I"m play for a occupation victory in G+K.Before G+K, when good Generals begin popping up, i would usage 2 or 3 for combat and rest for gold Age. G+K transformed the great Person mechanics so lot that I have to unlearn the above strategy.

The only non-combat function is building a Citadel and convert surrounding tiles into your territory. I have minimal use for this feature and all I have the right to do is come park each one into my cities.

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Can anyone suggest a much better way come dispose overabundance GG under G+K?Thanks.


You can use one unprotected general to attract out an adversary unit. On ruining that opponent unit, it can make the difference in a successful offence or defence campaign.

Delete them, together they expense you money.ProofTwo generals and also state of finance.


After Deleting 2 generals. Saving 4G
2G per general.



I honestly find that, prior to the contemporary Era and also the introduction of air bombardment, an excellent Generals in excess of the number you need to cover your entire invasion force in the 15% aura are finest served come plop down Citadels external of cities you are sieging the are specifically tough come crack, assuming girlfriend have nearby territory. Not only does this provide a +100% defensive Strength boon come whoever stand in it, it gives you one area that your region that you have the right to have units in, i beg your pardon if you have actually units with the March/Repair promotions, way that you"re getting +20 HP per revolve versus +10. This can assist keep your siege tools and/or archers much healthier in long wars.

If you"re play Sweden, you can constantly just popular music them right into City-States because that the +90 influence bonus.


I always use overabundance GGs come steal are and key resources native an AI that currently dislikes me (to avoid the diplomatic penalty using to a friend). You do this by constructing a citadel i m sorry acts precisely like the society bomb go in vanilla Civ5.


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