and also after 2nd grade at Sweeny elementary school I never saw her again, not certain if she relocated or what.John from brand-new JerseyThis is among my favorite songs and like most of the comments below, the fit perfect right into my life. I use tell mine girlfriend that later ended up being my mam that ns wish I had actually the talent to have actually written such an exceptional song. Regrettably she has actually passed at the age of 43 and also I frequently play this song and it brings ago fond memories through a tear or two. Say thanks to you Derek for creating such a beautiful song, may it live on and also be discovered by generations come come.Chuck from Houston Tx.I to be 27 in 1981. This tune fit perfectly through me and also my wife. Reading Derek"s story made it we even an ext special. I"m commonly not therefore sentimental, however this is my favorite love song ever. Bar none. Whenever i hear it the end brings a tear to mine eye. Longing because that that unique time. Give thanks to you Derek. Awesome SONG!Jack indigenous Gotham"When ns was a younger man" it s okay me every time.Lisa indigenous Atlanta, GaOne of the most beautiful love song ever. The is heartrending in that sweetness and simplicity and also never falls short to bring a bump to my throat. "If ever a man had actually it all, the would need to be me. And ooooh, i love you". :)Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn February 15, 1981, "I Love You" by the orgasm Blues Band gone into Billboard"s warm Top 100 graph at position #80; and on June 14th the peaked at #12 (for 1 week) and spent end a half-year top top the optimal 100 (27 weeks)... Between 1977 and also 1981 the quartet had four Top 100 records; through "Couldn"t acquire It Right" gift their greatest hit, it reached #3 (for 1 week) on may 15th, 1977.Jon native Midland, MiI love this song. Just heard that on Pandora. I"m wondering though if he"s still v this woman. He states above that this was about meeting his "first wife" which speak me the they might no much longer be together. Divorce or walk she happen on?Karen indigenous Manchester, NhI have the original print 45; SOOOO glad i do!Keith from Bear, DeOne the the greatest love songs ever before written and performed. The lyrics space such that many anyone can relate to how they accomplish someone who comes right into their life together a friend and also over time helps readjust them right into being a much better person. Together years walk by, we need to forever thank that special human for the affect they"ve made. At more than 30 years because it"s releast, "I love you" by the orgasm Blues band is still top material. Derek Holt, friend did well! Lisa from Atlanta, GaA an extremely beautiful tune that brings a tear to mine eye every time i hear it.Jill from eastern China, MiI love this tune why can"t I acquisition it for my Zune :)Roy indigenous Southall, united KingdomI understand Derek Holt personally. He"s a genuine and also really nice guy and, i think, couldn"t have written this tune unless he was. Ns really admire his impressive abilities. Readers can like to know that Derek still makes good music and also hasn"t shed the gift of composing lyrics that protect against you in her tracks. Together someone stated to me "What mrs wouldn"t go weak at the knees if lock heard this?"Dan indigenous Orange County, CaOne the my favorite songs of all time. Ns downloaded the song to my iPod totally free from limewire.comRenee native Lapeer, MiThis song has such wonderful memories of my first and only true love. Every time ns hear it it take away me earlier to the many memorable times of my life. It"s yes, really too bad this track is not available for purchase.Pat from Oshawa, OnI absolutley love this song. This to be our Wedding Song and also it was practically like the song was written for us and also our Wedding. We have been married because that over 25 years and I hear to the song when ever before I can.Timothy native Aston, PaI an initial heard the tune in the summer of 1981. If vacationing with my parents in ocean City, Maryland that July (I to be 16 at the time), i met a girl who I instantly started liking, and also the radio terminal we had actually on in ~ the cottage generally played "I Love You", making that song, all the way to this day, remind me of her whenever ns hear it!Jeffrey native Brooklyn, NyWatch this rarely seen video clip of this good song: from Oklahoma City, OkEverything Steve has actually written is True. It to be the finest song ever before made. I perform still Love him v all my heart. This tune is so systematic to us. Ns did no hear it lot in my travel"s and time far from him. But if I had I would have remembered this special song made just for us.I mental the part where he choose me off the ground at the skating rink. I will never Love prefer I have actually him. Thank you for bringing this one-of-a-kind song right into our lives. It way so much to Steve and I. Give thanks to you CBB Steve indigenous Muldrow, OkThis is the best song ever before for two world truly in love. I first heard this song in 1980 in ~ the skating rink whereby I met my very first true love and also high institution sweetheart Carla. This became our song. Us didn"t finish up together favor we have to have but everytime I"d hear this tune I"d think about her and also wonder wherein she was and why we broke up. 25 years after we last checked out each other we got earlier in touch and also it"s like we never broke up. Our feelings space still there and as solid as ever. Us are currently planning on acquiring married. So thank you climax Blues band for this beautiful song and especially say thanks to you Carla because that still love me due to the fact that I tho Love You. Fred native Birmingham, AlI have actually this on an old K-tel LP from 1981. It"s in the home somewhere.LOL I experienced the band together the center act in a concert headlined by Bachman Turner Overdrive ago in 75. They were awesome and stole the show.Sam indigenous Lincoln, NeGreat song! The very first time i heard it, I assumed it to be Paul McCartney. I"ve read some that Derek Holt"s comments and also it"s yes, really sad that his bandmates were so petty around the song. J-ana indigenous Waco, TxThis track word because that word defined my relationship with mine fiance. Once we met he to be an alcholic who was down and also out. I in reality did tell the he was much too young and also if he preserved living that way he would certainly die. He constantly said ns took that by the hand and also brought him earlier to life. That recovered and became a hard working man, that did ask me to be his wife. We had actually the world and enjoyed it fully and the was like a dream. Yet like most dreams you wake up up. I shed the love of my life ~ above July 1, 2007, God called him home. We played this song at his memorial, no a dry eye was there. Everyone claimed this track was us, and I thank this team every job in prayer for providing me together a wonderful reminder of mine life with Joey.Mary from Kissimmee, FlI was 15 and also my husband to be 17 when we began dating in 1981. The day us knew it was forever to be the day he placed the tune on the stereo and he take it my hand and also we danced while the sang this song in my hear. Afterwards, he told me the song said everything he was never ever able come say himself and also that ns was going to be his forever. Well, it"s 2007 and we have actually been together for 26 exorbitant years and married because that 21 years. Every anniversary mine husband place this song on and we dance and he sings it to me as with he did on the day ago in 1981. Come this day, anytime i hear "I Love You" I will cry no issue where i am (I even have tears in my eyes together I compose this). This has been the best song that has ever before been written and also released. Thank you climax Blues band ..... I Love You!!James native Yucaipa, CaA for sure beautiful song.I psychic it rather well in the early summer of 1980.N.i. From Baltimore, MdThis is one of my favourite songs, and I"m yes, really surprised the tape themselves didn"t much like it. It"s not just a sappy ballad, but very Beatle-esque in the sound, remind me particularly of George Harrison"s music.Michael from san Diego, CaSuch a beautiful, basic tune. I have that CD compilation that Andrew mentions, and I cherish it. Important a classic love song!"Since then, I?ve never looked back, it?s almost like life a dream, oooh, I acquired you!If ever a man, had it all, the would have to be me, and oooooooooh, ns love you!"Andrew native Hatfield, PaThis track is now obtainable on CD. Over there is an income from an independent brand that has actually done a biggest hits package of the orgasm Blues tape entitled "25 Years: 1968-1993". This biggest hits parcel is two CD"s long, and does save the song I Love You. Accessible at, and also other online retailers. Jaibe indigenous Carol Stream, IlThis yes, really is the biggest song. It was in hefty rotation in Chicago for years in the 1980s as soon as I was in highschool and also I think it certainly influenced my life in a postive way in regards to expectations and understandings that what relationships have the right to be around and like.

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The is a crime it"s never been on a compilation. The must have actually made every one of the members in the band money, how after all these years deserve to they be opposed to that? ns remember steering around and my best friend flipping in between the 60+ radio stations in Chicago so we might listen to it practically continuously.Chris native Chicago, IlOne the my all time favourite love songs! ns wish I could hear it much more often!see much more comments